Thursday, April 3, 2014

oh man, did i ever jump the gun on spring. power out, telephone lines down and no internet! what a sucky week!

remember this post....where i talked about spring being in the air? ya, right! this has been the worst first week of april ever...have a gander:

that's what we woke up to on monday morning. jambaloney supposed to be going in to work at LobstersRUs. nada.

we lost our power and internet on monday afternoon...about 4pm. no biggee. we got flashlights, and candles and a generator and all that good stuff. so we read for a bit and then go for a nap. wake up at about 9pm, both go to the bathroom together with the bathroom flashlight, it's pitch black, i think i hear my baby, Nudie-noo make a little cry, i run off, jambaloney says take the flashlight, it's too late, i am at the stairs that go up from our kitchen to the living room, need to save my baby, put my foot on the first stair, slip on my socks and end up "braining" myself. in other words, i banged my forehead, nose, cheek, shoulder and at least 3 ribs on my left side off of the 5 steps. right now i look like shrek with my head swollen to twice it's size on one side, my eye looks like i was in the ring with whoever UFC fighter is king right now, my teeth took a jarring, my cheek has a dint and is bruised, so is my shoulder and my ribs. i am a walking bruise!

we had our generator working but at about 4pm only to lose our phone. no biggee - we had power but no way to watch "cult" on netflix. bummer. but got the phone back. and then our friend e called and asked if jam could go over and turn her generator off as they had left it running by mistake, while driving to the city in the worst storm imaginable to get gas for her generator. and then we lost the phone again. and didn't get it back until last night at 8pm. you must remember, we are trying to hold a fundraiser for our friends r and d on saturday night...and none of us having power, or internet or phone or any combination thereof for the past week has made things a little difficult.

our friends in fourchu only got their power and phone this afternoon at about 5pm. they have been down since monday morning.

no matter - we manage. all of us. the benefit dance on saturday is gonna go off without a hitch. we will raise much needed funds for our friends.

anyhoo, we might not have had power, or phone or internet but we still ate like kings. we have a little butane stove that we cook on during power outages, we have the bbq, and if worse comes to worse, we got the propane stove in vandura. 2 is one and all of that.

here's some fried chicken, smashed potatoes with butter and corn and peas. this is a meal that would make MDR and SciFiChick proud!

leftover chicken? leftover mashed potatoes? throw that chicken into some butternut squash puree, add some frozen peas and corn and call it a meal!

but after day 2 of no power, you might want to get a little fancy with some homemade hamburgers done on the grill, add some cheese, don't forget the sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoe and pickle - and be sure to have some bean salad on the side!

ok, it looks like we are running at full tilt right now with power, phone and internet. but who knows these things. yes kids, spring is right around the corner. maybe just not our corner. here's our sunset tonight and that snow and ice ain't going nowhere fast.

here is the reason that half of my face is swollen to twice it's size and black and blue.

i am going to our friend's benefit dance on saturday and i am gonna look a hot mess. oh well...when you live in a community of people who love you just because you are you - well, that helps. plus all my girlfriends agreed to let me put blue and purple eyeshadow all over their eyes too. S - you promised girl! bahahahahahaha!

EDITED TO ADD: holy moly i have a ton of email to respond to! please forgive me and understand that tomorrow i am at the community centre all day wrapping baskets for the benefit dance, then prepping all the veg for the pizza, saturday we are making the pizzas, saturday night is the actual benefit dance and sunday - well, we'll be clear wore out. if i don't make it to your blogs or emails until monday, please forgive. i am so sorry. this has been a crazy first week of april. ihaven't even started my tomatoes yet. much love to all of you!


  1. Even here in West Virginia, I rarely take my studded tires off by the legal date of April 15, because we nearly always have one last snow about that time.

  2. I always kinda thought you looked like Shrek before :)

    The last few years have gotten all of us used to early Spring and mild Winters. I ain't even gonna bother with the garden until May this year and I might push it off until our traditional frost date of May 22nd to be honest.

    Sorry you took a tumble and got snow covered but I bet it was cozy!!!

  3. You sure you are not living in Siberia??!! Here I am at the bottom of the world wishing that we would finally get some nice cool autumn weather as it has been a long hot summer! Sorry to hear about your mishap, hope you heal up quickley, just confirms my opinion that cats are trouble.

    I know you are very busy, please drop me aline when you get a breather, my in - box is very lonely!

  4. Down here this time of year I have to wear flip-flops and shorts now :-)

    Just wondering, do you have a generator and batteries for back-up power?

    1. My generator comment was poorly worded. I know you have a generator but meant to ask if you have a battery bank with a inverter for the generator to recharge giving you power to run your normal house lights when the grid goes down?

  5. Kymber, I'm telling you, God was a very strange sense of humor sometimes! Did you introduce your little friend to the concept of a CAT- a-pult after causing all that ruckus?

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    Ouch!!! Now I know that hurt. Never ever wear socks on stairs.
    There the most dangerous item you could wear when climbing stairs/steps. I hope you didn't crack your ribs?

    Snow....snow....go away, and don't come back until next winter. Give Kymber and Jambaloney a break so they can plant their seeds, fish, and swim naked.

    Take care of yourself my friend. Sending hugs and love to you and Jambaloney.

    P.S. I know the dance will be amazing!!!

  7. WOW! It was clear and beautiful for you just a week ago. Dang. What a strange Winter we've all had. Thankfully our freezes are gone for good but now we're apparently getting into the 'wet season'. Ugh. Raining all the time keeps us inside just as much as snow. Y'all stay warm and SAFE!

  8. Ouch - nasty that. Hope that you're face is OK soon.

    Good lucky with the fundraiser - don't worry about all of us in blogland, we'll be here...waiting :)

  9. We got caught here too ! Good luck with your fundraiser. Hopefully, Spring will come very soon.

  10. In a situation like yours, whenever someone looks at your face and ask what happened, you need to tell them something along the lines of, "You should see the face of the other girl/guy!"

  11. We picked up 8 inches of snow at home yesterday morning, it will be all gone this afternoon or worst case; tomorrow.

    One you face jump: It reminds me of the in-laws running across the house (at 85 years old) trying to get to the phone. I remind them there isn't anything on the other end worth getting hurt for.

    I hope you heal up just fine!

  12. So all this spring snow storms crap is all your fault!!! As punishment you must not sunbath all summer. You must stay as white as a ghost...Bhahahahahahaha.

  13. Hope you feel better soon.

    On the night after Hurricane Sandy cleared the area we had no power and I was (saint that I am) sharing My Little Generator with the next door neighbor. After charging up the fridges I went out to bring the cord over to the neighbor so he could do the same. A 5 minute job, tops and quickly done. I remained out there a few minutes chatting with the man.

    I'd previously mentioned to My Better Two-Thirds that, since it was darker than we were normally accustomed to (there being no suburban light pollution going on) that she should not move about w/o at least one of the light sources I'd set all over the house and clipped to her over the past 36 or so hours.

    They claim women are good listeners but that's untrue. She stepped out the back door without a light and proceeded to take a header off the little two step stoop. Smashed the living heck out of her wrist. Surgery, pins, plate, the whole nine yards.

    Next time, dearest, take the danged flashlight. You ain't saving any time skipping it.

  14. Ouch! Turn that dance into a masquerade ball. ;-)

    It's always amazing how a storm can test your cooking skills when the power goes out, especially when it goes out for an extended period of time. Hope you get better soon and best wishes on your fundraiser!

  15. Love from Mississippi, kymber! We had a rather large thunderbolts & lightening, very very freighting storm here last night. 2/3 of the dogs freaked out, as did 1/2 of the cats. This morning, all of us humans reported to each other that we'd been up at all hours, wondering about the wind.

    But no one got a black eye.

    Keep enjoying the Dance.

  16. Like I have said in the past, food looks awesome, but you need to move. Lol. But why listen to a senior chief? Lmfao.

  17. Hey Kymber, haven't heard from you since the fall. Are you getting better?

  18. What a story! There's got to be some preppie life lessons here. I hope you've managed to mend properly.

  19. Kymber, you better be careful. You could get killed on stairs, then where would J and the cats be? I'm really sorry you fell. That's one of my pet concerns here, as I have two flights of stairs in the main house.

    Sorry that cold weather is still making life tough up there. We are having a bad storm down here, but it is mainly rain, wind, thunder and lightning.

    Take care, tell J. I said hello.

  20. terrible! Hope you are mending and the fund raiser was very successful! for everyone. We have had 4 days of rain off and on. I don't think I could deal with all that snow. I have said many times that I was a tropical princess in a former life....hahahah
    Hugs to you both!