Monday, April 21, 2014

easter weekend 2014 and a ton of pics!

i hope that you all had a wonderful easter weekend. ours was very non-traditional, though we are usually very traditional when it comes to easter. we did; however, take time out to remember the reason for this weekend.

this weekend we had the honour of helping our friend, r, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and his wife, set up a bed in their spare room. we told r that it was for times during his treatment when he just wanted a place to sleep by himself. he loved the idea and the bed. little did he know that the bed was set up for his son, whom he hasn't seen in 15 yrs, who arrived last night at midnight. my sister e sent me a few pics of the homecoming and i am just so glad for all of them.

now let's get on with the 12 million pics shall we? we didn't have our traditional turkey but that doesn't mean that we's some steak and grilled veggies - yummeh!

and not proper korean bulgogi but, let's say my way of doing proper korean bulgogi and at the last minute throwing in some broccoli:

yesterday was a gorgeous day - a true and proper cape breton spring day! it started like this:

yep, sitting in the hottub and enjoying the gorgeous view. well, as long as you don't look at all of the junk in the yard and the upturned furniture on the berm...and well...just ignore all of that and enjoy being in the hottub. if there is one thing that i want for all of you is for you to go out and get yourself a Softtub hottub - they are the best in the world. and so good for your overall health.

after the hottub it was a walk to the river.

look at the beautiful clouds and sky.

after you go around the turn in the road it's just another 700 or so feet to get to the river.

deer tracks!

isn't it amazing that from what everyone tells us - our piece of land and nearby is where the deer converge to mate every year.

oh my! look at that beautiful river!

and we have 2 swamps on either side of our road to the river and they are filled right now with tadpoles. soon all we will hear is the "meep-meep-meep" of the spring peepers!

our last big windstorm busted the crap out of our lockbox that we keep down at the river - have a look:

the wind was so bad that it busted the lock and busted the top of our box. no worries - jambaloney will come up with some kind of macgyver fix for it!

there's boatdura (we call it that because of our 1980's chevy vandura....we call our truck "truckdura", and everything else we own gets a "dura" on the end of it's name....ahhh whatever.)

probably the ugliest boat known to man but we love it. it glides us up and down our river like magic.

and here's our beautiful river, sky and clouds. it's so healing to be down at the river.

here's my man doing what he loves most - casting! he's not trying to catch anything - the water is still too cold and the trout still too sluggish but he loves casting anway.

i love watching him!

here is my "sitting" rock - it's where i sit when i watch him casting.

as a child, i used to collect rocks. not anymore though...our land is covered in rocks.

but every time we go to the river i pick a favourite rock. the purple/blue one at the bottom was today's favourite!

here's my favourite rubber boots - i just love them!

another pic of the side of the river.

on the way home after a wonderful afternoon enjoying our river.

i woke up early this morn and was glad i did. look at this beautiful sunrise.


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    1. thank you Mr. Smythe - it was a pretty day!

  2. Your river looks peaceful and inviting. What a great view you would have if you could build another home on the bank. I wonder, could you? Or a gazebo with a fireplace and hot tub that you could overnight in?

    1. Mike - the river really is peaceful and inviting - especially in july/august when we can swim in it - i love the squishy bottom of the river. and Mike, it is our dream to someday build a house down there, on stilts of course....but yes, that is the plan! for this year we are bringing a couple of pallets downs, and making an area, on stilts of course, to set up our chairs and blankets for suntanning. also, jam started working on a proper boat launch for boatdura last year, which he will finish this year. and hopefully, we'll be able to put a dock in as well. many plans, my friend...hopefully we can do it all. and you know that you are always welcome for a visit!

  3. Daughter and family came for lunch on Easter Sunday. We grilled steaks, had twice baked potatoes, salad and homemade bread. Grandson still wants to hunt eggs so we watched him look around in the over grown weeds and shrubs. We had a wonderful Resurrection Day!

    Love your river and your marvelous hot tub.

    1. oh Mamma - your Resurrection Day sounds like it was just perfect! and i haven't had my supper yet so your description of your delicious supper is making me hungry! we love our river and hottub too...i wish i could afford to buy all of my friends a hottub - it's really very good for you. much love to you and yours and give the Marine a kiss from both of us! xoxxo

  4. Replies
    1. Marica - it is so peaceful and quiet and all that you hear are the birds, the wind, the ripples of the water and jam casting.

      a funny thing - when we were walking down, jam, who is a big bird man - he knows every single bird in the world!!! anyway, he stops because we hear a funny-sounding bird. he stopped and listened and said that he was hearing the sound of a bird of that he had never heard before. he was stumped. then we realized it was just the tops of 2 dead trees rubbing together - bahahahahah! much love to you and yours always! xoxxo

  5. wonderful photos. I will try and post an update later with some photos. We had a good day with all of us over eating...:)

    1. thanks Rob, buddy, and i'll watch for your post. if you had traditional easter dinner then it's par for the course that you all overate - bahahahah! much love to all of you and a big kiss for little Sammy from both of us! xox

  6. Your photos remind me it's time to go up to my cabin and enjoy the early spring...if I'm lucky the dogwood will be blooming! Love your pictures.

    1. oh Lynda - yes, find some time to get down to your cabin and enjoy this time of year when everything is just waking up again. i love dogwoods!

  7. I think that rock maybe a bit small for the name you have given it :)

    1. well, the rock looks small in the pic and my butt ain't that big, you weiner! so there!

  8. That's spectacular. I really like your hot tub. I need to look around at the place in town that sells them. I wonder if our cats would fall in and drown though?

    Naming your rocks is very Japanese. Maybe you were Japanese in a previous life.

    1. Harry - i'll send you more info about our "softtub". they are brilliant! and the best thing is, they are portable! we move ours around every time we re-fill it. if you use it only for you and your wife, if kept properly chemmed with enviro-friendly chems you can get a good 5-6 months without having to refill. i will send you more info in an email - they are very cheap when considering how long they last and how good they are for physical, mental and emotional health!

      as for being japanese in a previous life, my korean teacher told me that i was a korean in a previous life. i really took to Hanja calligraphy (which is known as Kanji in Japanese), which is traditional Chinese characters. we were taught 500 traditional Chinese characters on my Korean course but when i was tested at FT. Meade, i scored over 1400.

      i have collected and named rocks since i was a young child. i pretty much name every tree, flower, tadpole, frog, get the idea. much love to you and M always. xox

  9. Sweet Kymber,
    It sounds to me you and Jambaloney had a wonderful Easter!!! Setting up the extra bed for your friend and playing a sweet trick was just awesome. He had to be totally ecstatic to when he seen his son after 15 years. You two are just loving friends!!!!

    Wow, talk about a view..............I love all of these pictures of your clouds, the beauty of the land, river, your boots, Jambaloney casting, the food (now that's one heck of a nice looking steak, where's mine???)
    And then there's the jacuzzi..........I have one word "BRAT" :P
    Enjoy your spring!!!!
    Sending love and hugs to you both.
    Your friend,

    1. Sweet Sandy - we had a lovely Easter and gave thanks for all of our wonderful internet friends like you, BDMan, Tank and your little baby! our friend was over the moon when his son walked in the door! i was talking to my friends wife during the day yesterday and she said that our friend and his son were napping together in the big bed. the bed we brought was just a single for the son but she was so thrilled to see them napping together.

      those pics are awesome eh? and i have no photography training or anything - i just point and click. i imagine a real photographer could take some really amazing pics here!

      teehee. get yourself a softtub - i swear you'll love it! we're sending love and hugs back to you and all of yours, always. xoxoxo

  10. That's not an ugly boat ! It's custom camouflaged ! Happy Easter to you both. Much love,

  11. sweet Jane - THAT is the ugliest boat known to man - bahahahha! but thanks so much for trying to pretty it up with your beautiful words! a very beautiful Happy Belated Easter to you and all of yours. we send much love back to all of you and know that this was a special time for D....i even put a few painted eggs in the yard for him. but i think that the cats, weasels or bunnies got them. no worry tho, he knew that they were there. much love always. xoxox

    1. Thank you, my friends, Love to you, yours and those giant baby cats !