Monday, July 4, 2016


i find myself singing this song a lot lately, a song that i have always loved:

Heaven, is the whole of our hearts
And Heaven don't tear you apart
Yeah, Heaven, is the whole of our hearts
And Heaven don't tear you apart

There's too many kings
Wanna hold you down
And a world at the window
Gone underground
There's a hole in the sky
Where the sun don't shine
And a clock on the wall
And it counts my time

And Heaven, is the whole of our hearts
And Heaven don't tear you apart
Yeah, Heaven is the whole of our hearts
And Heaven don't tear you apart

There's a song on the air
With a 'love you' line
And a face in a glass
And it looks like mine
And I'm standing on ice when I say
That I don't hear planes
And I scream at the fools
Wanna jump my train

And Heaven is the whole of our hearts
And Heaven don't tear you apart
Yeah, Heaven is the whole of ours hearts
And Heaven don't tear you apart
Yeah, Heaven
Ah, Heaven
Yeah, Heaven

Moreland, Peter Lord / Smith, Vernon Jeffrey / Williams, Frederick B

and the video:

it is not easy to walk around the Manor, looking up at the skies and not think of heaven.

it is so beautiful!

sometimes i am carrying something other than my camera...and i trip and i fall.

just a reminder of mortality, i guess. lots of scratches and bruises.

we hilled all 40 potatoe tires in the past few days.

that always leaves us feeling accomplished.

we're tired. growing your own food is hard work.

but growing your own food and looking to heaven....there just aren't any words.

heaven and everything it contains feels so close here you feel that you can reach out and touch it. thinking of SciFi and Uncle Gerald today. not sure why. just am. i think it's because we are both really tired from getting those potatoes done. SciFi and Uncle Gerald would be proud of us today.

go back and play the song again. it's beautiful. and i think it very especially fitting for all of my american friends celebrating their independence day today!

i hope you all can take a moment today to look at the sky and see and feel and touch heaven.


  1. Today we have been sitting in a cloud most of the day, clouds are not soft and fluffy they are wet the sort of wet that soaks straight through what ever you are wearing, but at least this is my cloud over my bit of heaven :-)

  2. where ever your with Jam is heaven

  3. I like a line from an old negro spiritual that goes "Heaven, heaven, everybody talkin' 'bout heaven ain't goin' there!" ;-)

  4. It's a good feeling growing your own food, but you are correct it IS a lot of work. Much more than the average prepper thinks. I hear to many people depending on a "Can of Seeds" that they think they can open and toss on the ground and in two months have their own supermarket. There'll be a lot of very hungry preppers.

    1. +1 to that. I know a few "preppers" myself that are going to starve

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  5. M is up with the kids so now I have to take care of the garden myself! >:(

    I liked your pictures of the sky. I can almost never see much of the sky, unless I walk out into the meadow, because all the buildings are under the forest canopy. Like living in a sack.

  6. Hey Gurlie.....somedays I feel like I can reach out and touch heaven too. Your pics are always so gorgeous. And yes SCI would be so proud. I think if her everytime I am messing in my garden.

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  8. Yes we all need to 'see' heaven. We did today although it was cloudy and rainy, we put a hummingbird feeder out the other day and tonight when it had stopped raining Ralph and I sat very still on the porch and watched the humming birds come to dinner....the are the tiniest of miracles and then the sun came out for the first time today through the evening clouds....bliss!

  9. Sweet Kymber,

    Love your pictures of your piece of heaven up there in the northeast. Dear Uncle and SciFiChick are always with us looking down smiling intently on the fine work were doing on our homesteads. They both know we will survive any situation thrown at us.

    You're going to have a beautiful potato harvest when the time is right, and that will be real soon :-)

    Sending love and hugs to you and Jam.

  10. What beautiful skies! I miss clouds - we've had nothing but clear blue skies with hot sun and lots of dry, dry, dry. The best things are the things you work hard for. xo

  11. One thing living close to the land does is to keep things in perspective. The high-tech manmade world just doesn't seem like reality to us. Living close to the land, growing your own food, being outdoors to witness the natural creation - that's reality.