Thursday, July 20, 2017

garden, july 2017 - hits and misses. and a bunch of kimchi!!!

the days are getting hotter and true summer has arrived.

soon we'll be celebrating daily river days - we can't wait! jambaloney even started clearing us a path to the river!

he's up to eyeballs in garden work, weed-whacking, mowing and his contract every day - so for this year we will just use the path. but the poor guy still hasn't had the time, or proper weather, to start grading our driveway. and that is going to be no small feat! if he can get the driveway done by october (bahahaah!) - then he'll start working on our river road with the tractor. no worries - we're fine with just a walkable path until then.

allrighty garden hits and misses! every year - there are always hits and misses! we'll start with a hit: 2 beds full of garlic sending out scapes!

we eat a lot of garlic and i think this will keep us in garlic for the year!

how about some misses??? 16 rows of carrots planted, all of the seedlings came up but when they were just tiny - we had a hard frost. at least that's what we think - we woke up one morning and they were all gone! we have since replanted all 16 rows. note to self - plant the carrots out a little later next year.

another hit? the peas are growing like mad and because we planted them using the biomulch and they took to it - we thought we'd use the biomulch for everything!

and that would be another miss! no beets, no radish and ony 2 turnips!!! so we will re-start beets and radishes and brassicas in the next week or so - we have a bunch of other stuff that we need to do.

another hit? overwintered peppers full of flowers and we already have little peppers growing - woohoo!

these are peppers planted from seed this year and they are flowering too!

volunteer tomatoes that jambaloney finds in the compost and in our raised beds - he meticulously gathers them all and transplants them!

and here's a bunch more!

all kinds of herbs here!

all doing well except for the sweet basil and the queen thai basil which will be replanted tomorrow. but the dill is going to seed, green onions going to seed, parsley going to seed - we have more pots of them outside but will be planting more - we love fresh herbs!

all of the 32 tomatoes in greenhouse#2 are thriving!

lots of little flowers!

and baby tomatoes - woohoo!

sorry for this really blurry pic of our 4 tires with melons, zucchini, cucumber and our 8 corns.

we are just test-trying with the corn this year to see if it will grow - so far - so good! i'd love to be able to grow, freeze and can our own corn.

the winner every year is our potatoes

that's 200 potatoe plants growing us enough potatoes for the year! jambaloney has given away a bunch of our seed potatoes to colleagues at work. but we still have another 40 seed potatoes and we will plant them wherever we can find a spot.

check out this sage, lemon balm and bee balm!

and rosemary, mint and chives!

it's herb-drying week for sure!

pretty calendula flowers and i have no idea what the pink flower at the top right is!

transplanted chammomile is a little burned looking - too much sun!

a great breakfast? beautiful perch fillets that jambaloney caught, some bean sprouts and local cherries and strawberries!

making jambaloney's hot sauce from some left-over peppers that i froze last harvest.

he had his home-made hot sauce all year with the peppers we harvested last year. this year it looks like we'll get even more and start canning the sauce.

he loves it very hot and vinegary!

we had vermicelli with green onions, shrimp, carrot, avocado and bean sprouts with my infamous kymberz-sorta-vietnamese sauce which will help clean you out in a hurry - that sauce is to die for!

and then today while jambaloney was weed-whacking i made up 7 jars of kimchi! yummeh!

there a jar and a half of regular, spicy korean kimchi, 2 jars of daikon radish, carrot and beansprout kimchi, one jar of sweetish bean sprout kimchi and one jar of spicy as-oh-heck bean sprout kimchi. we love to have these on hand - not only for a side condiment to our meals but some days when we are out working and don't want to stop - we just come in and get a big forkful each - deelish! we also always like to have freshmade salsa and hummus in the fridge for the same reason.

oh and last but not least - our Scoby, Flower325b just produced 4 and a half more jars of kombucha! we drink that stuff like mad!

sending love to you all and will catch up on your blogs soon!


  1. Looks Fantastic!

    I can never tell (on my part) if I truly have a miss (or a hit, for that matter) unless the thing repeats itself: corn not growing (5 years in a row) or peppers that do.

  2. Hi Kymber :) Isn't summer fantastic? :) It's here too and I'm blissfully melting away on the porch. My potatoes are big and starting to flower, and I owe that to you for encouraging me to try it out. :) We got a few baby tomatoes finally as well. Your garden looks great!! And so lucky to have fresh perch. Alex and I need to get out's been rough with the bad weather, then the bugs, now the damn tourists...I can't wait to have our quiet little space of heaven to live out our lives together just the way we want!

    Your food looks great! I hope you have a great week!!! xx

  3. I never wish misses on anyone, but it mades me feel a wee bit better to know that even expert gardeners like you two occasionally have fails. Then again, yours are probably beyond your control rather than the epic fail we had this year with our tomatoes, due to a terrible error that was made! It still makes me sad to think about it. At least we got tons of them before it happened.

    I grew lemon balm this year and have made some wonderful infused vinegar with it! :D

  4. Seems to me that you two have way more hits than misses! I had no luck with beets or chard this year. I have no idea why. Even my sweet peas did not germinate! Looks like you are going to have enough tomatoes to hold you through the next millennium!!! xoxo

  5. Good to hear you had a lot of hits. This year everything was a miss since we haven't had any rain since May and there isn't any in the forecast for the rest of July. I can't say I've ever seen it this dry. Just got back from a funeral and every single spec of dirt removed from the grave site was power dry all the way down. I'm fortunate that I can raid my parent's garden down on the farm which they have been watering all summer long.

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    Are you sure your carrot seeds were okay? We have rabbits and deer that love to eat anything planted around our home.
    Your volunteer veggies are amazing girl. I say plant more carrots not in the garden bed but in your compost, then pull out the seedlings and put them in your green house.
    Grading a driveway is a lot of work, so glad y'all purchase a tractor. The tractor will make a world of difference with this job. Have you tried driving the tractor girlie?? It's so much fun :-)

    Love your meals, my favorite is fresh fish. I could crave perch right now....that's because I'm looking at your food pictures.

    Good job you two, love y'all.

  7. I saw a tv chef called John Torrode making kimchi. They made it with everything and the one that looked really good was the cucumber kimchi.

  8. I'm still going to have to try some kimchi sometime. Your food and the property looks awesome! And hey girl, we all have misses, it's part of gardening life.

  9. You have done way better then us. Ours was too wet with rain, now its too dry. Every thing passed on the the great garden in the sky.

    P.S. I'm back

  10. Heya Kymber, I sent you an email...hoping to hear from you, and thanks in advance!

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  13. Hi Kymber! Back from the dead, so to speak lol. Thought I'd swing by and see what you guys are up to and looks like things are going great!

  14. Look like it's all going great guns there. Enjoy the sun x

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