Tuesday, July 11, 2017

july 11 update

jambaloney got the yard weedwhacked - no matter though - the grass and stuff will be up to our knees again tomorrow!!!

put a basket down for 5 seconds and a cat will get in it.

we've been on a bit of a meat-kick this week - it's because jambaloney spent the week working on his contract and building the greenhouse. here's some chicken thighs with a grilled mushroom, some radish kimchi, and 3 different sauces for dipping. the honey-mustard sauce turned out really well!

jambaloney weedwhacked the side yard too - we can now finally see Ted's bench!

a roasted tomatoe stuffed with quinoa, spinach and broccoli. with broccoli heart salsa on the side.

yum. bulgogi. left to marinate in the fridge for 3 days. then you thicken and cook the marinade sauce.

with snowpeas and mushrooms and kimchi - deevine!

even on a foggy morning it's beautiful out there!

here's what's happening in greenhouse#2 so far -

we transplanted corn, cucumbers, zucchinis and melons and put cages on them. that trough-looking thing to the left is where we are going to put all of the pots of tomatoes. it's looking like it's going to be a bumper year on a pile of things!

this year our rosebush is covered in roses! i need to make some sharab ward soon. you can learn more about lebanese rose water here. sooo delicious!

and then there's Monky and the Rat out hanging around.

and 2 very slanty-looking greenhouses??? we don't care - they work - and will give us a ton of room to grow things that don't like wind. one thing for sure is that we always have wind. we got the atlantic ocean on all sides of us!

which means the air is always salty and fresh. you can't ask for more than that!


  1. Love seeing all those kitties! And love that you caught the tongue out in the basket kitty. :D

  2. I never thought about the wind. I am sure you get more than your fair share.

  3. I am very interested at what plants grow naturally there due to the salt winds. I need some ideas as we will be near the coast when we move house.

  4. Slanty is good in the lands of snow! That is one fine greenhouse jam built! I tell you, kymber, I would be out weed whacking myself, if you were feeding me! xoxo

  5. Hi Kymber :) Oooh the food, very nice! I love chicken with honey mustard sauce! I can't believe J weed-whacked that entire area...he's got hutzpa. I would have settled for the jungle look lol...the greenhouse is looking great! I wish you all the success in the world with it and everything growing inside. I remember living in Summerside PEI, I had a very hard time adjusting to the constant wind of Northumberland Straight. Did it take some getting used to?

  6. Hey Gurlie! OMG you got some fat cats.. lol You guys really do have a beautiful piece of property. I like your green houses. Its like I tell Senior all the time when we build something: " Its not like home and garden are coming to do a photo spread" lol

    Much love sent to you and Jam!!!!

  7. Kymber,

    Weedwhacking......makes the place look good for only a little while because the grass just grows like crazy.....I love how vibrant green your place looks....reminds me of Ireland in the spring. Is your cat out there supervising you two.....gotta make sure you're not running around naked AGAIN>>>>>>Bahahahahaha!!! Your greenhouses are gorgeous and perfect for up there. Having the roof slanted is going to save you all kinds of work when winter comes through.
    Good job you two!!! And the food OMG......stop it!!! Just looking at your meals I put 5 pounds on each hip....LOL!!!

    Sending hugs and love your way,

  8. Slanty + snow = good thing! Keep that snow sliding off! Slanty + wind = another good thing.... unless pointed the wrong way like some structures around here that could end up in the hay field. At least that's what the locals say. Oops!! ;^)

    Lots of work and looks great! I'm looking forward to your late fall/winter updates on the greenhouses.

    And a cute little baskat you got there! Silly kitty.

  9. Hey Kymber and Jam sent you an email to your kymber and Jam email address? I hope it got through :)

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