Saturday, June 3, 2017

joon-joon-joonie-joon-joon...and some other stuff!

"oh the moon in june is a big balloon,
it makes you croon, it makes you swoon,
it's heaven...being on the moon!
non, lune!"

from Sesame Street

i sing this song in my head for the whole month of june. i loved sesame street as a child and still remember a bunch of the songs like the song for learning how to spell things, such as:

"you take a 'c' that sounds like 'k' and an 'a-t', 'at'
you put it all together and you get 'cat'
that's 'cat', 'c-a-t' cat, that's 'cat', 'c-a-t' cat...."

you can do that with a million small words. oh but on to joon-joon-joonie-joon-joon. i love june! big beautiful skies:

more beautiful skies out back:

kids - this has nothing to do with june...but poutine is one of my favourite things to eat! a canadian national dish that Rain will approve of. comfort food baby! fresh cut fries, curds and gravy!

whomever french canadian who came up with this idea should be idolized on our money!

back to june. june is when you eat lots of fresh veg in spring rolls with an amazing dipping sauce!

the dipping sauce is made with lime juice, fish sauce, soya sauce, sugar, korean red pepper flakes, regular red pepper flakes, a dash of homemade hot sauce, rice wine vinegar, sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper - yummeh! we dip the rolls into it and then drink the rest! not for the faint of heart!

we get rain here all year round. but june is especially rainy - which is great for the garden! jambaloney bought me this beautiful rain suit so it is lovely when it rains!

it's made in china, was cheap, and made out of petroleum-based products but you have to pick your battles kids! BUT it does make me feel like a leprechaun lineman!

because the cape breton skies go from the pics above to this below:

i don't know if you can see it but from the right side of the pic to a little past the middle of the pic is a rainstorm. we can almost always see a rainstorm coming. it's so beautiful to watch!

more beautiful? ok. how about our very first salad all of which came from our yard/gardens.

that's our own spinach, sorrel, mizuna, tatsoi, red oak leaf lettuce, a monet jalapeno that started growing in our house right before we moved all of the overwintered peppers into the greenhouse, an orange thai pepper that grew the same, our own green onions, and a sage flower from our sage plant which is now a tree! then from the yard i collected dandelion greens and lamb's quarters. absolutely deelishush and you can't get fresher than that! we'll be eating one of these every day until end september!

the dressing is hemp oil, 3-6-9 oil, ACV, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper! we used the same salad ingredients as a base for a chilled asparagus, brussel sprout and pea salad with the same dressing! sooo good for you!

june means tulips. red for canada!

june means dandelions - my absolute favourite flower in the world!

june means blue tiny-tines popping up everywhere.

june means blossoms on the apple trees.

june means hostas and day lillies popping up. and a big honking comfrey. we have more comfrey than we know what to do with!

june means beautiful yellow daffodils.

and little purple tiny-tines.

woohoo! grape buds! maybe this year we will be able to make wine!

june means the chives that just grow freely around the yard and in the worst soil known to man, flowering.

we have clumps of chives all over the place! i don't even bother to plant them anymore. we can cut them back 3-4 times a season!

june means my herb bed is coming back to life - look at the size of that bee balm (in the centre of the pic):

and let's not forget the little white tiny-tines:

june means - WOOHOO - the first potatoe!

june means garlic planted last fall coming up strong! with 3 rows of red onions on the right hand side of the bed.

june means the carrots are in the ground.

we planted 3 rows of purple haze, 2 rows of white satin, 3 rows of scarlet nantes. and 6 rows of a mixed variety of carrot seeds that we saved from last year - we can't wait to see what comes up out of that mixed bag!

more garlic planted last fall.

june means - WOOHOO - our first yellow onion. i planted 100 of them in this bed.

june means peas coming up.

we layed down bio-mulch and then popped holes and dropped a pea in each one. we are really liking the bio-mulch so far and are thinking of using it everywhere.

june means tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.

24 tomatoes and 18 pepper plants. woohoo! i am starting some more indeterminate tomatoes in a day or two.

green onions already going to seed - another WOOHOO!

check out the size of this overwintered anise plant! it will be cut back, dried, it will come back a few more times, cut back, dried, and then left to go to seed!

well this has nothing to do with june but we had pasta night the other night. jambaloney likes a spicy marinara sauce and chicken with his. me - i'm a purist - a delicious alfredo and veggie cream sauce for me!

i love june. i really love june. (don't tell july, august and september ok? because i love july, august and september too!)

we have had a few really good days! we have gotten a lot accomplished and where we had been feeling behind on just about everything, and jambaloney's contract work getting in the way of everything - we now feel caught up.

we are hoping that you are enjoying your june wherever you are. sending love.


  1. All of your plants look so beautiful, I especially love those tulips! I remember the skies on P.E.I. and I always said they were so "big"...I do love our view here, all trees and mountains, but those skies are pretty impressive! Lovely harvest, the food looks so delicious! And yes, I certainly approve, DROOLINGLY, of your poutine!!! It LOOKS GREAT!!!. I'm ordering some cheese supplies with my GST return, so I'm hoping to start making my own cheeses very soon! Having a homemade poutine is such a treat! Enjoy your joonie June!!! PS, very cute in that rain gear!!! :)

    1. oh Rain - the skies in the maritimes are to die for! but being surrounded by all of those huge trees and mountains is to die for, too! the poutine was deelicious - from our own potatoes, home-made gravy from our own beef broth...but unfortunately the curds were NOT St. Albert's curds which i am sure you have access to. St. Albert's curds are the best on the planet! i keep wanting to try to make cheese but am unsure if we are lactose intolerant or not. we seem to do ok with the older cheeses in we will keep testing! enjoy your junie-june too! xoxo

  2. It's overcast and raining like Hades here. Looks sunny and nice up your way. So, I saw your Seseme Street song. I'm going to post my favorite one on my blog, just for you, Kymber. Tell me what you think! ;-)

    1. Harry - already saw yer fave on your blog and commented - it was a doozy! if anyone loves sarcasm and guns - go check out harry's blog post here:

      "elmo's got a gun" is really pretty funny!

      love you harry! xoxo

  3. The one time I had poutine, it was delicious but didn't look nearly as appetizing as your version so I have no doubt, yours tastes even better which truly would blow my mind!

    1. ed - that is not even "proper" poutine as i did not use the "proper" St. Albert's curds - those curds are to die for. i had to settle for a nova scotian version. not even close to the St. Albert's that come from quebec. best curds on the planet!!! xoxoxo

  4. spring rolls look lush. I havent had those for years. I think I need to make my own! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Incase you dont see my reply on the comments, the blog will go private later tomorrow night. And then the blog posts are scheduled 2 a day one at 7am the next at 7.15. I will be at work and praying this all works out and they are viewable.

    ps I think I have found a house in Cornwall. Do you get the TV programme Poldark over there? Otherwise look at pictures on google of Cornish Moors. That is where I hope to go. Wind swept, a small hamlet that has a pub a social centre and a shop that is also the post office! We are looking at it soon!!!!! EXCITEMENT! If I remember I will put a link in one of the private blog posts so you can have a look. It has a poly tunnel! No heating. But it has a poly tunnel! The outside is more important than the house. You will see buy this house here, that they house is not a problem no matter how broken.

    I think you pop some corn, make some drinks and sit with Jam and look at the house! ha ha I hope you like it!

    1. oh Sol - we live for spring rolls around here - we love 'em!

      i have been on to the private posts...we are dying! can we live on your porch please?

      oh if you have found the place you have to let us know and show us pics! we looked up cornish moors - OMG - what a beautiful place. i want pics of the village and your home if you get one there. i get a sense that you are getting closer to "freedom"...and nothing feels as good as that! xoxox

  5. OMG. I have never heard of poutine! How can that BE?!? It has all my favorite things! If I can get my hands on some cheese curds, I am making a big old plate of it! Your skies are so beautiful up there and I LOVE the rain suit.

    1. oh Susan - make sure to make your own from-scratch beef gravy...and get some good squeaky curds...and then combine all of that with some home-cut fresh potatoe fries...and you will want to send me $50,000! but wait hon, i only need $35,000. that will make me very comfortable and will save you some money. but if you make it as i say, then you will definitely want to send me $35,000! bahahahahah! i hope you try it out and i hope you love it! and ya - the skies and the rainsuit rock! xoxoxo

  6. I have heard of poutine; sadly, Canadian cuisine is not something which seems to be wildly popular down here in the South...

    1. TB - if you are interested i can send you the full and proper recipe. it's too easy to make - you just need access to some proper curds. let me know, buddy. xoxoxo

  7. You do know you are completely mental Kymber? I love that in a person.

    1. it's what i love about you, too, jamie! xoxox

  8. Can't stop laughing at the sesame street songs being the background track to your life at the moment! Love to you both

    1. Tricky - i have had sesame street, salvation army sunday school songs, brownie and girl guide songs burned into my brain forever! as well as every. single. song. i. have. ever. heard. burned into my brain. i know the lyrics to songs i didn't even know the lyrics to! but ya - it is quite fun to skip around the yard nekkid singing little songs to myself. it makes for very fulfilling days! (i sing different songs to each cat - songs that i wrote myself - ahem! and i sing to all of my plants. i pretty much sing to everything!) love you guys! xoxox

  9. pictures are up on my blog!

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