Tuesday, January 24, 2017

the new truck!!! and some updates.....

we finally saw the sun the other day...i don't know which day - i was too awestruck - it REALLY has been grey and foggy and rainy for the past 3 months! i feel like we live in BC, or Seattle or something???

we met up with our Big Sis C and our Big Bro G, and our nearest neighbours, who really are Big Sis C's and Big Bro G's actual brother and sister (bahahahahah! try figuring that one out!!!!) a week and a half ago and had a beautiful meal, gorgeous company and a whole pile of laughter!!!! we had so much fun!!!

we rely on our Big Sis and Bro quite heavily ----- if it wasn't for them we would never know when our birthdays were....or our anniversaries!!! they never let us miss important days!

like our 16th anniversary!!!!

they gave us our new morning tea mugs and a bunch of different teas in a beautiful wood box.

we can't wait to meet up with them and our nearest neighbours E & D soon. we had such a good time - at one point me, E and D, were laughing our heads off. laughing and laughing and our stomachs were hurting! jambaloney, C and G kept asking us what we were laughing at?!?!?!? we didn't really know but kept laughing anyway! over the next 2 days i spoke to most of them personally and they either asked me, or i asked them, what we were laughing about. nobody remembered! how crazy is that?!?!?!?!

anyway - when the man goes into town to pick up his very first brand-new truck - he better bring home a gift for me!

and i know you've all been hanging by your fingernails off a ravine waiting for pics of the truck! wait no more!

it's a ford f-150XL, 4x4, 3.5litre Ecoboost....it's awesome!

the colour is called "caribou" and we love it!

we discussed what each of us needed in a vehicle and when i mentioned i thought i needed running boards - jambaloney agreed!

the inside is top of the line - no real fancy gadgets cuz we don't need 'em!

here's some more pics to bore you all to death!

ecoboost baby! at this rate Winston, Rob, Harry and PP are gonna start calling us "libtards" or worse, "hippies"! you be quiet Winston - i know when you were born!

ya baby - we're now driving a ford f-150....it's just like our last f-150...just newer and cleaner and has rust protection and an undercoating!

it's got 4 x 4 something or other....apparently a good thing when you live in the middle of nowhere. i have no idea. i just know that when we go from dirt road to pavement - if the pavement is dry, jambaloney puts it in neutral and changes the gears. and vice versa. or whatever. i have no idea - i just drove a super souped-up dodge dakota sport with tires that were a hair shy of being illegal in canada for about a year. my american friend went to germany working with a big satellite company and didn't want to put his truck in storage. anyway, that's a story for another time.

truckdura v.2 was bought at the best car dealership in the world - Canso Ford!!!

they have always treated jambaloney so well....and that's why they'll always keep our service! truckdura v.2 has seats for extra passengers!!!

screw passengers!!! we're greedy! and need room for a bucketload of things in our vehicle!

i told jambaloney that after he packs all of the essentials needed in a vehicle that you might find yourself in an emergency with, i told him - i wanted to check over the bins. i want to be 100% satisfied that he and i, and our cats if he is taking one to the vet or something, that we are safe!!! the only way to be safe is to be prepared.

i want to call the new truck "caribou-dura"...but jambaloney says otherwise. oh well...since he never reads the blog, we'll call the new truck "caribou-dura" amongst ourselves, k?

sending much love to all - old friends and new. i forgot to mention that i made a few new friends in the last few weeks. so nice to meet people that make you smile.

bye for now! xoxoxoxso


  1. Good choice in trucks...real good choice.....

  2. Congratulations on the new ride! And yes, you need 4-wheel drive where you live.

  3. Love the color of the caribou-dura! Yes, 4x4 is essential where you guys live.

  4. The truck looks lovely. And Happy Anniversary!

  5. Good choice, should do you well so long as Jam keeps the shiny side up! :-)

  6. I see you riding on the running boards waving a AR 15, old school mob style..With a safety harness on.

  7. Sweet Kymber,

    Your Anniversary, and a new truck!!!! Congratulations you two, we are so happy and love.just love the color of your truck. It's a great color and perfect it blends in with nature around on your property, great for security reasons.

    Sending hugs and love your way,

  8. Congratulations!!! The new truck is pretty and much deserved. I love that color. No worries about the ecoboost thing...Our Toyota 4Runner has it as well...lol Enjoy !!!

  9. Oooh! That is one beautiful truck! I love the color and you sure do need 4x4 up there. Heck, I need it here (and have it - but mine is not such a purty vehicle...) Also love those slippers!

  10. Cant go wrong with a great truck. I wouldn't expect you to buy a 2wd in your area. I only see one thing wrong with it, too low to the ground. You need a lift kit with BIG TIRES!!!!!

  11. Ooh la la! Very nice. LOVE the color! Congrats! Y'all will be riding in style. We have a 1965 mustang, a 1975 ford that my FIL bought new and a 2013 Flex, so you might say we are Ford people. :)

    Happy Anniversary!


  12. That's a nice looking truck! It's probably good that you bought it now before our Current Occupant does something to NAFTA and causes vehicle prices to raise significantly!

  13. Kymber, that looks like exactly the kind of truck you need to get you through the harsh winters. The caribou colour will be perfect for that winter spray which seems to get trucks dirtier than swimming through a mud puddle sometimes. You guys are so tough but you're living well, and this truck is just another piece in the puzzle.