Wednesday, July 13, 2016

oh river day...and a gift from a friend!

oh we planned for a river day and river day we had! this pic always for my friend C!

but let's back up to last night's supper of kofta hamburgers (full of spices) and goat feta hamburgers (also full of spices!).

then it was hamburger city with all kinds of homemade dips, lobster salad with leftover quinoa salad tossed on top and some cherries.

we needed full bellies for a full day at the river. the sunset promised a beautiful day.

the clouds and sunsets here are brilliant!

looking down to the river this morning (you can't see the river but you can see the loooooong road. ah heck - it's only a quarter mile to our own river on our own road - but i like to be dramatic - bahhahah!)

going around the bend to get to the river - so mystical and magical - there simply MUST be faery and little people living in those woods!

and then the sky opens up and we are at the river!

those are white caps on the river waves - it was actually windy as oh crap!

but the sun was so warm and the river sooo beautiful!

another pic for my friend C - it has special meaning to him and us and no one else on the planet.

some wild roses - true wild roses growing down at the river of all places!

there's also self-planted wild roses growing in this mess of new and old trees across our bog down at the river.

and pitcher plants in full flower. look them up. they are quite rare.

some heal-all growing in amongst the rocky, hard-packed soil. there is medicine everywhere if you look for it.

here i am laying on our plastic, cheap loungers with a bin full of picnic goodies, which i forgot to take a pic of, looking back at the road toward the Manor. soooooo much green!

i must have been a leprechaun in a former life - i looooove green!

and here is the sky as i lay back in my cheap lounger and look up....sooo amazingly beautiful. it seems nothing is impossible when you look at this.

laying in my lounger looking to the right. a beautiful shed built out of crap that protects our boat motor and a whole pile of other stuff...and dead, and dying, and living new trees. how awesome.

jambaloney is napping at this point having pulled out the motor for our boatdura, gassing it up, taking it for a bit of a spin, then the motor dies. then he has to pull all of it up and out of the river and put it all away. so i lay on my front on our cheap loungers and take pics of what i see...and what mesmerizes me.

that little stick tree is our towel tree with a canning lid in memorium of the great SciFiChick. to the left of me is the man napping. we cover his face, chest, shoulders and back covered in full sunscreen because he has a propensity to "pink" up. no worries, i keep him covered and then put a towel on his face and put a towel on his uncovered "personal" parts - bahahahahaha!

then i just lay back, think about a million different thoughts and take pics of the beautiful sky. let's call it heavenly therapeutic counselling,

and some more. hard not to think of the heavens when they are staring you in the face.

then i sit up and there is ATV-dura. the thing that brought us and a whole pile of stuff that we needed brought down today. ATV-dura is a beast. and there are about 20 people who want to buy it from us when we get a new one. they are ATV crazy down here. we just think of it as another tool.

i read lots of books. fiction, non-fiction, authorized and non-authorized biographies. i've read all of baigent and leigh's books...for fun...but some startling insights to be found as in all books.

jambaloney is still napping, i take one last pic to the right of us, land that we now own, i will spill the deets in a while, but a bunch of that swampy waterfront is now ours. and will stay in it's current condition for as long as we own it.

we got home, fed cats, are flumping from a day in the sun and at the river and i open my email and a dear, dear friend sent me this:

if you can't read it, and can't be bothered to enlarge it, it says "In matters of style swim with the current - in matters of principle stand like a rock". what a wonderful sentiment to send to someone. this is someone who knows my heart. and finding it in my inbox after such an already wonderful day - just made the day all that the better. yes, i brought my mermaid tail down to the river but i figure you are all sick of hearing about my mermaid tail. but one special friend made me feel like my mermaid tail is not ridiculous. and i honestly don't care what anyone else thinks.

we had a wonderful day! and as this blog was created for us, to keep a record of our days on this earth together - i want to record that we had another wonderful day!
i hope the same for all of you. signing off with love.


  1. Style? What's that? Hmmm, maybe THAT'S why no-one wants to be seen with me!

  2. Aren't you just barely official Leprechaun size anyway?

  3. Could you kayak/canoe out to the ocean if you wanted? Or is there sandbars/rocks/etc. in the way? I've heard that ocean kayaking is fun, but of course that depends on the wind/current in your area.

  4. What a glorious day you had. Life is indeed good. Much love to you both. Oh and I want some of that lobster there missy, we'll be right up!!! ;-)

  5. what a wonderful day so glad the sun put in appearance for you thanks for taking us with you :-)

  6. Your views are stunning! I love seeing other folks' versions of paradise. :)

  7. I am always drawn to green...i think there are 9 million shades of it here...when we are working in the south garden it looks over Mammoth Cave park and all the trees....all slightly different green...and the blue sky and the green of peanut plants, tomatoes, corn, is grand and then i read your blog and see our views!

  8. It's lovely to hear you enjoying life, looks so peaceful there. Much love x