Wednesday, March 18, 2015

getting belted with snow!

here's a pretty sunset a few days back before getting belted with a pile more snow!

i fed the man some good steak, parley salad with lemon and oil and some homemade hot peppers.

we knew he would be out snowplowing and shovelling after we got dumped with a foot of snow on sunday/monday just passed.

i fed him soft boiled eggs and soldiers to give him some strength and then off he went.

he had to dig his way to the snowplow!

he shoveled and snowplowed.  i knew he needed an iron filled supper - kidney and mushrooms, smashed potatoes, peas and sauerkraut.

the next day he finished the shovelling. for breakfast leftover smashed potatoes fried up like hash, 2 poached eggs and some apple.

after clearing out the foot of snow that the snowplow left at the bottom of the driveway, i fed him teriyaki chicken legs with extra sauce for dipping and for the rice, roasted veg (at the back of the pic, you can barely see them!) and some kiwi slices.

we aren't big dessert people - we always have a snack at night be it popcorn, cheese and crackers or fruit.

and after all of the shovelling and snowblowing that he did - this is what we woke up to this morning.

i took that pic from the window. there was no way in heck i was going outside. it's snowing, it's blowing, it's windy and it doesn't look to be letting up.

jam was supposed to go in to town for work tomorrow but that isn't happening. he will go in at the beginning of next week.

here's a delicious and nutrient filled dinner - homemade broth with kidney, brussel sprouts and celery. yum! i wanted to add doughboys but jam didn't want them. next time, i'm not listening to him. he agreed that doughboys would have gone really well in this soup.

i think i have solved the problems with our blogroll and i think i finally have everyone listed. make sure to leave a comment if you find that you aren't listed and should be.

we're settling in for a blizzardy afternoon/evening and we'll see what greets us when we awake tomorrow. we know spring is in the air...and we are anxiously awaiting it.


  1. ooooooo noooooo not more smow! Spring is on Friday, ya know.

    And, Kymber, please don't forget the Dixie Critter at Standing Outside Look In. I know he doesn't post a lot, but I miss going to his blog from your blog list. Besides, he has an awesome blog roll, too.

  2. Ahhhhh - is all I can say. Lovely, lovely, lovely...

  3. Ahhhhh - is all I can say. Lovely, lovely, lovely...

  4. Good looking food as always. That must have been your steak though as that's only about half a man's portion :)

    So I am guessing you don't do naked snow shoveling then?

  5. You always manage to make me hungry! Bet you're ready for spring!

  6. Oh man. Where is that fat lady and why isn't she singing yet? We've lost some, and gained some more. So tired of snow. Stay warm!

  7. You are living at Ice Station Zebra!

    It's balmy here, in the mid seventies by day and light rain now and then. I feel for you, because the memory of this past winter on the mountain here is still fresh in my mind.

    That picture you took through the window, with the snow and wind swirling outside, made me glad you and J have your snug home and plenty of supplies.

  8. This is getting serious...I am now learning to then look at your blog! You guys have had a time of it!

  9. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop, folks have put away there shovels, snow fences etc. Please God let us have one last blast of winter, we feel cheated this year. i hate this time of year brown dead grass and no leaves...could be nuclear waste land. yes i'm board as in wood...haha.

  10. Better you than me. I'm done with snow for the year!

  11. Sweet Kymber,

    OMG>..........More snow!!!! I so feel for you both, having to dig and plow out continuously is a job in it's self. Thank God you both are eating great food to give you the strength and energy needed before tackling snow removal.

    Okay, I'm scratching my head and need to ask you what are snow boys?

    It's raining here now that the snow is gone. I pray it doesn't rain to much and everything I've planted doesn't suffer root rot. I want the sun to come out, and give us some warmth and dry up the place at least for a day or two.

    Sending hugs and love to you both. I'm also sending prayers for relief of snow, and to provide you with some nice sun.
    Your friend Brat Angel

  12. Looks delicious. All of it. Jealous, I am.

    I am embarassed: We are in the mid-70's and slightly humid. Supposed to rain heavily today and tomorrow.

    Lhiats, TB