Sunday, February 14, 2016

resurrecting a post from 2012!

we went to the community hall for a valentine's dance last night. there weren't a ton of people there but we had fun none the less - we were getting pounded all night and day with snow, so a lot of people couldn't make it out. but yesterday is our true "Valentine's Day" - the 13th not the 14th. he worked the door, and helped with the bar, and carried all of the licquor up to the lock-up room at 1:30am and then busted down tables and helped clean up. i helped but certainly didn't do as much as him. and so in lieu of a proper post, and the fact that he woke me with his snoring, i decided to do a cut and paste of a post from 2012. it's rather boring and just tells the story of when we first said "i love you" to each other....but it means a lot to me...and if yer bored and awake too...well have atter!

it's February 14....but i prefer February 13!

Happy Valentine's Day!

this is a very meaningful day to me and jambaloney. not because of today - but because of yesterday - February 13!

11 years ago on February 13, jambaloney told me he loved me for the first time! i near swooned and/or fainted. it was touch and go at the time with the knees all week and my stomach doing backflips - but somehow i managed to hold it together and tell him that i loved him, too. it was the first time i said it to his face but i had said that i loved him many millions of times by that point to just about anyone who would listen to me. we had only been dating since January 19, almost a month, but i knew the moment i looked at him that he was mine. plus there was a big, flashing sign on his head, put there by angels, that blinked "kymber - he's yours!!!" over and over.

i worked at my absolute favourite job at the time. i worked with some of the greatest colleagues and friends ever. i would walk into work, floating on air, and dead tired from another night of no sleep. jambaloney and i used to be phone hogs during the first few weeks of our dating, and we would stay on the phone all night talking during the work week. we fell asleep together so many times on the phone it's not funny! anyway i would float into work and as i approached my desk i would hear all of the little songbirds (my colleagues) singing - "kymber's in lerrrrrve!". i loved it! two of my friends, J and my boss V, would invite me into V's office for a full run-down on the previous evening's marathon phone session. and they would ooh and ahh with me. they always said that he sounded to good to be real, or true, for that matter! but when they met jambaloney they fell in love with him almost as much as me. i was fighting those women off until the time i left that job!

speaking of fighting off women - man oh man - i have been doing that since the first day i met him! needless to say, i am a pretty good fighter! naw, jes' teasin' wit' ya! but i have yet to encounter a woman that doesn't fall in love with him on sight. he is incredibly gorgeous, ya know? but when they see how kind and generous he is - they love him more! when they realize that he is a true and proper gentlemen (you did good, Liz!), they love him even more! when they find out that he can fix anything, lift anything, cook, clean and do laundry - that's when i have to get the boxing gloves out!

did i tell you that i won a chainsaw from the VFD raffle? no? well i did - woohoo for jambaloney! anyway, last saturday, at the Fourchu Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner, everyone was congratulating me on winning. one of the women said, "now kymber, you can take the chainsaw out in the woods and jambaloney can do the dishes"! at the exact same time, both jambaloney and i said that he always does the dishes. i then said that he cooks, cleans and does laundry, too! the next words out of her mouth were, "can he please come and live with me, then?". we all laughed. but trust me, she was dead serious. i might need to get the gloves back out soon. jeesh!

so today is happy love day and i have a stupid, little homemade love day gift for him. but yesterday was the important day for us. February 13 will always be my second favourite day of the year. January 19, the day i met him, will always be my first!

wanna see something goofy but fills me with incredible happiness, joy, awe, wonder and a feeling that someone so wonderful really loves me?

here's 2 pics from a summer day not too long ago. we were laying in the sun and jambaloney braided my hair and put flowers in the braids.

i hope he knows just how very much i love him. i know that he knows...but i don't think anyone other than me could ever really know just how much.


  1. Anyone who 'knows' you two knows just how much you guys love each other. Love the braids & flowers, shows just how sweet he is to you.

  2. aw Kymber that is a lovely post.

    Happy valentines day!

  3. Glad you two found one another. May God bless you both.

  4. Just hearing you talk about him, I can see why your friends fell for him, the love shines out in your voice. Wishing you both many, many more years together. xxx

  5. To be in love is pretty special.

  6. That story just warmed up from my toes to the top of my head. You two are wonderful!