Sunday, December 9, 2012

yet another trench update

jambaloney here!

okay apparently you weren't bored by the door doctor post... so i'll try to put you all to sleep with this post !!

yes.... MORE trench stuff !! you might remember the last update was after reports of my death due to poor driving were exaggerated ;-)

first up - sky pic for helga:

so, back (waaaay back) in november, i was pretty much finished digging the trench (my god, it's been so long i should be calling  it Mr. trench, i feel like it is an acquaintance  ;-)

as it got deep, there we some cave-ins, i had to dig a few of these out ..

they block the flow of water from the basement, this will be remedied with pipe..

meanwhile, in the basement, i had a good start on the "inside" part of the trench..

and i was finally able to get a test piece of drainpipe under the footing of the foundation - that is an amazing accomplishment!!!

tools of the trade and a pile of gravel that i moved outside for another drainage project... yes, i know, it is hard to hold onto the edge of your seat for that long!!

another drainage project being the basement door - can you see a problem with water accumulating here?? all flows downhill!!!but this is @ the back of the manor, the trench is at the front..

one thing i need is a "drain box", luckily large garbage pickup was early november and i snagged this lobster  packing crate for free  - it is perfect !!!

drilling holes with the speedbore bits, just like the sump pit liner !

i took the test drain pipe out for a fitting (there was 6 feet of 100 mil/4 inch pipe laying around when we got here)..

here is a close-up..

and here is a test fitting in place in the basement..

some jiggling around and we have a permanent liner for the drain!! awesome!!

lastly... a helga-approved sunset!

there is, of course, more.... but like your favorite teevee show, you will have to wait for the next episode, until then.....

cheers all!


  1. Very nice, Jam ! Gosh it's so much work, but it must be very satisfying not to have to pay someone else !

    1. jane - pleasure as always!!

      it has been the single largest project of it's kind ever for me.. in that sense, it may be the most satisfying... nad you are right, diy save money to boot ;-)


  2. Replies
    1. gorges - nice to see you, hope you are well!

      i have another update coming soon... but between you and me, it works great!

      cheers my friend!

  3. Hi J - I thought you moved there to retire ! Bahahahah ! Seriously though, that's an enormous amount of work and it's no wonder you feel joined to the hip with Mr. Trench/ Mr. Stench.

    I would have helped you if I was there - I like digging actually. Thanks for the sky pics ... very nice sunset. It's snowing lightly here but enough fell overnight to break out the shovel.

    Take Care and hugs to you both !

    1. hey helga!

      doesn't seem like retirement does it? then again, i hate golf ;-)

      hey - there ail always be some digging available here - don't worry, i will save you some!!

      glad you liked your pic.. no snow needing a shovel here yet!

      you take care, hugs back to you!

  4. Let me get this straight. You have water flowing in the door/door area, so you put the box in the basement for a sump pump? Is there any possible way to stop the water from coming in at that door? you did not say that, but I think that is what I I have a basement half under ground. The steps from ground level to basement floor are about five steps...all poured concrete and a one foot thick enclosure up againt one side of the house and the side where the door is located.
    It's massive.

    I know concrete work is expensive, but it seems a more permanent solution might be easier and cheaper in the long run. Maybe building a little "house" with a porch over the door area to go along with the concrete? Plus, some days I wonder where you get the energy to do all this work.

    From the looks of the door area, it appears the same thing happened to your door area that happened to mine. A little erosion had built up the ground to higher than it was when the house was constructed. It's always something around here and no one to remedy anything. I am glad you have a shovel and strong back!

    1. hey practical parsimony!

      water gets in the basement on a whole bunch of places. cracked foundation, poor drainage etc..... the door is the major contributor, but we would still have leakage... i am going to address the basement door in stages, but having a permanent passive drain helps all the problems and offers some new possibilities too... like re-routing the gray water.

      i know the type of concrete basement steps you have - maybe some day... i have been thinking of trying something similar with railway ties - those can be pretty cheap.

      our basement door is nothing other than poor planning on the part of the previous owner.. fixing it is keeping me fit to be sure - LOL!

      take care!!

  5. Hey Jambaloney,

    Looks good my friend, I hope it works!!!

    How's Sweet Kymber feeling, please send her my love and give her a hug for me.

    Your Friend,

    1. hay sandy - i did work - one more trench post coming!

      kymber is feeling much better, thank you!

      i hope things a great with you - cheers!

      your friend,

  6. Jambaloney,

    that is a LOT of digging, I've been 'watching' your progress & am amazed you are doing it all by hand, building muscle after muscle. Mine & Justin's would just bind up if we used them that much.

    Good job!

    1. thanks dfw!

      i am glad you are enjoying the saga... i am sure you would get into the "swing" of it - i am able to shovel more now than when we got here ;-)


  7. Jambaloney, You amaze me with your workman creativity, determination and strength. The only other man I have known that can do all this is my husband. Hope it fixes all your drainage problems and you can rest for the winter months. Best to Kimberly.

    1. awww - g'wan ;-)

      i think it did the trick - one final post about that!

      you are too kind - thanks gmv and cheers!

  8. Jam,

    I've been following your progress for a while and I know it's been hard work for you. I used to put tiles in existing basements.(its how I paid for college) I especially enjoy your posts about repurposing things. Keep up the good work and my best to Kymber. I hope she's feeling better.


    1. hey gil!

      hopefully you weren't too bored by the pace of the progress ;-)

      it is hard going digging with a shovel - that was a tough way to pay for college! i will have lots of repurposing posts coming for you - i am glad you enjoy them.

      i will pass you r best wishes on to kymber - she is feeling better - thank you!

  9. so this is how you are going to bury the other.....

    which one first....


    1. that my friend, is still a mystery ;-)

      cheers wf and all the best!

  10. innovation is the key to success! Looks good and hopefully that does the trick for ya!

    1. i sure hope so - lotsa innovating here ;-) you do your fair share too pal - thanks, it IS working!

      cheers egb!