Saturday, March 22, 2014

getting the greenhouse ready for Framboise Manor Garden 2014!

spring is soooo in the air! (please don't anyone notice that our patio furniture on the berm is still over-turned! just haven't gotten to it yet!

check out my beautiful greenhouse!

isn't she a beauty! and some stick things that we are painting to put around all of our garden beds. (please don't anyone notice my finger in the left hand corner of the pic - not every pic is perfect! and i honestly don't know why every pic i take of the greenhouse makes it look slanty?!?!?!?)

come on in to the greenhouse! it needs a good cleaning after this crazy winter, but a good cleaning is already in the plans. i just wanted to take you all on a tour!

it was a balmy 24 degrees in there today - can you believe it?

 this is the right side of the greenhouse looking in from the door. lots of shelves for smaller pots, when they are ready, and large racks on the floor for bigger plants! (of course the racks were salvaged from the garbage by jam!)

this is a big giant shelf thing that i can't get a proper picture of that is opposite the racks at the back of the greenhouse - it's huge and will hold many pots!

this close to the centre of the greenhouse. we will add my little sink and it will be the washing up, watering area.

this is the nifty dirt-sifting contraption that jambaloney built using and old window frame with larger screen for the first sift of the dirt, and it has another screen underneath for the second round of sifting. and of course a big bin to catch all of the sifted dirt. we plan on mixing 3yrd old compost (our own - i'm sooo proud!), 5 yr old horse manure from our friend's horse farm, some seaweed, some store bought dirt and some peat moss. that is the dirt we will start all of our seedlings in - woohoo!

this is dead centre of the greenhouse with my potting table - i love it!

this is to the right of the potting table (again, ignore my finger!) it has a large table/stand and more shelves.

and this is looking to the right from the door. we have 2 of those plastic greenhouse thingies - the one wrapped in plastic will go in the house to start our tomatoes. the other one in the corner will stay in the greenhouse and i will be able to start some seeds out there in a week or so - woohoo!

can you tell how excited i am? i bet you can. it has been 2 really gorgeous days in a row! here's out front yesterday - beautiful eh?

on a gorgeous day like that you just HAVE to have a BBQ! we had steak and veggie shish-kebabs.


i hope that all of you are feeling spring where you are and are excited to get your gardens started. Framboise Manor Garden 2014 is really looking like it's going to be an awesome garden!


  1. Thanks for the tour. You two will be busy planting. Our warmer weather is gone for a few days. It like -11c today. I already miss the 40's.

    1. your very welcome, Rob, buddy! and yes, we will be very, very busy planting but it's gonna be soo much fun! i'm sorry that you're back to the colder weather - we are too. we actually got snow the day after this post and more coming on wednesday - arghghghghghgh!

  2. That thing will soon payn for the effort you put into it!

    1. Mr. Smythe - you hit the nail on the head like usual! we are going to be able to start a whole pile of stuff way earlier than usual AND we are going to be able to extend our season - woohoo!

  3. Wow, when you said it was 24 degrees I was going to tell you I don't get out of bed at 24 degrees. But then I realized you live in the "C" world so now I'll go and put on my flip-flops :-)

    1. bahahahahahaha! good one, Mike, buddy! yep that's 24 C. and yes, bring the flip-flops, the rocks on the floor from the beach heat up like crazy!

  4. Sweet Kymber,

    I can see spring rolling in up there in Canada based on the pictures you've provided. Yes......I'm green totally green about that beautiful glass greenhouse :P

    It's time to start your tomatoes inside, and your seeds. We've started some seeds( in one of those plastic greenhouses inside our home), and are prepping straw bales for another part of our garden.

    Temperatures were nice and warm for several day, and then this morning when we woke up the weather changed. It's overcast and chilly outside. Temperatures in the 40's with wind :-(

    Your steak and skewered vegetables look really good. Tonight we had homemade goulash.

    Enjoy your beautiful weather, and weekend.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friend,

    1. oh Sweet Sandy - we got belted with snow the day after this post and we are expecting 20-30cms this wednesday - i'm ready to cry. but i know that if i just keep positive that spring will be here soon!

      i can't wait to hear how the straw bale vegetable experiment goes - you have to promise many updates over the season. as for goulash - ME WANT RECIPE!

      much love to you and yours! and hugs! xoxo

  5. What a beautiful greenhouse. And the steak was an inspiration. We sliced up some cheap sandwich steak into thin slices, made a paste of a little cornstarch with some soy sauce, garlic and a pinch of sugar, coated the meat with it and cooked in a pan with a little oil. Removed it and quickly stir fried some onions in it, added chopped carrots and beans and some beef broth with a little soy sauce in it, and sauteed until crisp tender. Both were served over crispy chow mein noodles. MMMM.

    Thank you again for all the hugs and notes after Barkley died. It means so much.

    1. Brigid - you are so welcome! i truly understand the pain and grief when a loved one passes, it doesn't matter what the loved one's specie is! and everyone on the interwebs knows how much you loved that little man!

      and oh yum - that sandwich sounds deelish! i'll have to give it a try. i LOOOOOVE crispy chow mein noodles!