Saturday, March 15, 2014

it's been a long couple of weeks...this post doesn't even have any pics!

where to start? well, how about 13 weeks of chase the ace over the winter. having to be out in public every friday night for that whole time. ok - to be honest - we missed 3 fridays due to being snowed in. but heck - we don't like leaving our little mountain top. once a month is good for us. even though we really do love seeing our friends every week!

now we are involved in a benefit dance for dear friends of ours and we were honoured that we were asked to be included. and be in charge of all of the money and document all of the donations. and keep track of the dance tickets and the raffle tickets. and we had to join "the facebook" - something we got rid of back in the city.

it's a lot of computer time during the day and computer time since we got here is just checking out our favourite blogs and putting up our own posts on our blog when we feel like it. both of us have spent several years of our lives carrying blackberries, work cellphones and being on call. when we came here we wanted to ditch all of that. our regular home phone is in the room that is in the farthest end of our house and if we don't hear the phone ring...and don't discover a message on the phone for 3 days - oh well. that all changed when we got a beeper for our VFD. now that thing is with us all the time. thank goodness it doesn't go off too much.

i know that most of you have full-time jobs and cellphones to keep in touch with children and whatnot...but we retired here...because we could. we live on a small, fixed pension, grow a ton of our own food, and live according to our means. and we are happy that way. but this past several months of chase the ace every week, which has just started up again, and with all of the work that we need to start doing to get our seeds going and getting cold weather crops started in the greenhouse soon...well, it's all a little much. please don't think that we are complaining. we love our community and we love being so accepted...but last monday we were in to the city for an appointment, jam had IT contract work on tuesday and wednesday, wednesday night was our VFD meeting, tonight we were setting up the hall for the dance tomorrow, tomorrow during the day our brother B is teaching us all about the new truck that our VFD just bought and tomorrow night is the dance.

we are so looking forward to learning about the new truck tomorrow, sooo looking forward to the dance and we are soooo glad that the community asked us to take care of collecting the monies, gifts and donations for our friend. but man, we are tired.

the man crashed at 10pm. he emptied our freezer to defrost it today and i documented all of our meat. we definitely have a year's worth of meat and that is not counting all of the frozen veg from our garden and frozen local fruit that we picked last summer. i won't even talk about the preps in our pantry - beans, rice, chickpeas, flour, sugar, powdered milk, apple cider vinegar and a ton of canned stuff. we are way over a year's worth. that tired me out today because it took such a load off of my mind. i feel safe.

i feel like we are in a community that loves us and accepts us. we're going tomorrow and our brother b is going to teach us all about the new truck. the hall is set up and decorated for our dance tomorrow night - it will be a blast cuz my besty c will be there - we'll dance up a storm. out benefit dance for our friend will be a success.

i'm just a little tired is all. i'll go read your blogs till i can't keep my eyes open any longer. sorry for all the blathering. i just got a million things on my mind and have to stay on top of all of them. thanks my friends.


  1. Kymber, you know that many of us are here to talk when you have time. There is no such thing as retirement, as you can always find other projects that occupy our time and energy. .

  2. I'm reminded of a quote, from where I have no idea: "This, too, shall pass".

    Hang in there - soon it'll be summer and you'll be frolicking in the water again, having picnics on the bank and feeling calmer and more in charge of your life / time.

    Enjoy the dance...:)

  3. You two are working too hard. You need to reserve some time just for the two of you, and let some of your friends pick up some of that administrative burden. I avoid social commitments like the plague because it's a slippery slope. Before you know it's a full time job.

  4. Ah, what 'da heck. Go fishing.

  5. Sounds like you never suffer from boredom!

  6. I think it is beautiful to live in a place you love, and to be busied doing it. Hope it slows down enough to let you enjoy a bit more. This will probably come with the Spring. Love to you both,

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  8. Sweet Kymber,
    Hey there lady, I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blog and comments.

    You've both have been busy beavers!!!! LOL.........
    There's never a dull moment, things must get done because we all know it won't get done by it's self.

    Having great friends and neighbors who get together and work to help a friend in need is such a wonderful gift from the heart and very much appreciated. We need more of this in the world today!!!

    You have the new fire truck................wooohooooo!!!! I can't wait to see it, working my way through everyone's blog and posts.

    Sending love and hugs to you both.
    Your Friend,