Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SciFiChick's Greatest Hits!

as we all know - SciFiChick pretty much excelled at everything! when she put her mind to it, she would stop at nothing and let no obstacle keep her from attaining her goal. but she had her fair share of mishaps, as we all do, and she never pretended to be perfect.

a lot of you have been following her blog for years and will have already read the posts that i am listing in this post. but it was great fun to go back through her blog and find some of her best successes and sad, dismal failures. one thing about Sci - when she was on, she was ON. but when she was off - bahahhahahah! she was always the first one to make fun of herself when she was off. i think that she will enjoy this post and i hope that you all do, too.

please take the time to click the links. they will make you smile, make you remember something that you forgot, they will make you laugh and she would love to know that people who cared about her are re-reading some of her best posts.

first off, though, this is right from her blog, Bacon and Eggs and explains her outlook on life:

"People try to make life way more complicated than it has to be. With all that is going on around us, we need to get back to the simple life. Its a concept easily lost. Sometimes life just gets crazy. So when it does just take a step back... and breathe. Look at the beauty that is all around you. Life is a precious gift and at the end of the day... when you look at your have to realize its really not all that complicated. Its just Bacon and Eggs!"

and now i present SciFiChick's greatest hits:

who could ever forget her excellent post on 114 frugal money saving ideas, found here. in every post that she ever mentioned the word "frugal", there was always a "cheap" with a line through it preceding frugal. she liked the word cheap!

how about her awesome post about a one-year food supply for under $300 found here. both of these posts have been stolen on numerous occasions and re-posted on other blog sites. we all knew where the originals came from.

when she deydrated everything in her entire house, Mars not included, she got bored. and then she taught us all how to deydrate eggs, here. ya, she went there and we all learned from her!

eggs shmeggs! she was the one who taught us how to dehydrate leftover tomatoe skins too! you can find that post here.

she didn't call herself SciFiChick for fun - she was very much interested in all kinds of sci-fi stuff - including digging up the information on this blue moon!

her very first post, February 26, 2009 - here.

and the food saver video - probably the funniest thing i have ever seen! man was she ever full of information, always curious, always finding new ways to be "cheap", i mean frugal. watch Mars with the shaky camera here.

Sci was incredibly scientific-minded and always interested in discovering cures to a variety of diseases. she did contract work for the CDC and even helped them discover a brand new disease here. she also worked for the CIA and did some overseas espionage for them. no really. it's true. ask Phelan. she'll tell you all about it!

all of us were envious of her beautiful outdoor canning station. Mars is a pure genious and really demonstrated how handy he was, and how important it was for her to have a proper canning station. she loved it. we all did!

she would kill me if i did a post about her and only included her incredible successes. so let's move on to some ginormic fails, shall we?

her first Thanksgiving on her land. FAIL!

the potatoe bag experiment. FAIL!

and there are just waaaaay tooooo many posts on her raising rabbit failures. but man, there are a few of us in our core group who laugh our heads off - how can you not get rabbits to breed? - bahahahahahahaah! we laughed with her and at her. but she never gave up and i am glad to say that she finally succeeded in getting the rabbits to breed this year!

many of us bloggers get overwhelmed with our gardens and Sci was never afraid to share when she felt overwhelmed....probably because of all of her danged lists!

this post, about more lists, is especially comforting to me. she writes about when we first met.

how can you do a post about Sci and not include one of her famous political rants? you can't. here's one of her examples here.

she had a very big heart and loved life and her friends so much. she was always there if you needed her. her "maybe" post was beautiful. a friend sent her the "maybe" post and she wanted everyone to read it. she was so caring. you can read that beautiful post here.

we were all so grateful that she, and her precious dog, were unhurt when she totaled her vehicle. Mars had taken a look at it and figured it was going to need a lot of work to get it running again. she was terrified, as living on a fixed income and having only a small savings, she didn't know how they could get another vehicle. well that's when we put out the call to all of you - and you guys were amazing! Sci couldn't believe that in only a few days, they were able to get a replacement vehicle. it was a little piece of crap, mind you, but she was so overwhelmed and full of gratitude!!!!!

some of her friends called her a spitfire - and THAT she was. she did amazing things for the homesteading/prepper community and she was always there to help. she wanted to help as many people as possible. THAT she did in spades!

please see my previous tribute posts to her below, and please see Phelan's beautiful tribute as well. and make sure to stop in to Sweet Sandy's beautiful tribute. both Sweet Sandy and Phelan actually got to meet Sci and i have 2 beautiful pictures of the three of them, which i cannot share, because Sci would come down from heaven and belt me in the head with an unripe tomatoe!!!! 

she will be sadly missed by her closest friends. and sadly missed by the blogging world. but she set an example for the rest of us to follow - she set the standard.

we love you Sci!


  1. I so remember the Thanksgiving FAIL, it made her more human to me, and we both laughed so hard about it.

    1. She inspired me to make my outdoor kitchen. Well you won't see it on HGTV as I used an old sink from the trash and a plastic patio table I cut with a jigsaw, added a few bits of wood to get the sink level. It ain't pretty but it works!

  2. OMG the tomato skin dehydration..who would think of that?? Sci would that is who !
    I forgot about the food saver video until you reminded me...and just learned about putting cheese into empty jars. And she is still schooling me on self reliance.

    The world seems less bright without her in it. Just one of those good folks that you expect to always be there. Prayers are with those of you guys who knew her best and prayers for her family that some how they can find comfort.. Thanks sweet Kymber for this beautiful post about a wonderful woman taken from us too soon.

  3. kymber - I have only been following her blog for the past year or so, and didn't read her blog from the beginning, so thanks for the links - I'll check them out.

    Take it easy my friend - you are one heck of a friend!!

  4. I am sorry that you lost such a dear and close friend Kymber. I do know, having known SciFi through blogging for 6-7 yrs?, she would LOVE this post, as I know I do.
    It was a fun walk down memory lane. Very nicely done and you did her proud. I did especially like your send off for SciFi at your river.
    I dehydrated tomatoe skins in "Chick" yesterday - it's what I named the dehydrator I found cheap at a yard sale, all because she so inspired me to do so Heck, she inspired me in all she did. It was the only thing I could think of for her.
    I never got the chance to tell her we finally moved from suburbia [a townhome, no less] to a nice acre in the hills of Virginia. I have so many questions I know that she would take the time to help, as she always did with city kids like me. :)
    Thank you for sharing your love. It is nicer to read this and smile - then remember and cry.
    Hugs to you.

  5. Sweet Kymber,

    There were so many posts SCI wrote that I so enjoyed reading. My ultimate favorite though was watching her pressure seal the jar of salsa with her food saver machine. Just watching and listening to her and Mars talk about video taping the process makes you laugh. I had to re-watch that video again, and I still laugh and smile.

    I learned to make my tomato powder from tomato skins from reading and talking with SCI. Now I have several jars of powder sitting in my pantry and I use this powder in my stews and soups.

    SCI was the ultimate prepper, she taught many how to become self reliant.

    SCI will always have a special place our hearts.

    Even though our dear friend has passed away, she leaves us a blog full of helpful informative information.

    Kymber, thank you for this beautiful tribute of SCI's greatest posts.

    Love to you and Jambaloney

  6. What a wonderful tribute! You are a good friend (to many). This SCI l must have been quite the woman. I read all the links back to her blog that you posted. Great blog with lots of information she left for all of us.