Sunday, March 12, 2017

a most awesome party on the weekend, more snow, and a very hungry couch!

we had the most awesome party on friday night - it was our friend D's 50th birthday party and we had a blast! the hall was beautifully-decorated, there was tons of food, and our friend D didn't know anything about it until he came into the hall with us all there saying "Surprise! Happy Birthday!"! he's shy so he kind of tried to sluff it off.

we all sat at 3 tables but everyone was moving among the tables and exchanging chairs so that we all got the chance to speak to each other. the most howling came from the back of the middle table where my best friend C was giving herself a night of fun and drinking her face off - bahahahahah! she was claiming to anyone who would listen that she never drank until she came to Framboise - and i believe her because i never drank like this until we came here!!!! what can i say - it's the atmosphere of feeling comfortable and confident among your friends, knowing that they won't judge you if you get a little tipsy and/or ridiculous, they all love chatting and then the lights go down, the music gets turned up and you find yourself dancing until you actually CAN'T dance anymore.

our other bestie, C's husband G, was a hoot and a half himself and he doesn't even drink. jambaloney says that one day he is giving G 5 shots of whiskey - bahahahahah! our other besties E and D were on their best behaviour - and that's a big NOT!!!!! then our other besties C and B from Fourchu came out for just a bit - me and C (she's my regular dancing partner) danced a little but then they had to leave because she had to get stuff ready for the cribbage party the next day. D, the birthday boy and his wife S, our other besties, were also great fun to be with. and can we just say that all these people here HAVE to be our besties - because we rely on them so heavily for showing up to parties, dances and events and being ensured that we will have a great time! and there was a right amount of mayhem when my friend I told me about waiting for a baby giraffe to be born in the NY zoo. i had never heard of it - nor had jambaloney - but everybody else in the hall knew all about it so we laughed quite a bit about that! our friends S and H, who we haven't seen in forever, had us in stitches all night! our other besties from Fourchu, R and D, came out and we hadn't seen them in forever, either, but it doesn't matter - you just pick up where you left off. R had me and her in stitches because she said "i hear you guys got a new rig, eh?" and i said "ya, it's a kubota and it has a backhoe...." - she almost fell off her chair! she said "no. i meant your new truck!" and we laughed and laughed.

our other Fourchu friends K and A were there - we had fun chatting with them. our friend A from Fourchu was there and we got to have fun with him, too. oh man - we had such a good time and there is nothing in the world than only going down your driveway when you know you will see your friends and have a wonderful time.

my bestie G said when i first went and hugged him - he said "glad you came down the driveway". well, i'm glad that we came down the driveway too!

saturday looked like this:

my poor hottub. it was too cold and snowy to get in for the past 2 days. and after all that dancing - i really need it!

the man likes to have a steak once a week and after he had been dancing all night with everyone - he needed to put the protein back in him.

snow or no snow - we love the bbq! he loves grilled on the barbie sweet potatoes and our own potatoes. this year we are growing sweet potatoes, along with all of our other potatoes - woohoo!

here's a pretty frost design on the window from yesterday:

here's some shredded left-over chicken with avocado, mayo and green onion with bean sprouts, tomatoe, grapes and kiwi:

if that's not dinner (lunch) - i don't know what is. and an afternoon snack of our own smoked trout that jambaloney caught last year, some wasabi-dill-tofutti cream cheese, lemon slices and extra dill on top. dill that we grew ourselves, dehydrated and have been using all winter.

followed up with some parsley, red onion and strawberry salad with a dressing of EVOO, ACV, lime, the usual 3: turmeric, cayenne, and cumin, as well as fresh-crushed ginger and garlic - deeevine! some pineapple and grapes and a green onion. the bowl in front is for the himalayan sea salt - the absolute best way to eat green onions is to lick the bottom of them and dip them in salt - oh! to die for! do it after every bite! lick and dip!

remember a few weeks ago i told you about meeting up with our besties C and G and E and D? remember how i told you that we were killing ourselves laughing and no one knew why? it's because we had had such a good meal because C knows how to make delicious food! and it was so nice to get together.

well - at one point in the evening, me, D and E were sitting on the couch. and apparently the couch started to eat me....

i guess the cushion kept slipping and i kept sinking. C said that by the end of the evening all she could see were my pink socks sticking out of the couch - bahahahah! oh we killed ourselves laughing about that at the party. as you can see in the above picture - i am actually crying because all of us were laughing so hard!!!! it was so awesome!

kids - part of your preps should always include finding people that you enjoy spending time with...people who will help you, people you can rely on....people that make you happy!

my goodness this march has sucked bad - but we spent time with friends a few weeks ago (C,B,E,D) and then went to this most awesome party on friday night! laughing with friends makes you feel good and it is some of the best spiritual, physical and mental medicine out there. i love not going down the driveway for weeks at a time - it's awesome! but i have a knack for knowing when it's a good idea to head on down the driveway! and i'm heading down the driveway next saturday for a St. Patrick's Day Dance at our hall and it is sure to be a humdinger of a party - cannot wait!

hoping you all had a great weekend and sending love!


  1. Nothing beats a good party surrounded by friends, we are off to a 50th party in a few weeks, it will mean a night away, looking forward to it :-)

  2. Glad to read you had a great time at your party. My feet never reach the floor on any sofa. Im too short...!

  3. Kymber,

    Sounds like you, Jam, and your friends had an amazing time together. Good food, and good people what else can one ask for!!!

    Stay warm, and have fun on St Patty's Day :-)

    Sending hugs and love to you and Jam.

  4. Hi Kymber :) I'm so glad you had such a good time. I used to be more social but I think my days of parties and gatherings are pretty much over! I have more fun sitting with my boyfriend and our pets, sipping wine and watching movies or going fishing and listening to the quiet :) You look so cute sinking into the couch ha ha! Nice to read a happy post! Too bad you can't get into the hot tub!

  5. Looks like a normal day at the Manor......

  6. The snow pictures are delightful. The struggle of being eaten by furniture is real...

  7. Egads, the couch that devoured Canada!!! Sounds like a horror movie... I'm glad you survived and lived to tell the tale... hahahaha Good food and good friends, can't beat that! (I never thought of grilling sweet potatoes, they looked wonderful!)

    Hope that snow melted! That was a dirty, rotten trick!

    And I hope you and Jambaloney had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day party.... like that was ever a question :-) Look forward to the update.