Thursday, December 6, 2012's been a while! edited!

i am so sorry for my lack of regular posts...but i have been hit with the migraine of migraines!!! i always know to expect doozy migraines at the solstices...but the solstice isn't until december 21. not sure what that means or may portend - yuhikes! maybe the mayans were making sure that i got my doozy before the world ended? thanks mayans!

anyway, when i get the doozy migraines, i am food sensitive, light sensitive, sound sensitive, stomach sensitive and cannot be anywhere near a computer. so if i have missed your latest posts over the past 2 weeks, no worries, i am a speed reader and will catch up on all of them!

jambaloney has been holding down the fort while i am curled up in a ball under the couch with my blankie and pillow...but a man who is winterizing the cottage, digging trenches, and getting rocks and sand from the beach still needs to be fed! i crawl out from under the couch several times a day and try my best to feed him with jackhammers pounding in my head. and although i often vomit any food i eat during a doozy migraine...i still try to get some food in me. it's hard tho. but i MUST feed the man!

here's a nice light salad that makes a great lunch and uses ingredients that are seasonal:

mandarins, pomegranate seeds and romaine. the dressing is a nice, light dressing filled with antibiotics: olive oil, apple cider vinegar with the mother, un-pasteurized local honey, and tons of fresh garlic and ginger - divine!

and here's another. we get some lovely local salmon fillets here and usually cook up two 6-ouncers in a skillet or on the bbq. however, we only ever eat 1 and a half fillets. no trouble - that just means that the next day, we can have a delicious salmon salad. here's one with avacado, romaine and home-made caesar dressing - yummeh!

a hungry working man needs a good supper - how about some delicious bacon, brie, parmesan and mushroom pasta??? very filling indeed. a little parsley and some kimchee on the side.

dear sweetest sis, Helga, please forgive me. these pics uploaded wrong and this beautiful sky pic was supposed to come out first. as my head is still pounding, i am unable to re-right the pics. please forgives? i love you so much!


every single day, no matter if it is rainy or cloudy or gray - we still get spectacular skies. i love the sky here on my beautiful island!

here's a nice lunch of baked home-grown russet potatoes with butter, cheese, sour cream and bacon...with some apple and fried mushrooms - that will keep a man in a trench, eh Winston? bahahahah!

 as well as some homemade macaroni and cheese...i like to use old cheddar, medium cheddar and monterey jack in my homemade cheese sauce....and tons of salt and pepper. in fact, i believe that mac and cheese is simply a vehicle for salt and pepper. jambaloney likes red pepper flakes on his.

one of the most important foods in our diet is organ meat...and we can get it really cheap here. after a long hard day of winterizing the cottage or digging more trenches - here is a nice supper of fried liver, onions, bacon, mushrooms, red mashed potatoes with the skins, some fermented beets and fermented carrots and ginger. i made myself eat some of this even tho my head was pounding.


another thing to always be sure to use in your food is a variety of spices! here is some chicken curry and edamame with more fermented beets and carrots. make sure to include homemade fermented food in at least one meal a day - your body will love you for it!

i haven't downloaded my pics from my camera but over the past 2 weeks there has been much tom young goong soup, roast and bulgogi. all of which have helped me through my migraine...and helped jambaloney with all of the outdoor work that he has been doing. i am thrilled that he is still in bed - can you believe that it is almost 9am? he is tired and needs the sleep. me - i bin up since about 3:30am, doing absolutely nothing of importance except listening to the pounding of my head.

again, i am sorry that i have been away so long. and i will get to all of your blogs. thank you to everyone who sent emails asking if i was ok - i have read them and will get to answering them in a day or two. thank you for your concern. it is much appreciated here at the Manor.

be good to yourselves for me!

EDITED TO ADD: holy moly! our 2 yr anniversary at the Manor was 2 days ago?!?!?!?!? happy 2 year anniversary Framboise Manor!!!! it feels like we have been here forever...and it feels like we just got here yesterday.


jambaloney is still sleeping...he really IS tired.

we'll celebrate our anniversary together later. wow.

be good to yourselves, eh?


  1. Kymber, we've missed you. Hope you are feeling better. And quit posting food pictures. You're making me hungry and I missed breakfast. K? Thanks.

    (Formerly Shepherd K)

  2. Awwww - sorry about the migaine - hope it's waning?

    Know you've probably research them, but here's a link you may not have seen :

    Feel better :)

  3. Sweet Kymber,

    I'm so sorry your having to go through these awful migranes. Do you have medicine to help stop the migranes? Hubby goes back to the neurologist next week. He still gets the migraines too, there not as bad with the meds. However, the one he had on Saturday was a skull buster, he was very sick. I know sleeping them off makes a world of difference especially getting rid of smells, sounds, and light. Hang in there sweetie this migraine will pass.

    Okay,'ve succeeded in making me hungry this morning!!!!! Everything you documented on this post food wise looks oh so amazing. Rule of thumb, don't read Kymber's post until after I've eaten breakfast.

    I knew something wasn't right when we didn't see you posting and I got concerned and posted something the other day to check on you.

    I feel for you my friend, and wish I could take these migraines away for you.

    Feel better!
    Your Friend,
    P.S. Give Jam a hug for me.

  4. And - congrats on the anniversary LOL

  5. SO, SO sorry you are down with the 'migraine from hell'. Been there, done that. As soon as I found out that there were 'triggers' to those hateful things, I gradually stopped getting them. My main one was MSG, but I'm sure you guys eat too healthy and fresh to ever use that crap. Hope and pray you are feeling better each day.

  6. So sorry to hear that you have been down and out- I had a heck of a migraine myself last week with put me in bed for two days...I completely understand how horrible it is.
    Glad that you are back,and Happy Anniversary Framboise Manor!

  7. I'm so darn hungry right now. EVERYTHING you listed looks & sounds good!

    So sorry about the migraines. I know you don't like medicine, but as debilitating as these are (my Dad's wife would be down for 4 & 5 days too) you may want to rethink, especially if it's only a few times a year. I hope you feel better regardless.

    And, congratulations on the Anniversary!

  8. Sorry about the headaches. Carol made up some sourdough bread and homemade potato soup yesterday. I would have sent you some, but I ate it all! Sorry! Maybe next time. Hope you get better soon. Miss your wit and wisdom.

  9. When you wrote about ginger I remembered that you were going to try growing it, how did that turn out?

  10. Bless your heart...thinking of you, dear one, and holding you in the light of healing.

    Take your time and feel better soon....

  11. 2 years! Good deal up North friends!
    I don't know how people manage migraines for so long, you are a champion. I usually can't get out of bed if I get one.

    But at least you made your man food, like a good woman should be doing...


  12. You poor thing! I am SO sorry that you are in pain. I was just getting ready to email you to check and make sure you two were okay....I'm glad to hear that you are alive, but wish you felt better. ((hugs))

  13. Oh Gurlie... I missed ya. Migraines are pure evil. I dealt with one on Saturday.. But yours, I know are way worse. Just take care of Y.O.U ! I hope they stay gone for a while.
    Here is a big Long distance (((HUG)))

    As always food looks out of this world, esp. that potatoe... Dang! I might need to make something to the effect of that this weekend.

  14. Hey hon - I thought you were supposed to stay off the box until this smasher was entirely gone ... grr ! At least you've been eating some and Jambaloney had himself plenty of great food.

    It never matters where your beautiful sky pic fits in - it's the loving thought which counts :))

    Sending you much love and healing prayers sis - now stay off the damn box ya lil brat !

    I love you always, forever and a day !

    1. I can't forget to say - Happy Second Year Anniversary to you both at Framboise Manor !!!!!

      Sis - May you have a lifetime filled with much love and joy there together ... xoxoxoxoxo

  15. Many years ago, I had violent migraines, ten days in a row sometimes. I would just get up, nibble cheese or maybe cheese and bread, cheese and eggs scrambled and crawl right back into bed. When I had the cheese almost to my mouth one day, I realized the cheese made me worse. Ack! I was going to have to really cook. I hung over the stove and cooked real food, opened a can of turnip greens and ate that as I cooked. Lo and behold! After the first three bites of turnip greens, the nausea started to subside. I was better each time I ate something besides cheese.

    I learned that wine except white gave me the beginning of a migraine. Since I only drank about three times a year and only a glass of wine, that was easily remedied. Only white wine and eventually none.

    Lots of water helped me get over that horrible bout. It was my last and worst migraine. Now, there are no marathon cheese-eating sessions or nibbling cheese all the time. I still eat too much and sometimes I have the first symptoms of an impending migraine.

    My first signs of an impending migraine? little burps, just tiny little burps that are continual, like every thirty seconds. No one else is aware they are happening, so it is not gross.

    My girlfriends who drank wine to relax in the evening awoke in the night, negating the effect of relaxing to sleep. It is called rebound effect. I often awake in the night but not from wine. it is just me. Melatonin takes care of the relaxing and most of the awakening in the night. Cheese and red wine are two of the most common triggers and my triggers. Maybe you do not overindulge in cheese or even drink red wine.

    I had to lay off the cheese in any amounts for about two weeks. I have not had a migraine in 30 years, knock on wood.

    Get better soon.

  16. My dear friend, I am so sorry that these migraines came to stay for so long. You have been missed. I am glad you are well enough to get back to making that famous Framboise Manor food. Have a wonderful second anniversary at the Manor. With hugs,

  17. Happy anniversary at the manor. BTW, don't feel bad about posting I have been a little slow as well.

  18. Hope you start feeling better even before solstice!

  19. I am so sorry to hear that you have had so much pain for so many days; right through your second Framboise anniversary :( I hope you are feeling tip top soon. You took good care of your man through the misery. Both of you are good, hardworking and caring people. I mean that.

  20. Hope you are feeling better. It certainly can't be for lack of amazing food. Dang girl, you should be a food stylist! ;-)

    Feel better and happy "manorversary" (ha, I made a new word, lol)

  21. try the old recipe; drain a cocconut, mix with rum , lime juice, coccaine, and a little coconut jice together and store in coconut for a few days

    this will remove all pains quickly swo well you could skinny dip in winter and never complain about the staring crowd

    or just apply ben gay over nerve spot; does work especially of "too much sun" headaches.... ( the capsium is a great "pain killer")

    either way you just gotta tough it out and hope you get better soon

    your friend down in yankee south


  22. You made me smile when you said you were a speed reader. I get the impression you are pretty speedy all round! :D I bet you write fast too!

    I had a migrane last week and it wasn't nice at all. Hope you feel better now.

  23. hope you're up to speed soon. It's getting close to the end of the world or Christmas...whichever comes first bahahahahaha!

    Happy belated Anniversary to your Manor!

  24. Such good food. That potato alone is making my mouth water.

    Have a wonderful anniversary, you two!