Friday, February 19, 2016

canada: land of the responsible gun owner!

hope you all get a kick out of this!

cheers everyone!


  1. Amusing. Would like to see where he gets his stats from before commenting further.

  2. I'll be called racist, of course, but our "gun crime" would be a fraction of what it is if our major cities didn't have large black populations. For some reason, country blacks aren't into homicide like their city cousins.

  3. Heh they need to add the percentage of "minorities" per capita to their stats and I think the question of just who is more responsible will become obvious.

    Give the liberal Multi-Cultists a bit more time and you guys can have off the hook gun violence as well. Of course the cold keeps you guys a bit safer in that regard too.

    Oh BTW Yes I did read about the Gomeshi thing. Was quite entertaining.

  4. I'm guessing we here in the Midwest would even blow the Canadian stats to shame. I know we have more guns per capita than either coast and our gun deaths stats are I'm sure lower. I can count the number of times a gun homicide has happened in my area in my lifetime on one hand.

  5. Yep, right in front of my last house 2 guys were shot down by a 12 year old who stole a car around 2 a.n. one morning, found a gun in the glove box, and then shot some neighbors who tried to stop him. This society is coming apart at the seams. *sigh*

    1. P.S. FYI - all white neighborhood, for what it matters anymore.

  6. Your out-of-control Kymber, you need to turn your guns in. Your unstable, lmao.