Saturday, January 31, 2015

storm update...oh and squirrels sniffing glue!

ok. so storm update. yawn. snore. another snore.

huh? wha? oh crap...i fell asleep trying to write this post.

so ya, the storm was a big yawnfest. we had some wind, some snow, some rain, some other stuff but overall it was a big giant naddalot of anything. good for us though. we made sure that we had all of our storm preps ready and we were ready for just wasn't anything out of the ordinary!

jam got sick going into town, brought said sick home and now i am sick. dangnabbit - i wish we never had to go into town!

but wanna see some real sick? oh i know that you do. i hate bragging - but we have some of the sickest squirrels on the planet! don't believe me? well then have a look-see:

our squirrels are so bad-*ss they don't just huff glue - they huff spray adhesive. yep. oh ya. that's how sick our squirrels are.

kids...i just took some nyquil in case you haven't noticed. i am hoping to go down for the rest of the day.

i hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. You have some extraordinarily twisted squirrels, although I would have enjoyed their expressions after they figured out there was not food there...

    Glad the storm was not a big deal. Sorry to hear you both are sick. We have something on our end as well that is slowly cycling through our household. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Glad your both ok. You need to take vitamins. A wise Dr put me on vitamins when I got hurt at work. I never get sick. I take a Mufti vitamin and 1000mg of vitamin C daily. My Dr now said the Vit C will help the most. You can't D.O. on vitamins what your body doesn't use it will flush out. Also you need to sanitize everything too. carry hand sanitizer when you go to town and apply often, wipe door handles at home, after you have visitors. We buy all purpose cleaner with bleach to use to wipe down when anyone gets sick. Ok returning to regular programing at this time.

  3. Wow.... I wonder where did that bugger stick himself to? Probably stuck out on some branch somewhere. Surprised you didn't find him stuck to the can, running around the yard. Youtube fodder... hahahaha

    Get well soon! Good advice from Rob. And I'm glad you fared well with your non-storm, but if you are missing snow I'll send you some of ours that's hanging around. :-) Hope you both feel better soon!

  4. The last time I took Nuquil I was also running a big fever. I had one heck of a party.....

    I hope you both feel better soon.

  5. Sorry you're taking turns in sick bay. At least the squirrel is having a high time of it!

  6. I trust you remember the lesson about not discussing your sickness symptoms over the internet? We wouldn't want a replay of the zombie smurfs or anything.

  7. I hope you both get to feeling better soon. I'm glad the storm wasn't a big deal. We got through a minor one last week but Sunday night and Monday we are expecting more rain and then snow and sleet. Hopefully, like yours up there, it won't be a big problem.

  8. Feel better, both of you! So a squirrel chewed into that plastic lid? Holy crapola! That's some bada$$ squirrels. :-)

    Much luv to you both!

  9. Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good. Lotsa liquids help to clean the system... :)

  10. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,

    Bulldog Man and I are sending hugs, and speedy recovery prayers. Being sick is no fun, I wish I could share some homemade soup and cough syrup spike with all the good stuff but I don't think the mail system would appreciate it. I know it would probably get suck down by the delivery guy before it even made it out of the post office :P
    Nyquil works pretty good, get yourself plenty of sleep, and NAPS.....yes naps, they're great for when you're not feeling well.

    You sure have some real spacey squirrels up there. Huffing too much stuff, their brains are fried. I bet if you throw them they'll stick to anything after huffing adhesive spray, lol.....

    Love and hugs to you both,
    Your Friends,
    Bulldog Man and Sandy

  11. Hope you are both feeling better.

    I'd rather have a squirrel than a dirty 'gert' rat.

  12. Hope you two are getting better!

    What can I say about your squirrels except, if you see one with tattoos and an earring he's probably the one that ate the top and sniffed it! :-)

    It is also a good example to remember. Be sure you have the rodents under control because I've never seen it but read about them doing the same thing to 5 gallon plastic buckets to get the food stored inside. Inspect the buckets often.