Monday, March 6, 2017

a great new canadian blogger, not going down the driveway, tractor-dura....and of course - FOOD!

i'm not sure how i came across Rain's blog...probably blog-hopping through all of my fave blogs....but i came across her blog and loved it! she's fun, she's canadian, she's a rural homesteader, she loves to garden, loves to eat good food and her and her boyfriend are planning to buy their own land in 2019. all of us here in the blogging world who have "found" their land know what an exciting adventure it is. i would ask my friends here in blogworld to have a look at her blog, and if you like what you see...leave her an encouraging comment. oh, and if you want to learn from a menu-planner-extraordinaire - she just planned out 41 meals for her next shopping trip. she's a girl after my own heart "not wanting to go down the driveway". here is beautiful Rain:

and here is her beautiful blog Rain's Garden.

speaking of not going down the driveway - i went to my nearest neighbour's (and best friend but i have a few of those here so it's hard to call only one my "best" friend - bahahahahah!) son's girlfriend's baby shower on saturday. can you believe it? i actually went down the driveway!!!! i haven't been down the driveway in 3 weeks - woohoo! but i had to go to this baby shower because it was my nearest neighbour E's son's girlfriend's shower. she and her sister (my other best friend) C1 put on such a lovely shower and C1's incredibly personal touches were seen throughout! C1 also made me my "special" egg salad sandwich and kept it separate from the rest - people here like onions in their egg salad but i don't - so C1 always makes a special sandwich for me - teehee! the decorations were beautiful, the food was lovely, the gifts for the attendees were in such abundance that we all took home 4-5 presents each - and some people took home more! our friend I and S and S's 2 daughters really did a good job of running the shower. J, the mom-to-be was soooo cute! i can't believe i am saying that i had a good time at a baby shower - but i really did! for the first hour i sat with my besty C2 (my other best friend) but then she had to leave to go to attend another function. just as she was getting up to leave, and older lady C3 showed up so she sat with me for the rest of the time. she had me in stitches with the stuff she was saying! i also got a chance to see a whole pile of women that i haven't seen in months - it was a lovely time! the most exciting part of the whole affair was that i took home 3 of C1's gorgeous-looking cupcakes for jambaloney - but he really is off the gluten. he hasn't had a drop of wheat in 2 months! and as much as he wanted to eat C1's cupcakes he stuck to his guns. and because he thinks i am dropping body weight really fast...and i's the peri-menopause (sorry guys!) - so he said "babe, eat one of C1's cupcakes. that'll put some weight on you!". now you must understand that i am not a sweet or a dessert person - i never have been. i ate the first strawberry shortcake cupcake in about 30 seconds - all the while trying to tell jambaloney how delicious it was with a full mouth. then i ate the second cupcake. i waited about 20 minutes before i ate the third. oh my gawd - they were soooooo good! my goodness can C1 make a cupcake!!!!

ok - i know you are all dying to see the tractor-dura! here she be:

yep - that's our new little baby! at the shower, after telling one of my friends who i hadn't seen for a while that we got a tractor, she had a confused look on her face and said that she always assumed that we had one. man, wish i had have talked to her a few years ago! we really should have had a tractor years ago with our driveway from hell and all of the gardening that we do. live and learn, i guess.

want a good way to start your day? home-made bone-broth soup with the juice of a whole lime, a ton of garlic, a ton of ginger, tumeric, cayenne, cumin, salt and pepper, a dollop of homemade kick-you-in-the-face hotsauce and throw fresh parsley into the bowl. yummeh!

here's a nice morning snack an hour or so after your parsley soup:

 parsley and red onion salad with the juice of a lemon, a good dollop of EVOO, the usual suspects: turmeric, cayenne and cumin, aq bucketload of garlic and salt and pepper. then kymberz version of pico de gallo: tomatoes, avocado, 3 kinds of peppers, a sploosh of EVOO, a ton of onion, salt and pepper and a ton of cilantro. a couple of organic lime chips and your good until dinner!

here's tractor-dura parked near vandura and the crazy, waterproof shed that jambaloney built.

it's a kubota...and it is way oranger in real life than it looks. it's like really orange. this is the back-hoe.

and here is the loader.

i felt bad that the tractor was getting all the attention so here is another look at caribou-dura - gawd i love the colour of this truck!!!

here's a nice dinner (lunch for some people) - shrimp, vermicelli, a salad of romaine lettuce, fresh pineapple, cucumber, carrot flakes and green onions.

that will definitely keep you going until your afternoon snack. the dipping sauce is the juice of a whole lime, sugar, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, home-made hot sauce and some oranges - deelish!

and in case any of you wonder how i do my blogging activities, keep up with your blogs, leave comments, etc - i do it like this:

that's edgar houdini - the rat cat - the rat cats muhbu - sitting right in front of my computer screen while i try to move my mouse and type around him!

it's not as bad as poor jambaloney - he has noodie-noo (another of our cats) always on top of his keypad and work notes when he is trying to work on his contract for Lobsters 'R Us. 

Mobie-Moe and Mankly-Spontoonch (our 2 other cats - all of them are rescues/strays) are usually on plastic covered porch most days and arent't too interested in the computer stations. thank The Lord.

and yes - the pic above is me reading Harry Flashman's blog. i read every single one of his posts because he has much to teach. you all should read his blog too. but i am pretty sure that most of my bestest blogging buddies already do. the rest of you - get over to his blog and learn. the man is a font!!!!


  1. Kymber, you and J are really coming up in the world. New Truck, new tractor!

    I went by Rain's blog, and as you said I would, I liked it. I'll be reading her posts frequently.

    Glad all's well up there, soon Spring will be here and you can go down to your private place on the river and just relax after a long winter!

  2. I can't wait to see the projects Jambaloney will attempt with that thing!

  3. Hi Kymber! :) Thank you so much for your sweet words!!! And I love that you posted the photo of me and my main man Jack...well, I do have a boyfriend, but Jack is my little fellah lol...You guys eat SO you've seen, we eat comfort foods...hmmm...I love that shrimp dish. I'm reading about winter gardening and am very interested in more salads...I can't wait to get going. I'm SO JEALOUS of the tractor! I want one...okay I don't NEED one right now since we're renting in a village, but I do hope the land we're after will require one! Btw, I'm in perimenopause too sigh...though I'm the opposite, I'm gaining! So glad we found each other :)

  4. Hey Kymber! OMG I'm in love with him! Not Jam (though he's easy on the eyes but I digress, bwahaha) but tractor-dura. So awesome. I told 2nd Man "we need one of these!!!" of course he looked at me like "really? for WHAT?" oh the things I can imagine doing out there. I'd move stuff around just for the hell of it, ha. But digging holes for trees and flower beds? Carrying stuff? Moving stumps and rocks? Yeah, I could figure out many uses for it. I'll have to work on him. Of course we need a new ROOF first, so prioroties, ha.

    The food looks so good as always. As Rain said, we tend to eat comfort food and you guys eat so healthy. Sigh.

    And I visited Rain and read a bunch of posts and signed up to follow!! Thanks!!

  5. just saw in a gluten free theme magazine that bob's red mill has a new grain free flour. haven't seen it here but may order from amazon when money happens.
    irena hasn't started on the tail yet.
    john's cancer treatments have taken all time and $$, so hope next winter will find you to be entailed.
    we have noodles made from beans. nutritious and no gluten. very filling. [ i think the brand is 'taste of asia'.
    going without gluten made my knees stop hurting so much. and it was a great help to the stomach and digestion.
    glad you have a tractor. saves wear on the body and you can accomplish so much , so much more quickly. the older you get the more you kneed to ease the joint strain.
    the book 'what your doctor won't tell you about menopause'
    is one i buy for friends approaching that age. i use the progest cream several times per week.
    the estrogen replacement therapy can kill you.
    don't do it.
    get progest instead and follow the directions, harmless and natural.
    love, deb

    1. I second this suggestion! My only complaint about the book is that because it had the word "menopause" in the title, I waited to read it. Every woman should read this book no matter what her age!!! The progesterone creams really do work.

  6. Hubby has an orange Kubuto but it wasn't bought new so it is a bit battered but he loves it and has been collecting attachments for it

  7. Kymber, and Jambaloney,

    Congrats on your new Kubuto tractor! You and Jam will put plenty of miles on that baby. It will make a world of difference with the work being done on your property. We need pictures of both of you using it :-)

    Sending hugs, and love to you two.

  8. Take that backhoe to driftzilla.... will take care of it in minutes! :-) You will find that tractor will be most handy.

    I don't know what it is with cats and computers/paper.... oh, yeah, and boxes. I'm typing now with Missy resting her head on my arm, between me & the computer. When I'm knitting she will promptly lay down on the instructions. Funny kitties.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time during your outing! Now off to check out a 'fellow Canadian's blog' ;^) Have a good one!

  9. Very nice tractor! I'm sure Jam has a lot of plans using it on many future projects.

  10. Now that we are all settled into our driveway we can catch up with doctors and dentists appointments. We also need to go thru our rig and storage locker to see what we can get rid of. There are also a few new babies in the family to meet and friends to catch up with. It should be a busy month.stockade fence