Monday, December 30, 2013

boy..when it rains - it pours! (or i should say "snows"!!!)

my goodness we got belted with the snow! and we normally don't have "staying snow" until at least mid-january! not this year tho...not only were we snowed in...but that dang atv/plow needs a complete overhaul. no worries...jambaloney has spent our snowed in days learning exactly how to fix it!

with the atv/plow not working...he did what any good prepper/survivalist would do...he shoveled us out by hand! my goodness he makes me proud!

his tools of the trade:

keep in mind that before he even started shoveling the 130ft driveway, he had to clear off the roof of the plastic-wrapped porch, the greenhouse and make cat-paths all around the house. and clear off the deck. and clear off the truck.

he did all of this by himself as i was down with a migraine. it was a bad one. i got the beginnings of it on tuesday but i tried to hold it off for Christmas. it didn't matter as we were snowed in on Christmas and boxing day. by boxing day, i was a little rangy and crazy so jambaloney made me take a migraine pill - i hate them as all that they do is knock me out! for 12hrs at a time! but i knew that even if we weren't snowed in that i would never make it to our friends' places. so down i went...under the influence of heavy narcotics knowing that the maniac would do this:

by freakin' hand! and that's why i didn't want to take the pill!

he shoveled all of that driveway by hand! all the while looking up how to clean the atv to get it to run. and asking one of our dear internet friends what to do to fix the atv - thank you so much W!!!

he has printed off and read a million things in order to clean the carberator - that's his tomorrow job! again - thank you W - he took the carberator out today and has it soaking!

my poor man works his butt off and i am down for the count for 3 entire days - arghghghgh!

on saturday afternoon when he had shoveled us out - my big worry was to get the gifts out to our friends. so after all of that shoveling, me being down and not knowing if he even ate - he drove around delivering our gifts to our families. they gave us gifts and a pile of food in return...he came home with 2 big bags of gifts and 2 big bags of food - i know that he ate yesterday. i ate a big pile last night. we are so grateful to have such caring friends!

i managed to get up for a little while yesterday and make him some butternut squash soup with broccoli hearts and cilantro.

he doesn't eat if i don't feed him and after all of the shoveling he has done - ugh!

my migraine seems to be waning...i pray it is...i missed all of our Christmas dinners...heck, i missed Christmas period! i hope to get some more rest today and tomorrow in order to make it out to our New Year's Eve dance tomorrow night...i simply cannot miss that after missing Christmas.

but to be honest, i feel like a bag of poop. but i am happy that my beautiful angel, my jambaloney is still in bed. the cats wake him every night at 3am, 4am, 5am and then he usually gets up at 6am. i have been up since the cats have not been bothering him...and he is still sleeping. i hope that he sleeps til noon...he is so tired. even in my bleary-eyed migraine state i could tell how tired he was. i can't believe he shoveled the whole driveway by hand!

i am tired and want to get back in bed but can't...not until he wakes up. we just got a ton more snow, followed by a ton of rain...i'm not letting him go back out there to shovel! it's another real mess out there and i just don't want him to see it! i think i might break down and call some friends to come and help clear us out.

i hope that you are all safe where you are..and on behalf of the both of us, i wish all of you a very Happy New Year!


  1. Hope you feel better for tomorrow night. Happy New Year to you two!

  2. I hope your migraine gets better,and you two have a very Happy 2014!

  3. You poor things. Migraines are no fun..hope its better. Jam deserves a medal. What an awesome guy. Words are short for me today. We are at the estate and having to do everything by my smart phone. Happy New Year!

  4. Maybe one of your friends has a blade. He can't shovel all winter. Hope you get to feeling better.

  5. Sweet Kymber,

    OMG.....migraine from hell girl!!!!! I hate migraines totally, I so know how you're feeling. I wish I had something to take it away for you. Bulldog Man would get them almost daily, they would sometimes knock him down hard for days. He went to a neurosurgeon who stated let me fix your carpel tunnel (the worst hand) because it maybe pinching a nerve that runs up your arm and into your neck causing these massive migraines. He fixed Bulldog Man's carpel tunnel and opened up the sheath around the nerves and Bulldog Man no long has migraines. Have you had your arms check to see if the nerve is being pinched causing these migraines?

    Jambaloney is a good man, I have to agree with JUGM he deserves a medal.
    He's worked very hard in that snow, I know he's going to be feeling the pain from all that shoveling.

    Do you have a neighbor with a snow plow? Maybe you can swap good cooking for a pass through your area with the plow.

    Don't over work these next couple of days, both of you need to relax.
    Try to have a Happy New Year!!!
    Sending hugs and love the both of you.
    Your friend,

    1. Hey Sweetie,
      I sent you an e-mail, when you have time check it out :-)

  6. Hope you're feeling better Kymber. As far as shoveling that strange white substance goes, ACK! I'll stick with sweeping sand off the porch : )

  7. No fun having a snow day if you spend the whole day shoveling. Since he shoveled, maybe the rain can melt some of the snow.

  8. You need to keep your Superman healthy. I agree with the others, no one can help plow you out in case the ATV goes down again. Have a safe and warm New Years Eve & Day. I sent you an email the other day, reply when you feel better. XOXO

  9. On the plus side when it does hit the fan you won't have to worry about shoveling as there won't be anywhere to go anyway. Also if the snow is deep enough to keep you two in it's prolly deep enough to keep the bad guys out :)

    I have been reading that the non-global warming climatologist are predicting a cooling period so maybe we are seeing a new normal radically different from what we have been getting the last few years.

  10. Man of Steel Jambaloney! That's impressive work. Dang. I think I am tired just looking at it. I love seeing snow and it's always so pretty but I'm not sure I could live in that. Not sure I have what it takes. Now I take that back, I could live in it if I could just hunker down in a warm spot with lots of food for the winter and just eat and watch movies. :-)

    Be warm you too and I hope you feel better Kymber. Big hugs to you!

  11. I hope you are feeling better soon. That delicious soup should warm you up. We're going to a local Bohemian restaurant to fill up on bread dumplings, beef with dill gravy, duck breaded pork cutlets, mashed potatoes, sweet and sour cabbage and pastry. Tonight we may be in a coma, but we'll be home and safe.

  12. I'm praying the the brain fog has lifted in time for your party. It would be nice if you could get to one celebration this holiday. Happy New Year to you both! Be safe.

  13. You've been out with a migraine and I've been down with the flu. We both need to get back up and running, and soon!