Friday, November 9, 2012

Our friend Jane's book has been published!

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most of you already know Jane from her blog, Rational Preparedness, and from the wonderful comments that she leaves here in the comments section of our blog (she goes by the handle JaneofVirginia). Jane is a very dear friend to us and we have enjoyed her blog since we first found it over a year ago. we have learned much from Jane! and become very good friends!

well she has finally written a preparedness book! if you aren't familiar with her blog then you are not familiar with her straightforward and rational approach to preparedness - something very lacking in the preparedness world. Jane does impeccable research for all of the posts on her blog and writes incredibly-well - very sophisticated and yet very easy to read!

after having just completed reading her e-book, i can state very confidently that this book is a must-have! although it was written for people new to prepping, there is much information contained in the book that even seasoned preppers can learn from! Jane's straightforward approach and excellent writing style make the book a very easy read.

i recommend that you all get a copy! firstly - because i want all of you to be properly prepared in the event of any emergency - and this is probably the most practical preparedness book that i have ever read! especially for people just starting out on their preparedness journey!

secondly - because it is an excellent preparedness book and, after reading, you may notice gaps in your preparedness plans (we did!).

thirdly - because i want to support a woman whose generosity knows no bounds. Jane is a wonderful friend!

and lastly - because it is an excellent book and i want all of you to have solid preparedness plans for you and your loved ones!

you can order the book from Jane's blog here, or you can order it from barnes&noble, amazon or chapters. i paid $4.01 for the e-book from chapters so that i could advance read it in order to tell you all about it. i am also ordering soft-cover copies to give out to a variety of friends here. and i ordered one hard copy to send to Jane so that she can autograph it for us - woohoo!

have i mentioned how proud i am of my friend? i am so very proud!

i will also keep a link to her book in our sidebar. for any of you who have noticed, we don't advertise on our blog, although we have been approached by various companies to advertise. putting a permanent link to Jane's book on our blog should let you all know how valuable i think Jane's book is!

congratulations Jane!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Gurlie! : )

    1. thanks JUGM! and thanks for your awesome post today about stock-piling rice!

  2. You read that fast! You obviously need a larger backlog of unread books.

    1. Russell...i tend to think of myself as a speed reader....and i read every single word - no scanning. but i am no Russell - you must be an absolute expert speed reader with the number of books that you review!!!

      also, i learned that when i know that i am reading speeches, memorandums, etc. that have a deadline, i can screen every other thought out of my head and completely focus on what i am reading. i have also held jobs where i was the sign off editor. so i can read very efficiently and quickly.

      it also helps when there are no grammar errors or punctuation mistakes. Jane's book was incredibly easy to read quickly because there are no errors.

      bahahahah! you keep that backlog of books to yourself buddy! but please keep reading and reviewing them...i really do enjoy your reviews!

  3. Hey Hon ,

    First off ... Congratulations Jane on such an amazing accomplishment ! I hope you out sell JK Rowlings and soar to new found riches. No seriously though, it must be so gratifying to see the final product out in print.

    And secondly ... Now that you didn't mention one word about it - I will.

    Today is Kymber's Birthday !!!!! Even though you may feel like smacking me right now - I don't care cause it's your day.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!!!!!!! Hurry up and open something already !!! A and C told me to send you all their Best and Happy Birthday Wishes !

    I Love You Sis ! Always, forever and a Day !

    1. Helga,

      Thank you so much for letting us know why Movember 9th is such an important day ! Happy Birthday to dear Kymber !
      I think quite a few copies would need to sell in order to get the production costs covered before I am actually paid, but I am enjoying seeing the book exist, and be distributed. My youngest son would have been so happy and so proud.

      I am glad lovely Kymber has so supportive and loving a sister, and I will let you in on a little secret. I love all the pictures of the glorious Nova Scotia skies too !

    2. Jane,

      Your book will sell very well I'm sure because you've chosen to write about today's hot topic which is of interest to people globally. I have to tell you that I've read many, many of your blog entries, and I find them all so informative. You are a one woman encyclopedia of knowledge. I can't comment because there isn't a name selection to choose from. Ask Kymber - I don't do well on computers. Only the basics for me. Bahahahah !

      I have to tell you a little secret too. I've been wondering if I had made a mistake in selecting a few books for Kymber and J. So when I saw them listed under some of your best recommended ones - I felt better immediately !

      Thank you Jane for the compliment and I'm happy that she has you as such a good friend. Together we'll look forward to many more of those Cape Breton skies !

  4. Happy birthday, kymber! And thanks for letting folks know about Jane's book.

  5. Kymber, My dear friend, Happy Birthday ! May every creature and every person you encounter today show you uncommon courtesy, love and understanding ! Very few people on Earth are as insightful, encouraging, loving, wise, bright,creative and as multi-talented as you. Knowing you is simply a gift and helps me aspire to doing the things I know I ought to do, while still on the Earth. May God continue to bless you and your beloved Jambaloney, one of my favorite couples on the planet.
    Thank you for your kind words concerning the book. It is part of a plan to do good in the world as I am able, inspired by people like you, and some of the great minds and writers you have on this blog network.

  6. Welllllll, aren't YOU quite the kiss-up. I ordered the book right off the bat and she offered to sign MINE. So THERE!! ;P

    And poor Jambaloney. You buried him in the trench, didn't you.

  7. Sweet Kymber, You little stinker you!!!! You weren't going to tell us it's your Birthday.

    Happy Birthday My Sweet Friend, may you enjoy your beautiful day with your husband, your soul mate. Your how old, I believe you said 29 and holding right?

    Sending love your way.
    Your Friend,

  8. she publishes a nice book

    I publish a nice stick

    may her book goes far as my stick has......

    million diffrent ways minmum......


  9. Oh Crikey - didn't get this posting of yours. I know about Jane's blog / book (I'm also a follower,LOL) but I DIDN'T know it was your birthday.

    Many, many happy birthday wishes, my friend. And may you have many more :)