Saturday, June 24, 2017

our dearest internet friend received our house warming gift ... and some other stuff!

most of you who read our blog also read Sweet Sandy's blog over at Oklahoma Transient. we have been friends with Sweet Sandy and her family for years! recently they purchased a new home on some acreage in a nice rural area. read back through her last few posts and you will see what a wonderful new place they have.

because i know it's a dream come true for her, i wanted to send her a proper housewarming gift. something beautiful, something with very little practical value other than looking at a pretty something to give your heart a lift. something i hoped that she would love.

your remember the poppy stakes that i got as a gift for myself? i just love seeing them sway in the wind, or collect water and see little pollinators and birds bathing and getting a drink for themselves. sooo pretty!

so i sent some to Sweet Sandy as a housewarming gift. and me and jambaloney laughed our fool heads off when she sent us this pic of where she planted the poppies:

all around her tornado shelter - bahahhahahahahah! always the prepper that Sweet Sandy!! !!

today is a little foggy and misty and rainy:

that's ok becuz yesterday was gorgeous and sunny! we could only get in the hottub once and that was early morn.

foggy, misty days make for great hottub dips and is soo very good for the garden. although still suffering with black fly fever, we've been sure to eat good food. here's some steak, grilled asparagus and a grilled tomatoe stuffed with rice, olives, spinach and feta.

if anyone is curious what a deer fly bite looks like - here ya go:

they are nasty and they love jambaloney. i haven't gotten a single deer fly bite yet (*knocks on wood* *knocks on head*) but the black flies are still eating me alive - deet or no deet!

this is one of the reasons why we have to check our cats almost hourly for their heart rate.

almost all of the time they sprawl in such a manner that we think they might be dead.

a nice stirfry with a bunch of seasonal veg and fruit always helps in the afternoon.

and here's The Rat in all of his Rat glory - sleeping on the dishwashing machine while it runs. he loves to be on it when it is running!

kids - every now and again we make a proper decadent meal. proper in the way that we feel like a king and a queen being served by serfs at a majestic, medieval castle - but in real life we dirty 10 million pots and dishes, end up serving ourselves...and then moan and groan throughout the meal. and can\t move for an hour. i present such a dish to you:

yes, poached eggs, steamed asparagus, local strawberries and fresh caught lobster all smothered in homemade hollandaise sauce. we felt like a king and a queen right up to the point where we had 10 million dishes and pots to take care of and horribly extended bellies. oh and fyi - we shared that plate.

while i was still feeling queen-like i folded a bunch of jambaloney's banadanas.

the normal coloured ones are for work whereas the crazy coloured ones are for around the Manor. right now he is wearing the brightest yellow bandana you have ever seen!

between his contract work and the new greenhouse - he's keeping himself pretty busy.

i just keep dirtying dishes, yelling at him to drink his water and keeping him's been another pretty awesome day at the Manor. we hope that your day is awesome too! xox


  1. It was nice of you to send Sandy a housewarming gift. Their new place looks really nice.

    I like "the rat" , he would fit right in here.

  2. Your cats crack me up. In my afterlife I want to come back as a cat and live with you! :-)

  3. We don't have biting flies here, well except for the blood suckers that get on the horse. They are easy to kill though when the get so involved in their work that they don't notice a hand coming down on them.
    I am not getting emails back from PP, do you know anything about what he is doing these days?

  4. Hi Kymber! :) I know what you mean about having the greatest meals...then the onslaught of dishes, gaaah. I hate that and we don't have a dishwasher here. I've mentioned our rental is all wonky and weird. The kitchen is teensy tiny and so is the sink. We can't fit the frying pan in all the way makes for interesting clean up, but isn't the food ALWAYS worth it??? Your egg dish reminds me of a breadless Eggs Benedict. But what a nice touch with the lobster!

    I have a deer fly bite, omg they just take chunks out of you don't they? Aloe Vera helps me a bit...I hate those black flies! They are back today because it's so muggy out!!!

    Your Rat is so funny! :)

  5. Omg, I'm still lmao at the 'dead' cat pic!
    That deer fly bite looks nasty! Glad we don't have those suckers around these parts.
    The food looks Dee-vine, as usual. :)


  6. I am approve of the location of the poppies. They look great.

    Fly bites, not so great. Ugh.

  7. Sweet Kymber and Jam,

    We just love the poppies (the housewarming gift) and placed them around our tornado shelter. These poppies signify to us strength, loyalty, faith, and along with angels watching over us. Poppies are part of history we'll never forget Flanders Fields. Your friendship means the world to us, thank you again for your gift from the heart.

    Okay....hand over the steak and lobster.....I wish there was smell - a - vision........damn you two!!!!

    I wish I had something that would deter those black flies, they're terrible. Soon they'll be gone for the season.

    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    P.S. I'll be writing a post soon, and so appreciate the linking in your post to my blog.

  8. Oh, OUCH! on that deer fly bite. Geez! Our black flies are slowly going away - now replaced by deer flies and mosquitoes. I love the placement of Sandy's poppies! Nothing bad will ever dare happen to those adorables. Speaking of adorables.... :) xoxo

  9. I've seen a lot of cats die over the years and not one of them has died on its back so I think you are safe from checking that one's pulse. The one on the dishwasher though....

  10. hahah that's a great place for the poppies! what a hoot

    The food looks mouth watering as always.

    I wonder if "Afterbite" would help take the edge off those deer fly bites? I'm not sure if you get it out there, it comes in a marker pen type thing and is really good for most bites/stings.

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  12. It looks like the ideal place to plant them to me. As flowers grow up around them they'll look lovely. I like how they'll soften the edge of that tornado shelter, with some sympathetic planting it'll make for quite the garden feature. And my day IS pretty awesome, thanks for asking! I'm glad that yours is, too.

    Keneth Parish @ Lion Land Marketing