Monday, August 25, 2014

a ritual for my friend...who loved our river!

my dear friend passed a few days ago. read the previous posts for more details. but as i knew i couldn't attend a wake or funeral or anything like that....and because she always told me how much she loved our river - i knew i had to do something special in remembrance of her life and all of the lives she touched. last night, jam and i prayed for her safe passage into wherever we go...and we also prayed for a river day. ask and ye shall receive. it was a perfect river day for my friend Sci!

here are some ritualistic tools to commemorate my friends passing to the other side.

that glass is no normal glass! oh no! my sister C bought me a beautiful wine glass for dances at the community hall (i am the only one who drinks wine here). i took the beautiful glass that my sister gave me to a dance and my besty c knocked it out of my hands and said glass was shattered in a million pieces! we swept it up, and the next time my sister C was up visiting - she bought me an even more beautiful glass. it is hand-painted and it says "you had me at merlot" - bahahahahahahah! i think that my friend sci would love this glass. also pictured is one of my tiny pink roma tomatoes, which sci always said she loved and a canning lid.

if you can't read what the lid says, it says "in memory of my friend SciFiChick i love you".

we took all of these things down to the river. it was a beautiful day to commemorate my friends life.

i put the tomatoe and the canning lid ( which separated in the river) to ...i don't know....baptize them in her name?

after a few minutes, i took the lids out but left the tomatoe. i have big plans for that tomatoe.

you can barely see the tomatoe close to the middle of the is heading for the opposite bank.

this is our towel tree which most of you are familiar with.

i nailed the canning lid to the towel tree.

this is our commemorative lunch to celebrate our friend.

this is me in the river, wearing the crazy silk bag on my head, giving thanks for having knowing my friend as long as i did.

it was such a blessing to have her for as long as i did. and i am very thankful. please see the tribute posts to her below...and please check back tomorrow when i do "SciFiChick's Greatest Hits" - it's gonna be awesome!


  1. This is beautiful Kymber.

  2. That is a beautiful tribute. Sci was there with you smiling and happy that she was loved by so many....

  3. She would have really enjoyed that, it was a fitting celebration of her life.

  4. How touching and special that is. I KNOW she is loving that!

  5. That's a better send off by far than the usual thing where everybody sits around in uncomfortable clothes and listens to some Shaman preach about the person.

  6. I'm going to miss her. I only knew her through blogging but she always made me feel I was a friend. It was always a thrill when she would comment at my blog because I knew how busy she was daily!

    She was an inspiration to me how hard she worked and how thrilled she was to pay off her place and how far she could stretch a dollar.

    Because of Sci, I set up my outdoor kitchen with a used sink, plastic patio table and propane burners to can and make beer outdoors in the summer. She made me feel that I could do many things because she did them and while things were never perfect that we could learn from her failures and her successes and keep a sense of fun and joy in what we do to homestead and prepare.

  7. Lovely, kymber - you are one special friend.

  8. Kymber,
    I know that Sci is loving your tribute !
    Sometimes, the very best celebrations of our lives are held in private much more meaningful places. I have always thought of Nova Scotia as one of those bridges between Earth and our heavenly home, and so a ceremony on the edge of paradise is not only beautiful, but fitting as well.
    Sci leaves quite a legacy !

  9. Kymber,

    SCI was right there with you girl. She love this tribute and enjoyed the picnic celebration.

    Tacking the canning lid to the tree with your message is a beautiful way to always remember SCI each time you swim or fish.

    What a loving tribute, thank you.

    Love to you and Jam,

    P.S. Pls check your e-mail