Friday, December 14, 2012

there are so many things to be thankful for this Christmas season!

check out this gorgeous sunset -

no staying snow yet tho. it has been absolutely gorgeous this past few days.

here's a yummy salad - tangerines, pomegranate seeds, kiwi and defrosted blueberries that jambaloney picked in august - can you say anti-oxidants? with a very light dressing of oil, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), unpasteurized honey, fresh ginger and tons of fresh garlic...lots of good stuff to keep you healthy!

and of course - our weekly bulgogi. the side dishes change with each bulgogi meal...but we have it once a week. letting the meat sit in it's marinade for 3 days is actually a method of fermentation. and we all know how good fermentation is for us, right?

two kinds of kimchi, bulgogi, rice, turmeric fried cabbage, roasted carrots, fermented beets and daikon radish and fresh apple slices....yum!

check out these skies. yes - this is what we look at instead of tv. crazy huh? ya, but we're crazy kind of people.

wow eh? even when it's overcast and grey's still amazingly beautiful. we take time each day to thank our Creator for this beauty.

yum. pasta with olive oil, butter, parsley, a ton of garlic - like a ton - and parmesan. and that's our last tomatoe of the season. thank you little tomatoes for lasting this long. we enjoyed growing, harvesting and eating every one of you. we should have tomatoes again in june. fingers crossed.

poor Helga hasn't had a trip to the river in weeks - she's getting stir crazy. so we took her down. how beautiful eh? it's hard to not feel thankful all of the time.

here's the little engine that brought Helga to the river. she rode on the back and held on to jambaloney. me? i had to walk down. jeesh! oh and walk back up. double jeesh!

Helga was climbing trees, i was enjoying the sky, and jambaloney was getting our boats all set for winter.

oh my gawd! is there anything better than home-made chopped liver pate, some onion bagel pieces, a hard boiled egg, some cheese, some apple, some home-fermented beets, some olives and some sweet pickled onions? and all on a plate? and ready to share with your baby? for your evening snack? is there anything in the world that is better than this?

i think not.

except another usual sunset. they really are all this fantastic folks. i'd upload pics of the sunsets daily if it didn't recquire so much work.

here's another frosty morning. and lots of happy birds.

they are so beautiful to watch every day. we love the birds here.

speaking of about some proper polish cabbage rolls? my grandmother from my mother's side, her name is Audrey Irena Polutnik. she was born in norway, her mother was polish and her father was ukranian. she served in the canadian forces during ww2. and she made some mean cabbage rolls. she taught my mother and my mother taught me.

you core a head of cabbage and then put the head in boiling water and peel off individual leaves. you cook your hamburger and your rice and then combine them. you put a bit of your hamburger/rice mixture on to each boiled cabbage leaf. you line your pan with cabbage leaves. then you put your crushed tomatoes on the leaves. add sauerkraut. sauerkraut is a must in cabbage rolls. add some tomatoe sauce that is stinkingly full of garlic. add your rolls. more sauce. a ton more sauerkraut. more sauce.

cover the top of your cabbage rolls with more leaves. more sauce. more sauerkraut. you must add sauerkraut. cover and cook for an hour at 350.

then enjoy. you can add a side dish if you like. but cabbage rolls fill all of the food groups - cabbage as your veg, tomatoe as your fruit, rice as your starch, hamburger as your meat....and tons of sauerkraut - which is a food group all on it's own.

it's the season. merry christmas to you all.


  1. And a Merry, Merry to you to, kymber and jambaloney :)

    Question: if helga could climb trees, why did she have to drive down...?

    God Bless - have a peaceful, relaxing and inspiring Christmas and all the best for 2013

  2. I'm not much for cabbage, but I'd try those rolls!

  3. looking good, i will send you an email soon

  4. as always loving the pictures...kind of on the fence about the fermented beets though..

    I hope Helga wore a helmet, I ride behind Senior alot on his atv and he likes to go really fast and hear me scream...looks like a good time had by all...stay warm!

  5. Man, oh, man. It's still summer at your house! lol

    Everything looks great. Glad you're feeling better!

  6. I forgot who Helga is. I am guessing it is not the sister you were posting pretty scenic pictues for. The next likely candidate would be either a cat, or a mouse.

  7. Hey kymber,

    Love the pics. I am making cabbage rolls this weekend! Already have my meat & rice cooked just need to prepare the cabbage & make the rolls.

  8. Cabbage rolls sound good, minus the kraut. I cannot eat fermented and pickled things. Well, one tsp of kraut lasts me a whole meal, eaten one strand of kraut with a big bite. Helga climbs trees?

  9. did you use the coconut remedy?

    merry xmastime to all in your abode....


  10. Inspiring, as always. Thanks for sharing the blessings!

    Merry Christmas to you both way over there.

  11. Beautiful sunsets, tasty food and a picture full of birds! Great stuff. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!! Stay warm!

  12. Hey little sis, we do have a lot to be thankful for. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  13. Hey hon - Awesome river trip ! Please pass me a few dozen more of your delish cabbage rolls. I'm over here, up in the crooked bonsai tree bird watching. Ahhh, what a view ! Bahahahaha !

    Yup, there's a lot to be thankful for. Merry Christmas to you both.

    Much love sis - always, forever and a day !

  14. mmmmm....I **LOVE** cabbage rolls. Now I'm going to have to make me some! My grandmother taught me how to make them. When I was little and would come to visit she would ask what I wanted her to make me for dinner and it was always her cabbage rolls....good memories there :) She never used the sauerkraut though...I'll have to try it one of these times.

  15. it is now the 22nd of december; you all can come out from under the bed.....


  16. it is now the 24th of december

    did you two bury each other or what?

    very curious


  17. Hello and Merry Christmas from the mainland!

    Your meals look delicious...something different in every mouthful. Yum!

    Have a crazy-happy holiday you two!

  18. Have a very wonderful holiday, be Christmas quiet or full of joyful noise. Here's hoping the best for you and both in the coming year.

  19. Wow, that recipe sounds good.