Saturday, March 21, 2015

snow bs!!

jambaloney here!

sorry it has been a while - i have been busy working on an IT project for a local company - AND clearing snow - here is tuesday after the storm

atv outta the shed - it helped a bit, but the snow was pretty packed...

here is the bend in the driveway...

and there is the road plus snowplow deposits - took 2 hours to shovel that out!!

hey ho - blizzard next day - truckdura (moved closer to the road) on wednesday!!!

 atv helped some...

the rest was done by hand...

as far as  i got...

back of the house...

front of the house....

dishwasher still in the basement - those bins  are full of dirty dishes..

which get carried through this door!!! not optimal - we have a cunning plan for next winter!!!

 i did more driveway yesterday and woke up today to finish the job - we are getting rain followed by a freeze - it HAS to be finished!!! truckdura

yesterday's handiwork!!!!

and what is left  - see BIG new snowplow pile - the alps!!!

i tried using the atv yesterday but the snow is too deep and packed - i have to cut out one chunk at a time... i fell last sat and bruised my rib which didn't help - lift with the legs buddy, with the legs!!!

first pass - to the mountains then stopped for awesome kymber-lunch of everything salad!!!!

now tackling the mountains!!!

i thought it was 100 feet but started to suspect more.... so i got a 200 foot tape measure..

yep 166 feet to the truck from the bottom of the driveway!!!

 almost done...

and done!! all with a crappy shovel -  the rain will come pouring down there!!

 and onto this road - i have to go to work monday and after the rain it will freeze so i trotted down to the low spot at the right...

and made a helping trench at the side so that the water won't pool and make a frozen  lake!!

a couple of weeks back there was a new bird in the tree....

there is a BIG fat ruffed grouse eating the buds off the apple tree - been quite the winter!

hopefully the rain will clear the driveway and get rid of some snow - we are going to have seasonal temps soon - that will be a blessing!

happy spring everyone!!!


  1. Better eat the grouse before he eats all your apple buds! I don't envy you on the shoveling!

    1. i thought about it - more so for the poor apple tree though ;-))

      it was pretty bad - hope you didn't have any such horror this winter - cheers!

  2. I'm with Gorges, it would already be in my stew pot! :-)

    I'm really starting to wonder if you don't actually live at the North Pole!

    I do have a remedy for the next two-three weeks. Pack up the truck and come on down we'll wait for the snow to melt. I do have a hot tub, I'm real close to the beach with lots of white stuff but we call it sand and I just heard my A/C turn on. (tuff maintaining 78f degrees!) He He!!
    I have a room with your name on it!

    1. mike - you are too kind and it IS tempting...

      but today the stuff is melting and a BIG spring ritual is the melt... soothing..

      next jan however - see you on the beach!!

      cheers friend!

  3. Man that looks like a lot of work. But I would rather shovel all that snow than shear my sheep!!! :)

    Seriously though that was some work you did there Jamby. Maybe that Grouse will hatch some eggs this year. If I know Kymber she is more than likely encouraging it to eat those Apple buds.

    1. it was a serious-ass amount of work - hopefully down to the dirt tomorrow..

      is shearing sheep that hard ? i take it form you it is - cheers pp!!!

  4. My back hurts from all that shoveling! I do not envy you.

  5. And that's why our house is so close to the road. :( I hope that's the last of it for you. Dream of spring...

    1. you are suh - mart!!!!

      you must have it pretty bad too - spring IS on the way!!!

  6. I'm with Mike. You 2 can rotate between our houses.

  7. That's a lot of snow Jam. Good on you. I like anything that involves "a cunning plan".

    1. thanks tb!

      i dunno about a cunning plan... more like dumb-assed brute force!!

      cheers friend!!

  8. Jambaloney,

    It's time for the snow to go away up there! Then instead of shoveling snow, you'll be shoveling soil for the garden. Don't work to hard my friend, remember to take sometime out for yourselves.
    Sending hugs and love to you, and Sweet Kymber
    Your Friend,

    1. hey sweet sandy!

      you felt my sentiments exactly - when i shovel dirt, the work is there to be seen, shovelling snow is a waste - after you are done - the fruits of your labour disappear..

      hugs back to you - cheers!!

  9. Wow. Your snow situation makes ours here in North Georgia look like a joke. I'd hate to have to drive there where you are driving. But you have it down pat, so it probably doesn't bother you as much as it would me.

    1. maybe - but we are a joke compared to our buddy:

      i am much better than when i was driving in these conditions but as you know 4wd helps!!

      cheers harry!

  10. I think I would hit the auctions next summer and find a used snowblower priced right and rebuild the thing before shoveling your driveway too many times! I'm impressed. My snowblower has adjustable skids on it so you can keep it above the rock for driveways like yours.

    1. ed - it has been an my mind for a month now - this was abnormal so i will give it a year or two and then i may go the blower rout - i had one in ottawa and it is looking good now!!!!

      most of the rocks are small enough anyway - i did a nice job on a clay flower pot back in o-town!!

      cheers ed!