Monday, January 23, 2017

sooo happy and proud.....

for my man! he's off getting our new truck...he's never had a new vehicle and those of you who have been around long'll remember that he didn't even get his driver's license until he was 45!!! somehow he managed to get his driver's license in under a month and then drive us and our cats 1,000 kms across the country in the middle of winter - in a 30yr old van!!! since then we have become parents of 2 more stray cats - now there's 4 of them whining for food 2 billion and 70 million times a day (cue a comment from PioneerPreppy here about the numbers)!!!

this has been the crappiest and hardest winter here so far....just grey days since mid-october...but the man has his new truck and the sun is actually shining today...Thank The Dear Lord.

he'll be home soon...with his new truck...i am so excited for him! and sending love to you all - pictures of truckdura version 2.0 coming soon - xoxoxox!


  1. How exciting!!!! Congrats! When you work hard, the rewards are always the most sweetest!

  2. Brand new 1st owner, or new as in used not as old as last one???
    Its been above 32 for a week, and the snow has melted away, almost..4" due tomorrow. I want 2 feet of snow...Hugs to you both.

  3. Sweet Kymber,

    I'm so excited for you guy's!!!! Congratulations on the new truck....we want to see pictures. Trucks are miracles when residing in the country.

    I so understand when you talk about the weather, it's time we all need some nice sun.....hurry up SPRING!!!

    Sending hugs and love to the both of you.

  4. Sounds excellent - so happy for you :D

  5. It has been so awfully gloomy, hasn't it? Gah. Congrats on your BRAND NEW truck! Can't wait to see the pics!! xoxo

  6. Can't wait to see pics of the new truck!

  7. A new truck is certainly something to look forward to. I'm glad you two are getting one, it will make things easier. The weather here has been warmer than usual but much more stormy. Lots of extra work this week trying to keep the place up with all the junk down from the wind.