Sunday, November 25, 2012

frost, cranberries and gravel

jambaloney here... first off, sky pic for helga - this am was a stunner!

5 days ago i was on a mission to get some cranberries and gravel/stones at the beach, the cranberries were for thanksgiving dinner, the stones were to line the trench before i laid the sewer pipes...

when i got up, it was foooooossstttyyyyy!!!

but beautiful!!

the extra wet air from the ocean breeze covers everything in white!

sun's starting to come up!!

it will thaw all this soon..

good thing because i need these - lol!

hey, is that a new plastic roof on the porch? why yes it is! more on that in another post..

we are off to the beach on crooked lake road!

passing by crooked lake..

there is the ocean up ahead..

stunning late morning on the atlantic ocean - i have to climb the top of that cliff to the right for the cranberries, so i am told..

LOOK at these beauties........

BURN!!!! they are rose hips, they are everywhere but not a cranberry to be seen!

(^&()&*()_&&*%$%^#$%#$%^#*#@&^# !!!!!!

 i stopped at several places on the way home, not one!!! i have been told the coyotes eat them, no kidding!!

might as well enjoy the view - you can see Portugal on the horizon!

to my right - nice cliffs!!

to my left, morrison's beach, the arrow is where the framboise river empties into the ocean, locally referred to as the framboise gut..

time to walk down the trail.. hey, is that truckdura?

why yes, yeas it is in all his glory!

this is my quarry... at the quarry, no, at the beach, wait, i'm confused ??!!??

no matter, toss some in the back of the truck - heavy stuff to shovel this!

on the way home now, this is a country road..

avoid the sinkholes marked by friendly strangers!!!

pass by another small lake on the road called MacKinnon's lake - lots of cottages on this one - it is pretty!

back home and later greeted with a fine sunset, helga approved!

home you enjoyed a little trip - cheers all!


  1. that is why they grow them in bogs where coyotes (two and four legged) don't care to wade in

    looks like your truck needs some body work


    1. that explains a lot!!

      it does a little - reminds me to be more careful... take care friend!

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful trip. How awesome that you are near lakes AND rivers AND an ocean! Too cool.

    Sorry you didn't find the cranberries. Can't you eat rose hips? Or use them for something? It's so rare to see them I think that's awesome.

    Thanks for letting me go on the trip with you!

    1. yeah - we are really lucky that way!!

      you can make rose hip tea - we do sometimes - there are a LOT of wild roses everywhere here - really pretty!

      my pleasure - glad you had fun!!

  3. And, I cannot find one rose hip! Did you collect any for your own use? They are full of Vitamin C.

    1. i am so sorry - they are everywhere here!!

      we get some off the bushes out front for tea - healthy stuff!

      cheers practical parsimony!

  4. Hey J - Wow, what a nice way to start the day ! Your pictures are amazing and you sure know how to capture the right shots. Of course you have Mother Nature as your canvas right there.

    I'm sorry there were no cranberries, but you did get to shovel free rocks. And you got to burn off calories from all your festive meals !
    Bahahahahaha ! The sky pics are beautiful.

    Great post! Enjoy the rest of your day and Hugs to both ! xoxoxox

    1. hey halga!!

      it was a gorgeous morning!! those are the good shots, i had a lot of not-so-good shots ;-)

      i did get to shovel free rocks... it was, ;-))

      lots of sky pics for you always - no shortage!

      take care,
      your friend,

  5. Been practicing the backing up I see, LMHO

    No doubt Framboise Gut was there for express informational purposes. You are SOOOOOooo subtle Jambe, HAHAHAHAHA

    I think you need more rocks to shovel!


    1. yeah - i took my time doing so ;-))

      i was just trying to be helpful, go big or go home, no???

      and i have PLENTY more rocks to shovel... come on down, bring your spoon!!!

      cheers w!

  6. Thanks for taking us on this little jaunt. I loved it all, but I don't think I am up to the rock shoveling ! LOL

    1. glad you enjoyed jane - don't worry, i do the heavy lifting!

      cheers, hope you are well!!

    2. Please take care, both of you. You do a lot of work interspersed with fun. The accident with the truck could have been much worse. Fondly,

    3. we will - thanks jane - you are sweet!

      all my best!

  7. That is damn fantastic country. A beautiful place to bug in, bug out, or run around nekkid.

    1. it really is lotta joy... not warm as florida, but way fewer people - i was the only one there!

      it is a fantastic place to be - thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Great pictures of the beautiful outdoors up there. Sorry to hear you didn't get any cranberries.

    Give a hug to Kymber for me.

    Your Friend,

    1. hey sandy!

      glad you enjoyed the pics and all, no worries on the cranberries, there is always next year!

      i passed along your hug,
      take care, your friend,

    2. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,

      I just wanted to stop by and say "Hello" and hope all is well? Don't work so darn hard :-)

      I've been thinking about you both.
      Take care,
      Your Friend,

    3. hey sandy - real sweet of you to do so - kymber just posted today!

      we are well, i hope you are too!

      thanks and great cheers!

  9. That must have been an awesome workout, how many trips to fill the trench?
    Rose Hips looked nice. I have more child bearing hips growing around here....

    1. i only needed this trip to line the trench - i will need a few trips to cover the final layer and then a few to fill in teh driveway - no super hurry on either.

      rose hips were pretty - hope your hips are as pretty!

      cheers buddy!

  10. Aw, what a great trip through some beautiful country! I couldn't help but to feel a little bad for you shoveling rock by need some mountaintop boys to come visit and do some heavy work with you!

    1. hey mystic mud!

      it was a gorgeous trip - come for a ride and i wouldn't say no to you bringing some mountain boys with you ;-))

      all the best to you and your brood!

  11. thanks donna - we feel pretty lucky!


  12. What a great posting! I enjoyed every picture and comment. You and Kimberly are the best blog I follow. I know it is all hard work but you manage to make it sound fun.

    1. thanks gmv - what a nice thing to say!

      i am glad you enjoy our blog - we try our best to have as much fun as possible!


  13. There are so many wonderful dishes to be made with rose hips, and not just tea.

    Things look great!

  14. hey phelan!

    rose hips are yummy!

    thanks for stopping by, hope you are well - cheers!