Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014!

but first we must say goodbye to 2013! here's our sunset on December 31, 2013...very fitting i think!

we watched the whole sunset from the kitchen window and it was very beautiful...we felt like we were saying goodbye to a truly wonderful year was like the sunset knew that it had to be spectacular!

and it really was!

2013 has been very good to us...not to say that we didn't struggle or run into obstacles or need to find nifty solutions to problems - all of that happened to us, too!  but for the most part 2013 was another year living our dream, here on our land that we love so much. we strengthened our friendships here in our actual community, as well as with our internet community! and met some new friends along the way! thank you 2013!

and then we welcomed 2014!

you may think the above pic is another sunset. nope - that's the middle of the afternoon on January 1, 2014! a nice, foggy, gray, flurry kind of day! we took that as a sign that 2014 wanted us to start out with a flumping day, reading our books, napping, resting, discussing the upcoming year and watching a movie - i think it's a great way to start a new year!

today it is sunny and bright and clear - but really freakin' cold - no hottub dips until the air warms up a little more! and then tomorrow we are expecting 20cms of snow - bahahahahahah! we'll be snowed-in again! no worries there, though, we got a lot of inside jobs to keep us busy!

we hope that 2014 will be good to all of you and wish you continued good health and happiness!


  1. A flumping day sounds like a great way to start the year! Happy New Year to you and Jam.

  2. Nice pictures. I hope 2014 is a great year for you!

  3. Hey Sweet Kymber,'s cold here to 16 degrees.
    We don't have the snow you have, I'll let you keep that :-)
    What a beautiful sunset into 2014. Happy New Year!!!!!

    Stay warm, enjoy the day to reading, talking and just relaxing.
    Sending hugs and love your way.
    Your Friend,

  4. Happy New Year. We are looking at the coldest temps. in 18 years. Now that's cold. The high on Monday will be - 14 below zero.

  5. I made up a nice prime rib dinner for the parents and myself. Had a couple of cases of beer ready to go but the family wanted to do their own thing so I still have a couple cases of beer which is never a bad thing. It's been kind of cold, damp and foggy but the wood stove is doing great and it is perfect for sitting by the fire reading a good book and having a nice bowl of soup.

  6. Kymber, that sure looks cold. It's pretty chilly down here too, about 17 above at three in the morning. But from those pictures I would say you folks have us beat.

  7. Back from the estate and making my way around the blogs this morning. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both. Pics of snow are always welcomed in my house...
    I got the crud of Bronchitis, so words are short... I will email you later.

  8. Just thought you should know that right before I went on vacation, I made a triple batch of lumpia shanghai and documented the entire process so in a week or two I will have a post up just for you on how to make it with recipe!

    We're having a pretty good snow year too but fortunately, I bought an industrial strength snow blower a few years ago and it works well. Now the only hand shoveling I do is in the corners and such. It certainly makes my body feel better for the rest of the day not doing all that shoveling. Jam in the man for doing all that by hand.