Thursday, July 6, 2017

world - meet greenhouse#2

jambaloney has finished building the greenhouse - WAHOOEY! and the yard is showing that he has been spending his time building the greenhouse and working on his contract!!!!

it's a bit overgrown but soo green and lush - we don't care! no one can see us up on our hill...but they are pretty crazy about lawn maintenance out here! crazy, eh?

and here she be in all her glory - we have named her greenhouse#2 (yes, we know that we are pretty original thinkers!). every single window gotten out of other people's garbage for the last 6yrs!!!!

there's some finessing to be done, to be sure, but it was hot as hades in there this afternoon when he finished it! and it's got a lovely door that our big bro G and our big sis Cgave us!!!

i have been trying to feed the man some good protein/carb/veg/fruit/legume meals every day...he's out there by himself building this monster of a 20 X 8 ft greenhouse!!!! here's some mushroom fried rice cooked in sesame oil with a ton of garlic and a bit of soya.

because he's been working so hard on the greenhouse AND his contract - he needs some heavy food even though summer has just started. here's kymberz "hmmm...what else can i throw into this soup?" soup.

i couldn't begin to tell you what's in that soup. it just starts with 2 pints of homemade bone broth, 1 pint of homemade veg broth, canned tomatoes, pasta, kale, 5 kinds of beans, hamburger and 10 million spices. this soup could knock down an elephant. i made a ton and froze some for jambaloney's lunches at work and some for us to have a quick dinner or supper.

after he's been working a few hours, i make him stop and come in and have a little bit of something cool - like freshmade salsa, guacamole, hummus or chilled soups. like this chilled cantaloupe soup.

i made a kimchi-ish/pickled daikon radish, carrot and bean sprouts kimchi.

we eat these regularly and various other fermented/pickled/probiotic foods. the kimchi above is to go with this:

here's a beautiful rib-cap-off that jambaloney got at half price. it's to make kymberz version of korean bulgogi. after 3 days of sitting in that marinade in the fridge, regularly being rubbed, it will be so tender it will be very difficult to get that thing on the grill. persevere kids - persevere!

here's edgar (aka the rat), sleeping on a shelf on the porch.

right on top of Frankie Blue Eyes (aka monky-manoonch) who is sleeping in the shoe rack.

cats eh? can't live with them, can't live without them! something else we can't live without?

our pollinators!!! because we need pollinators for these!

this is the earliest we have had tomatoe flowers - woohoo! xox


  1. Those cats are living the easy life!

  2. Hi Kymber :) Lovely food! And guess what? I JUST saw a few little yellow flowers on my tomato plants too! Very exciting! Congrats to J, the greenhouse looks wonderful! I know you'll put it to good use :)

  3. I really want to be one of your cats, what a life! :-)
    Greenhouse #2 looks good. I'll bet that new tractor had a lot to do with it. When are going to start growing in it?

  4. The greenhouse looks amazing. Well done Jam!

  5. What a great greenhouse! You two are the bees' knees - just think of the amazing food you will be growing! It's so fun to see cats napping in heat - they get so flat!

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    Jam has built you another amazing greenhouse!!! Wooohooo, I'm so jealous :P:P:P (Just remember the "B" word)......not only do we not have a basement, we don't have a greenhouse......

    Your cats are enjoying their relaxing days of cat napping :-)
    Or is that supervising the lazy way??? Give them scratches behind their ears for me.

    OMG you have tomato flowers....what type of tomatoes did you plant sweetie??

    Sending hugs and love to your both.

  7. Edgar looks dead. How long has he been up on that perch?

    Yum. Kimchi. What a lucky man J is to have a woman who can make that. My wife would croak if I bought a can and opened it in the house.

    I like your green house. We call ours "the plant room" but just use it for a tool shed now.

    Something is getting my cats, Kymber. I have lost three in two weeks now, always at night. I hear a cat scream, the dogs go crazy, and I run out with the flood light and a rifle. The cans on the trip wires will be swinging where something has gone through the lines, but nothing to be seen.

    I'm not letting any of the "indoor" cats out at night. But I can't make the barn cats stay on the porch or in the barn....

  8. That looks far too sturdy to be just a greenhouse, you should rent it out as a apartment to someone! haha
    Well Done Jambaloney, he's certainly a practical man, the world could use a few more like him!

  9. Harry, one of three things. Wolves, coyotes, or a roaming dog pack..

    Where you're at, I'm betting on the coyotes.

  10. Congratulations on your Womble-ing of that amazing green house!!!! 20 fet long? Wowzers that is something doing that on your own.

    Thank you for your kind words and support. You and Jam are part of the clan already! Your membership fees are the ability to hold 3 conversations at once with 3 different generations, whilst unhooking 2 year old dungarees so they can go to the loo on thier own... Deal? Oh and you must learn pigeon English or just ignore when the old folk forget to speak English, nod, get them another drink and eat what ever they put in front of you. Which at present is carp cooked with sumac as one of my cousins found it pre filleted in Lidl supermarket of all places. The whole family wiped them out and asked to be called when more arrived. Freezers are full, carp is really expensive over here and you can only really get it from an Eastern European specialist deli and then they take and order for it to get it in special order. So eat the carp, nod your head smile and pat them on the knee. You are one of us now. And when my uncle Joseph says "you, girlie, are you one of us?". You say of course and wink at him, he likes it when people wink. lol He is 93, you will like him, he will talk to you about storing vegetables and that he thinks everything in the garden can be sorted with a different type of seaweed on the soil.

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