Sunday, April 27, 2014

it's been a fun and busy weekend!

it started with going to our sister community of fourchu and hanging out with friends at "chase the ace" held in the community centre and then hanging out with friends at our friends' house afterwards. below is a pic of a beautiful evening at fourchu harbour. amazing isn't it?


 saturday was spent planting 200 garlic bulbs - woohoo! some had already started sprouting when i took these pics today. here is garlic bed #1:

and #2:

dinner (or lunch for the crazy people that call dinner, lunch - teehee) was a delicious and very filling salad of lettuce, cucumber, pineapple, kiwi, vermicelli and shrimp. served with a super-hot, super-tart lime-chili-ginger-garlic dressing.

on saturday one of our friends and his son dropped by with an amazing gift. he gave us a snowblower with a broken transmission that he tried to fix and then decided that based on the cost of the parts - he's just gonna get a new one. jambaloney, the garbage collector extraordinnaire, who can make, design, build, macgyver just about anything is planning to make a mulcher using the 9horsepower motor, which runs fantastically, and he is going to use the bottom half of it to make a box scraper to use behind the atv for the driveway! we've got some awesome friends!

the friend that i am referring to is the friend who made the beautiful green wreath for us for Christmas. i loved it so much that i have never taken it down. not a single pine needle has fallen from it yet and i love the fact that it is now beigey-brown.

that wreath stays at the front door until it completely falls apart. i think it will still be there next Christmas!!!

for supper on saturday night, we were invited to a friend's house. it was a small gathering of only a few of us, but the meal was delicious with ham, pasta salad and potatoe salad. oh - and 3 different kinds of pie. i'm not a pie eater but i did have some of the cherry pie because i looooove cherries.

today we've been busy getting garden beds ready and tending to the greenhouse plants which are coming up like mad. and check this out - almost all of my tomatoe seeds and pepper seeds came up - woohoo!


want a fast and really delicious, nutritious dinner? how about sharing an avocado that has been scored and then a slice of lime squeezed over it, sea salt and fresh cracked black peppercorns, a can of tuna and some pear slices. yummy, filling and delicious!

today was a bit of a grey day but no matter....


 there's still lots of green things poking their heads out of the ground like these day lillies:

some daffodils:

want a quick one-dish supper that does not look pretty at all? have this:

it's rice, cream, corn, peas, broccoli and spinach with 4 chicken breasts sitting on top. after you take it out of the oven you dump a cup of cheese on it. or, if you are us, you dump 2 cups of cheese on it - we love our cheese. it's even more unappetizing looking when served on a plate but trust me when i say it is deelish!

and now for something beautiful to end this post:


 that's 32 potatoe tires already filled with mulch, manure and compost!!!! based on all of our years growing potatoes in tires, our estimate is 200lbs of potatoes not counting what will be used as seed potatoes for the following year. we love potatoes and i'll be planting them in about week.

that's it for now. i'm off to hit up your blogs and Pioneer Preppy, if you put up another post with my picture on it - the friendship is over and i do have a lawyer on speed-dial! not a very good one but a lawyer none the less! bahahahaha!

after you read his first post - go and read this blog post of Pioneer Preppy's - the comments are hysterical - especially Matt's and Rob's - bahahahahaha!

i hope you all have a great week coming!


  1. Sweet Kymber,

    Holly Toledo!!!! Look at your garden beds, green house, and tires. We know you and Jam have been extremely busy working on the homestead....................not skinny dipping :-)

    I hope Chase the Ace worked out well this session? Was there a big winner this go round?

    As usual, you post all of this delicious food which in turn makes me hungry even though I ate lunch before getting on the computer.

    The weather here was suppose to be bad over the weekend but things have changed so I'm getting off the computer and heading back outside to play in the garden.

    You and Jam have a beautiful Sunday, sending hugs and love to the two of you.

  2. I always pictured you being a bit more top heavy than the girl on that tractor so I didn't know it was you :)

    Personally I think your one dish wonder sounds better than anything else and looks delicious, but I am kinda a simple fare and cheese guy myself.

    Any left over small engines are a complete score. I have taken engines off all sorts of stuff and re purposed them on to other broken small implements. Theres an old finish mower int he weeds down at my step dads place I been thinking about putting a 6.5 HP Briggs engine I got laying around on.

    The garden looks good guys!!! Just get rid of those ugly tires :)

  3. Ha ha, great photo of you! So how come you stay so slim with all the food you eat!

  4. Wow 200 lbs of potatoes and 200 garlic plants! You're of to a good start. What's all the chicken wire covering the garlic beds. Do you have critters that like garlic also?
    What kind of potatoes did you plant?

    So far I have green beans ready to pick and cherry tomatoes in another 2 weeks.

    As always dinner looks great! :-)

  5. kymber you guys do stay busy. I find its better to laugh then to be all worked up.

  6. J does really well at building things with recycled materials and parts from other machines. Taking that old stuff and making something useful of it is a big positive.

    You won't have to buy any garlic for awhile, that's certain.

  7. I need to come up there and eat, i see these dishes you post and I just want to eat, they look great. Hey, send some potatoes to the south.

  8. That is so cute, I would of never thought of that. I am definitely making me one or maybe a few! Lol Burke Steel Buildings

  9. I'm beginning to think Jamboloney is the son of Red Green or that all Canadians are just like Red Green. Give them a pile of junk and a roll of duct tape and they can build anything!

  10. Also wondering what's with the chicken wire....for chickens?? I'm like totally behind on planting. I'm such a sloth.
    I do have a favor to ask of you though, would you kindly email me at Thanks :)