Saturday, October 15, 2016

FREE, nutrient-dense, WILD FOOD!!!!

jambaloney was in to work yesterday - he had a great day! and got us FREE, nutrient-packed wild food!

as he normally works in the day, he sees the lobster and crab boats come in all the time and he loves watching the operation and learning new things. since the tuna boats only come in at night - he's never seen the tuna operation before. that changed yesterday when a tuna boat came in carrying a 400lb atlantic bluefin tuna - can you believe that!?!?!?

the boat pulls in the harbour and they use a big winch-thing to lift it out of the boat - have a look:

because the plant sells the tuna commercially, they remove and discard the head, tail and all organ meat. jambaloney couldn't believe that no one wanted the organ meat - NOTHING is more precious on a wild animal than the organ meat!!! one of the guys asked if he wanted the heart and steaks from the head and tail. you can imagine jambaloney trying not to jump out of his own shoes. then buddy gave him the heart, 2 steaks from the head and 6 steaks from the tail...and we are not talking small steaks!!!! pictured below is the deep red heart in the middle and flanking the heart are 2 ginormic steaks from the head. the 6 steaks from the tail are all around the plate.

have you ever seen such beautiful red meat? a bunch of you who raise and slaughter your own animals would know - but this tuna was caught and processed in under 8 hours and after it was caught, was killed immediately, and then kept on ice until the boat got into harbour. jambaloney was so excited to have been there to have watched and these guys know what they are doing!

of course, we had to try some raw right away! the steaks from the head and tail are a lot fattier than the fillets that are used in sushi but hey - we aren't about to kick a gift horse in the mouth! the raw tuna with just a little salt was divine and waaaaay better than the thinner, less fatty fillets.  then of course, we tried half a steak grilled on the bbq and half pan-fried in butter.

holy moly! talk about kick-you-in-the-face calcium and iron overdose!!! what does it taste like? how about really, really, strong, fatty, gamey moose meat combined with a pasture-fed cow's beautiful liver and kidney. a little goes a long way and that is fantastic for us as we are cutting down our meat consumption and wild, free nutrient-dense tuna fresh-caught from our beautiful ocean by our friends and jambaloney's colleagues - wow! double wow! that tuna is gonna last all winter long!

i gotta run now. we've gotta go lay down - bahahahah!


  1. That looks like a dolphin mixed with a dragon or a dinosaur. Free is fab!

  2. Looks & sounds delicious! Hope it was as good as it looks. FREE ... yay!!!

  3. I watched Wicked Tuna. Those boys love that job. Free and Fresh, talk about being in heaven...

  4. Hard to believe that they normally scrap those parts of the tuna, such a waste. I would think that if a butcher shop sold even just the heart it would be sold-out in a few hours.

  5. Yum - I love fresh tuna too. S'funny, we both did postings on fish :D

  6. I would have fought Jambaloney for they had I been there. He probably would have won but I still would have tried!

  7. I do not know that I have ever had even the option of fish organ meat. What was it like?

    Looks delicious. Free - more delicious.

    Much love! TB

  8. Man my mouth is watering. That looks so good, I hate seeing meat go to waste as well.

  9. The tragedy of modern much goes to waste or is ruined. Like liver....cow liver used to be wonderful, now with modern feeding methods it is poison. We hope to get a deer this fall and I know we have enjoyed our chicken livers but oh my your Tuna takes the cake! God Bless and eat well!

  10. Tuna, as I understand it, keep their body temperatures elevated, so are thus a sort of warm-blooded fish.

  11. I have GOT to stop visiting this blog when I haven't eaten, mouth is watering so bad now I'm going to have to go and sort something out to eat! Dropped you an email a little while ago not sure if you got it? x

  12. Soooo.... any idea when the next tuna boat is coming in? Valuable information and highly valuable food. Yum!

  13. Sweet Kymber,

    Wooohoo talk about a great fish!!!
    I just love tuna, Bulldog Man no so much.
    The best kind of seafood is that directly off of the fishing boats.
    Sending hugs and love your way.

  14. ****Hey you guys!*** (Think Goonies!)

    How are you? Been thinking about more walking in Scotland when we are next there. Was reading this website. I saw the Sundew plants and wondered if there is anything like it in canada, and could you plant clumps of them around your veggie beds or even away from your veggie beds as a lure to the black flies. They call them midgies in Scotland. They are apparently attracted to the carbon dioxide that you breath out. maybe a diving bell helment would help!

    I have Highlands - Scotlands wild heart, tv programme on for Eric. He loves all the animals and I like to listen to Ewan McGregor who is doing the commentary.

    Hope you are well, mes amies!

  15. sorry here is the website