Sunday, February 12, 2017


jambaloney here!

yes - it HAS been a long time - been busy with work and today getting ready for......

so getting ready today - this will be a big one...

calm before...

all shovels in a secure but handy spot...

except one on the porch to get out with...

traction sand...

and cramp-ons for my boots - these work great - thanks to our friend p who gave them to me...

cuz the driveway and the whole yard is frozen...

 kerosene heater ready and in the house with extra fuel..

interlude - kymber has been feeding us all day - we are stuffing ourselves in anticipation - this salad is full of herb, spices and  delicious veg..

back to the cramp-ons - these work better than i expected WAY better - everyone should get some...

the hot tub cover is split - the wind will be blowing straight at it so it needed repair...

here is the top half of the driveway with sand - i did the bottom section too - 200 feet in total... i need to so the atv will have something to grip underneath when i plow...

 tailgate down so the bed won't collect too much snow....

the atv was idling low then cutting out - after looking it up it was possible that air was entering the carb through leaks (???) so i taped up the loose choke end

and a gap in the air filter connection..  it seems to be working better..

i ran the generator, put a bin of water in the tub, kymber cooked a pile more food, flashlight batteries charged, filled gaps in certain shed cracks - i think we are ready..

lots of you are in the same boat = be safe everyone!



  1. Stay safe Sir. We'll look for you on the other side of it.

  2. Wow, I envy your gorgeous Spring and Summer, but not that Winter. I am not sure what I'd do if it got like that here. I'm sure the boss would call and say we STILL have to come to work, ha.

    Y'all be safe, and most of all be warm and snuggly and eat well!

  3. You two are my kinda people..."preparing for the worst and hoping for the best!" I actually like a good storm at least once a year. Gives a person a chance to be prepared for good reason. Eat well and stay safe. Let us know how it goes...CW from Iowa

  4. Sounds like a good excuse to fire-up the hot tub and watch the storm go by! Be safe.

  5. All the prep done - AND chickpea salads to fill the tummies - what more could you need??? ;)

    Be safe guys...

  6. batten down the hatches and stay safe

  7. our snow has been melting, i am so thankful! Until the next snow storm hits. Hope you guys stay warm and safe!

  8. Check the connection between the carb and the engine on the ATV. Make sure it's tight. If there's air getting in there, the engine will idle low, "roll," or won't idle at all, because air is being sucked into the engine, but isn't bringing any fuel with it...

  9. Hope you all made it through okay - it's been a humdinger for days!

  10. Kymber and Jambaloney,

    Y'all seem to be very prepared for this storm coming through.
    I say, stay inside, relax, and let a couple of days go by before heading back out. Be safe!!!

    Sending hugs and love your way.

  11. You two with weather the storm no problem! Stay warm and toasty, try to keep your clothes on if you are out in that snow!