Wednesday, March 1, 2017

march 1st, 2017

it's finally march! only 31 more days until april! t.s. eliot said that "april is the cruelest month"...but not to me! april is when i know spring is happening....i love spring!

here's some delicious grilled shrimp and veg and fruit....even though we get storms and snow - we can still grill stuff on the bbq year-round.

i get gifts every time jambaloney goes to work or to town to get's my new rubber ducky boot-thingys with handles on the side that make them real easy to put on...don't ya love 'em?

some delicious stew....the meat was so tender and the veg to die for! we made it yesterday and will finish the rest tonight.

this afternoon we went hog wild on a stirfry with everything and jambaloney's perfectly cooked korean sticky rice. yummeh!

due to the crazy weather and surface conditions here at the Manor - we haven't been taking our walks to the river.

that's all about to change as march is proving to be an excellent month weather-wise. we get our tractor delivered on friday - woohoo!

i have told all of our friends that i will use my "Framboise-Fourchu" driver's license (it's for all of the people here that don't have driver's licenses but still drive between the 2 villages - bahahahahah!) to drive the tractor. so i will pull out my Framboise-Fourchu license and go and visit our friends. or as my Big Bro G says "kymber, you won't even come down your driveway".

and i guess he's right - because, unless we have a function (i have a baby shower this saturday), or unless i HAAAAAVE to go into town (which only happens a couple times of the year), or unless we have a get-together with friends - it's true. i don't go down the driveway. and i really like it that way.


  1. Kymber, I think that someday when we get to the farm full time, I could understand that 'never going down the driveway' thing. I would just stay there and enjoy life and solitude. And eat good food like you! ha. Enjoy and can't wait to see pics!!!

  2. Never going down the driveway. A thing to be devoutly desired.

  3. The food looks delicious as always and I have boot envy. :) ~ Sue xo

  4. I think November is the cruelest month. We can go from 80F to -15F in the course of a few days. When I get to March, we can still get bad weather but I know spring is close enough that I can make it through so it doesn't bother me. By April here, we are in the garden and fields planting and in the trees hunting morels!

  5. If I had my way, I wouldn't go down my driveway either. Can't wait to see the brandy new tractor!

  6. I have noticed that since we moved up here to the estate, I have progressively gone to town less and less during the week. I find myself stocking up so I don't have to go back for a while, and in Florida that is something I never did. ...Amazing how country living being out in the sticks changes a person!

    Much love to you guys

    PS: Watch out for those "ugly trees" bahahahahahaha

  7. I have boot envy, too! Nice looking boots. Are they warm in the snow? We're in mud boots now and mine aren't lined, so toes get frosty quick. I have a pair I 'want' but those you have are intriguing!

    I hear you on not going anywhere. We don't leave here much either and I've had to argue with the insurance people about the lack of miles. They keep telling me that the average mileage in a year is at least 10,000 miles. We don't have that combined with the two vehicles, but we sure have put the miles on the quads (4-wheelers).

    Did you get rid of driftzilla yet? You need a backhoe! Or a weed burner (propane torch).... ;^) And NO speedin' in that tractor, don't want to read about you in the news. hahaha

    Be good!

  8. Soon it really will be spring and it will be warm and nice again. Cold here right now. I look forward to pictures of you driving the tractor!

  9. Hi Kymber :) Your food looks so healthy and delicious! :) Gosh, I strive for the day when I never have to go down the bf and I are hermits at fact just this morning he was saying he can't wait until we find our quiet private little property so he can post the "no tresspassers" signs up lol...we currently have "weekender" neighbours who haven't adjusted to the quiet life yet, ugh.

  10. And rightly so! when you have such a beautiful home why on earth would you want to leave it and risk running in to *shudder* "Normal People"