Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2 minutes....

we went to our volunteer fire department training this afternoon...and then we held our meeting.

our Fire Chief called for 2 minutes of silence, after we had read the minutes on our last meeting...

he called for 2 minutes to remember september 11...

i felt very glad to remember all that had happened that day. for me, the day was sad, bittersweet and exceptionally joyful. there were many heroes that day and they did not wear uniforms. see my previous post for more info.

we remembered at our volunteer fire department meeting tonight. we remembered.


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    1. 1st are so very welcome. thank you,too, my friend.

  2. Thanks for the email with birthday wishes for me this day. My daughter called me screaming from NYC. She thought her husband had died. It was a horrid day even though no one except her family was affected. That was stress, not death or injury.

    Not all heroes were in uniform that day, so all should be recognized beyond uniformed heroes.

    1. Linda - again - i send you birthday wishes and sing you that song that i sent in the email...although i sound like some caterwalling cat - bahahahah! and no, not all heroes were in uniform on that day. and all of those heroes should be recognized. it was nice to close our eyes at our meeting tonight and just remember. it felt good to do so. thanks Linda. and a very happy birthday to you!

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    1. DFW - the words are so small but you are very welcome.

  4. Sweet Kymber,

    The Hero's and civilians we lost this day will never be forgotten. Thank you for volunteering and supporting your local Fire Department.

    Sending Hugs to you and Jambaloney.

    Your Friend,

    1. Sweet Sandy - we live in such a small rural community that we all have to be trained in fighting fires, first aid, cpr and AEDs. our nearest professional fire fighters are over an hour away...those are the nearest ones! so in our 2 villages we rely on each other to take care of whatever needs to be taken care of. there are some pretty skilled people in our 2 communities - they make me very proud. they may not have been involved in 9/11 - they have been involved in worse! trying to put out their neighbour's burning houses, trying to resuscitate an elderly neighbour, having to be the ones to record the time of death. they are heroes and we rely on them. and do our best to be good neighbours too. thanks so much Sandy. we send hugs and kisses back to you...i am so sorry for you loss, hon. xoxoxo

    2. Almost 3000 people were killed and two skyscrapers fell along with various other buildings. While each life is precious, even if the life is threatened or lost, there is no equal to the horror of 9/11, not in this country.

      I am glad you are proud of them, and rightly so, but worse events than 9/11?

  5. Maybe we'll be lucky and there won't be another such incident. I think the odds are against us getting away unscathed in the future though. Too easy to get into the country across the Southern borders.