Saturday, October 8, 2016

more framboise manor thanksgiving traditions and tips...and welcome to our boneyard!

our mornings in october start out like this:

very cool. lots of fog and mist. you need your pants, socks and sweater. and the hottub. ahhh the hottub is awesome on coool mornings. but the days quickly turn into this. bright, blue and hot...and you get a treat - rip yer clothes off and suntan - woohoo!

yes, we sunstroked ourselves again. but we also had our thanksgiving dinner. here's a tip - when removing your turkey from the pan to the tray - try not to let it fall apart in your hands!

here's the framboise manor traditional turkey dinner - it's a lot of food on a plate but man is it good!

on the left top to bottom - brussel sprouts that are steamed for exactly 6 minutes and then fried in butter for another 3 or 4 mins - don't be shy with the butter! i plated this wrong as the carrots and beets are in the middle on the left but they blend together - underneath the sprouts are purple haze carrots - steamed and then mixed with butter and honey. the beets were steamed and mixed with ginger and ton of pepper. under those are turnip, steamed, mixed with a ton of butter and maple syrup.

middle of the plate, my cranberry/pear/ginger/pepper sauce and 2 scoops of potatoes mashed with more butter. right side of the plate - turkey - i cook mine breast-side down for one half of the cooking time and then flip it for the rest of the time. trust me - it makes all the difference. and of course stuffing! and gravy made from the drippings. we gorged ourselves and then cried and moaned all afternoon. it was awesome and we'll be repeating this at our friend c&b's tomorrow - bahahahah!

so you all have been wondering what's hiding behind our berm in the backyard. well wonder no longer. here is the berm looking all innocent.

and here is the little doorway/pathway into the magical forest.

what's in there, you ask? we call it the boneyard.

basically, it's where jambaloney collects his junk. whenever he finds junk he proudly shows it to me and i tell him to put it in the boneyard. then whenever we are working on a project - he'll say - wait! i have the perfect thing in the boneyard! then he'll go and get said thing with a really proud look on his face - arghghg. but it works. i guess.

more junk. but we already know how we are going to use this junk next year.

there's a little path that he made inside the boneyard.

and that's where we get these.

the most awesome blackberries known to man. they just grow. we don't do anything to them. free food people.

as you can see - we've been picking them since early august. we have a freezer full of these babies. but they are on their second run.

delicious, beautiful and free food. we had them for dessert after our thanksgiving meal. with nothing else. our dessert was a handfull of free berries. from our land. all the while feeling grace.

you don't get more thanksgiving than that.


  1. I love blackberries. They are amazing.

  2. as always your food is making my mouth water, stop it! i'm not supposed to be eating meat any more lmao

    Blackberries are amazing, so many people want to rip out brambles but like you say, its free food!

    I am pretty envious of Jambaloneys junk emporium, I will have to figure out where I can hide a boneyard on our land without the girls telling me to clear it up lol

  3. Oh, silly me, and I thought the boneyard was for bones! haha

    Dinner looks delicious! And you can have blackberry cobbler for dessert. ;^) What a great thanksgiving!

  4. yum yum yum! We have a little bone yard in an unused green house and behind the wood pile. Although everything we have is wood or pipes.

    Happy Thanks Giving!!!!

  5. I always wondered what that was in the satellite photos. Everybody has one of those but most of ours around here have them somewhere in the basement of our house. Since the manor is small in stature, you just have to have yours outside somewhere. Oh, and just kidding about there being satellite photos!

  6. I big question is Black berry wine?? or brandy??..

  7. Are the brussle sprouts homegrown? They look good, I haven't gorwn tem ina few years but I plan to next year. One year I grew all the veg for a Christmas dinner we were cooking for 14 people, it took some doing but I managed it, I'd been saving quite a few things for it!
    I like his scrap yard, he should see my dads "orchard" it would make him very jealous!

  8. Oh my, your Thanksgiving dinner looks soooo good!

    The boneyard is a great idea. It makes no sense to let stuff go to the landfill when they still have potential to be useful! I like that's it's kinda hidden away in a convenient spot. Ours is scattered all over the place!

  9. That's one of the advantages to living away from town - the opportunity to have a boneyard!

  10. I very rarely discard anything that might conceivably have a use in the future. I have enough storage space up here that it's not really a problem to hand on to most things, and I believe it's wise to do so. I can remember a number of things J built out of your scrap pile that were really useful.

    Like you, October mornings are chilly here and warn up as the day goes on. we are having a fire in the fireplace each night now to keep the chill off the house.