Saturday, July 2, 2016

our camera history

my first camera. jambaloney got me this camera in 2007. jambaloney was scanning all kinds of old photos and said i needed a digital cameral. i scoffed at first - but after a week - this baby was glued to my hand.

it was with that little camera that i took pics of our old house and yard back in the city. we had a beautiful house and yard and i took millions of pics with that camera - like this one:

and jambaloney took a pic of me snow-blowing our 30 ft driveway (i am wearing a 20yr old snowsuit that i still have and use - so now it's 26 yrs old!!!!). funny thing - we didn't even have a car but always kept our driveway cleared - bahahahah!

i took this photo of jambaloney's gorgeous torque tattoo that he got in october 2000 with that camera (he thought about filling it in but i said "NO WAY!):

i made my avatar with that little camera:

with that camera, i took this pic of my gorgeous man: (holy crap - he is gorgeous! and if you can believe it - even more gorgeous now!):

that night we went out and of course, i wore my bunny ears (i wore my bunny ears everywhere!):

that's The Man standing beside a 13ft snowbank that he snow-blowed through one of the worst winters in ottawa!

prior to leaving for Framboise Manor - our step-dad and his grandson made this beautiful bird house for us:

of course that old little camera caught the pics:

and then we landed in Framboise....the first 6 months were a blur and not many pics were taken with that camera - a camera that had served us so well! jambaloney's mom and step-dad came to visit us the first june we were here and we used that camera to take the following pics:

jambaloney's mom and step-dad are as goofy as jambaloney and me - we love that!

and then we drove them up to Framboise my excitement, i jumped out of the truck to show them where to park, dropped my precious camera....and then jambaloney drove our truck over loved camera #1!

enter camera #2:

 i loved that camera!!!! it has taken 5yrs of pics - like this one where jambaloney's mom unburied our apple trees - she'll never know how much we appreciated hers, and ted's work here that first june!

that camera took pics of our first pizzas:

it took pics of our yard long before we were able to do much with it:

it took pics of our delicious trout that we have enjoyed eating since we got here:

it took a pic of me in my mermaid tail down at the river:

it took a pic of the beginning of "blue-cup" season:

it took many pics of our beautiful river:

but sadly...after 5 long years of taking pics - it died. i am sooo sad.

and now i am stuck with this ugly thing!

it will take great pics. sure. but it is blue. and probably my least favourite colour in the world! but it was on sale...and we used money from our emergency fund to buy it....because i love taking pictures! in the next few updates and whatnot...the pics were taken using jambaloney's nokia windows phone - it was driving me near mad!

first world problems - i know. but nothing gives me greater pleasure than taking hundreds of pics a day of our beautiful land. and then, in the middle of the night when i can't sleep - i can look back through all of the pics. those pics provide me with peace when my mind is rattling...but they also give me a chance to be thankful and grateful for everything that we have here.

i hope that you enjoyed our camera history.


  1. My wife would LOVE that color! ;-)

  2. Love all your pictures, don't stop.
    Any camera or camera color will save the images of the way it was. Our countries are changing for the worse and photo's may be all we have left. Keep shooting and some day may be shooting for real.

  3. I love blue and I think that camera is very pretty (hoping it can't hear what you said!!)

    I enjoyed the trip back in time via your first two cameras. Now I look forward to new photos from your beautiful new, BLUE camera!! Give it some love!

  4. Hey, blue isn't a bad color. My mom got me a blue camera when mine died. Not like the cybershot but it does the job. Enjoy your camera - we enjoy your photos!

  5. I love pictures, I always have. I hope the camera works well for you.

  6. I am still taking pictures on my phone. which isnt ideal. At some point I will get my charger back from my sister who accidentally took it home. My parents bought all us kids digital cameras one chirstmas. Its the biz isnt it. Being able to take thousands of pictures and throwing away the duds. Not like film where I worried my finger would be in each picture

  7. How cool to follow your camera's. I have an obsession with photos too...Digital just feeds it as I can take and see then right away. Ralph got me superb Nikon and I love it. And yes Jam is a handsome handsome man! Your a wonderful couple and your blog is a delight.

  8. I remember each of our cameras well myself. I still have a couple of my old ones though. The one we have now is a super expensive one we inherited from the father in law and will be hard to replace when the time comes.

  9. I love it, I'm just the same with cameras and drive everyone mad with how many pictures I take all the time. My phone has a good camera now so I use that a lot but then when I use my proper camera I remember how much better the pictures are!