Sunday, August 24, 2014

impressing my friend SciFiChick...oh ya baby!

recently i was talking to my friend SciFiChick from the blog Bacon and Eggs blog - if you don't read her blog, then what can i say except that yer an idiot! so if you fall into the idiot category - git yer butt over there and read her blog!!!! she was sooo proud of the daily hauls of veg that we have been bringing in. i offer exhibit A below for your perusal:

it's a pretty nice haul no? anyway, i have more to share about my dear friend tomorrow...but if you don't already read her blog - go read it, you idiot! it's right here!

next up, something that my friend Sci would appreciate is finding a useful purpose for something. her and Mars and my jambaloney are always digging through the garbage trying to re-use and re-purpose things. or, as in this example, jambaloney trying to buy my love with a couple of beautiful dresses and a pure silk bag that the street vendor through in for free during his last trip from ottawa.

what the hell is it? i asked. he said - it's a pure silk bag. oh, ok, that explains everything. sure. what the hell am i supposed to do with it? he didn't know but assured me that it was pure silk many more times. oh ok. i can think of a million purposes. except that i can't.

and then it occurred to me the other day.


turns out - it makes an excellent beanie-kind-of-thing for my head....who would have ever guessed??? oh my friend SciFiChick is really gonna love this one. honestly.

if any of you are out there hurting, feeling sad, feeling like they lost such a beautiful light...i am feeling it too. for those of you who don't really understand what this post is about, i will explain with a proper tribute tomorrow...after i do a celebratory ritual at the river.

much love goes out to Phelan and to Sweet Sandy. wonderful, caring friends they have proven to be.


  1. uhmmm. One of the girls in Toronto had a bag just like that.

    Sci always did say she thought those kymber tomatoes were awfully cute :)

  2. :D She would have loved this post Kymber, especially the use you found for that pure silk bag.

    Love you,

  3. I think men have been bringing home things for their women at least since cave man days, in the hopes of pleasing them. I used to bring my wife jewelry and Jasper pottery , Wedgwood cameos, Abruzzi bedspreads, and all manner of things most of which she had no use for . But it was a way of showing I was thinking about her and missing her when I had to be gone so much. Also that I was being a good boy and going to museums, etc on liberty instead of the sorts of establishments I frequented in liberty ports before I met her. J got you that because it was feminine more than anything else, all silk and such.

  4. Sweet Kymber,

    SCI would say........ love that head piece..... then she would laugh at the fact that you're in the kitchen "NAKED" ready to can those gorgeous tomatoes baby.......

    I can't be "NAKED" at the river ...... however, I will be in my garden remembering, celebrating our friend, SCI.... while I pick her favorite bean, the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

    Love and hugs to my dear friends Kymber, and Phelan.


  5. Oh my. I will go back through her posts about dehydrating and do the things that I thought were interesting but haven't done yet but thought they were a good idea. Dehydrating eggs and Apple peels and tomato skins. Thankyou Sci for the things you taught me, after all it's just bacon and eggs.

  6. No comment just stopped to by to let you know I around. email sent to you today.

  7. No!?!? Can't be true!?

    What I'm getting from the cpmments above is "Sci would have..."

    Oh, I hope I'm wrong...

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  9. Thanks for the call - I will be siting with coffee, looking at my canning stuff and remembering a lot of things.

    1. B - just to clarify - i called you back after you called me. i sent you an email, as a courtesy, and i sent out several emails that day/night. you called and left me a msg and that was a few days ago. i did not call you to inform you about Sci's passing - i emailed you. after i had called a bunch of our core group, and after i had made certain that i had sent emails to people in the outliers of our core group. i just don't want anyone to misunderstand the communications. i have some very close friends that i didn't get the chance to call, so i had to email them. and i don't want them to think that i called you before them. i know that you will understand. bust out that canner - or Sci might come down from heaven and hit you in the head with an unripe tomatoe - bahahahahahahah! oh she would love that!

  10. WHAT??? I just posted a comment on her blog? What is happening. Please don't tell me something bad... :-(

  11. The people on the internet are "safe" bets to have as friends...after all, you can pretend they aren't real and can never hurt you. That is until you find a friend like Sci and get into her blog and find a kindred spirit. Then they are gone, leaving a hurt that shouldn't be there, but is.

  12. dear god woman, I can see the message she would have sent me, after seeing this post!