Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas..a little postponed!

we woke up early...expecting a bit of snow...but not 7 more inches!

it's pretty - but now we have a little over 15 inches of snow in the past 2 days alone - that's more than we get over a normal entire winter - holy moly!!!

you gotta admit that it's pretty!

here's out back....that gorgeous blue cape breton island sky will get you everytime!

we were supposed to be at our fouchu family's house for noon. poor jambaloney was out clearing the 7 inches of snow off of our plastic-wrapped porch for a goodly while and then had to do the greenhouse! he tried backing the truck up before plowing...look at the horrible ruts that were created!

after spending most of the day yesterday shoveling and plowing our 130ft driveway...he had to go out and do it again. that's when he started up the atv/plow and it ran all of 3 minutes before the plow died. the battery needed re-charging. so he shoveled 35ft of our driveway by hand and that's when i said "enough"! we weren't going to make it out today to visit our friends!

we don't take missing Christmas with our friends very lightly. my crazy man was ready to shovel the next 130ft by hand - have a gander:

no way on earth i am letting him shovel that by hand! the grade of that 130ft driveway is 15degrees!!! there is no way i am letting him shovel that - BY FREAKIN HAND! - and there is no way that i am risking our truck going down that! even if the truck got down....i can't promise it can get back up!

my man had spent all day yesterday shoveling and plowing - you have to remember that he shovels cat paths all around the house as well! and then he went out again today to do the same - he spent 4 hours out there doing the porch, the deck, the cat paths and the greenhouse! then he tried to do the driveway! then he tried to use the truck as a plow....look at the ruts that were caused on the flat part of our driveway:

i am a woman who knows when to put her foot down and put her man first - there was NO WAY IN HELL that i was letting him try and shovel the rest of the driveway!!!!

i called our friends, i told them that we simply couldn't make it for Christmas dinner...they were very very understanding...our friends here are like that. our truck is our lifeline...we cannot make stupid mistakes like getting the truck stuck halfway up or halfway down the driveway.

the crazy thing is, we got enough food stored that we can be stuck up here all winter and never have to leave. we hated not getting out to see our friends...but we are very serious about survival. and the number one, most important thing about safety.

we spent Christmas day eating left over rabbit pie that our friend e made for us...we ate half of it last night right out of the pan - we're pretty fancy as you all know! i ate a big honking chunk for breakfast and we shared the last of it for lunch! then we ate left over boiled-dinner for supper and we got plenty of snacks for watching movies tonight.

here's our gorgeous Christmas day sunset:

we'll dig ourselves out tomorrow and be late little Santas delivering our gifts. we had a wonderful Christmas Day...and we hope that you all did too!

thank you all for the lovely Christmas wishes that you left for us....sooo very nice! i promise to hit up your blogs tomorrow morn! i hope you all know that sent our best wishes to all of you today.


  1. Merry Christmas my friend. Hope you have a happy new year.

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  2. Sorry you didn't get out, but you're right - safety first! Bless you both.

  3. Your used good judgement. I read somewhere that snow shoveling brings on a lot of heart attacks. It's very beautiful there now, and you know, maybe just the two of you in your nice house, with the snow all around, will be good for you. I think people who are very social , as the two of you are, sometimes need to step back and just enjoy the solitude.

  4. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,

    Oh boy, did you ever get snow!!!!
    I'm happy to hear you called your family friends, and told them about the snow and how you couldn't make it. I surely wouldn't want to see you both get stuck some where, and not be able to get home or be warm. It's not worth risking your lives to go out. Friends will understand, and you can do an extended Christmas.
    Beautiful pictures of the snow, your property, and the sunset.
    Jambaloney needs to be careful shoveling that much snow by hand, it's not safe.
    You two enjoy your Christmas together relaxing, keeping warm, and safe. Have a nice meal or meals..........and maybe tomorrow you'll be able to venture out and visit friends.
    We stayed home today, slept in, and had a wonderful Christmas lunch/dinner together. Now Tank is off to be with friends and girlfriend.
    Bulldog Man and I wish you two a very Merry Christmas.
    Sandy and BDM

    1. Hey Sweetie,

      I think I called the correct phone number with using 1 in front of the number I have.
      Left you a message. If you didn't get a call then obviously I called the wrong person, lol

  5. Like they told us at Disney World "Safe D begins with me". I wish I could fly up to help dig you guys out. We had snow again yesterday about 3" and they say we are 6" behind. Stay warm and safe.

  6. Wow! That's some snow. Yes, I agree with Sandy, shoveling that much by hand is very dangerous. We need you and Jambo around for a long time so y'all be careful. Nice that you are prepped and don't need to worry about food or water or warmth. Just stay in and relax and enjoy the beautiful snow.

    Side note, those second and third pictures look like amazing postcards!! "Greetings from Beautiful Framboise Manor"! :-)

  7. Just stay safe & warm. And keep Jam off when you know he should be off (sometimes they don't know & have to rely on us). Merry Christmas!

  8. Sorry you didn't get to spend Christmas with your friends,but I don't blame you for putting your foot down-that's a whole lot of driveway to do by hand! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas just the two of you :)

  9. You guys gots the snow and we got the ice. Merry Christmas Kymber and Jamby. I am back with it once again. Oh and thank you for the seeds!!!

    Still recovering down here like you are up there but today's 40's went a long way to getting us back up and running.

    You need an old Ford 8N tractor for that driveway :)

  10. It's been raining a lot here. Makes it sort of chilly. Hahahahaha.

  11. Sounds like the best kind of Christmas to me, Kymber !! All snuggled in and warm,, plenty of good food to eat, and beautiful scenery to look at.

    Happy Holidays to you both, from us here at Honeysuckle Hill !!

  12. You will see your friends again soon, and you can have a belated gathering then. Good try Jam, but both your safety is always paramount. Merry Christmas and love to you both,

  13. Isn't it glorious? The snow has really helped make Christmas this year. And to think a green Christmas was predicted for us! lol