Friday, July 13, 2012

ack - arghghghgh - ack some more!


and here's another beautiful sky pic for my friend Helga. i have a telephone date with her later today. i am looking forward to it.

jambaloney has just left to go back to ottawa. he'll be back on monday night late. i am already crawling out of my skin not knowing what to do with myself. he wasn't supposed to be leaving until next friday, but dates changed and whatnot and we found out on tuesday - like 3 days ago - that he had to go today. what a scramble! because we thought we still had a full week - we have half of the house torn up so it's an awful mess and it has to stay that way until he gets back. my nerves are shot.

i hate when things pop up unexpectedly. we are planners. we plan for things. especially even more so since moving here. we like to know ahead of time what is expected of us. this came completely out of the blue. i almost wish we cancelled. but he needs to go back to go to an important meeting with his mother. ugh. i feel sick.

anyway - we went down to the river the other day and had our first swim - woohoo - we love swimming! but the river is really backed up! more on that later! here's our matching river shoes. jambaloney's are too small for him but he still manages to squeeze his feet in.

here's the new path jambaloney cut for us going down our road to the river. he left all of the wildflowers on the sides of our path. we love the wildflowers.

whenever i see one of these guys i sing "froggie-frog-frog" and jambaloney always corrects me and says "it's a toad". i don't care though. i love singing the frog song.

see how backed up the river is?

check it out. we had to wade through 1ft to 4ft high water just to even get to the river!!! you can be sure that if we ever build our dream cabin down here that it will be built on stilts!

the reason for the backup is because of a blockage where the river empties into the ocean. it happens every year. we are hoping that the county backhoes will be out soon to clear the blockage. it's awful pretty water tho.

these trees are in trouble if the water line doesn't go down soon.

it's some gorgeous looking out of the forest and at the river and sky, eh? i love it.

i saw something pink in the woods. this is what we climbed through to find it.

i knew i had seen something pink. check out these wild roses.

so dainty and delicate!

the snapdragons don't seem to mind being buried in water.

and here's some new funny-looking grass. every time we walk down to the river we see something new.

this storm went right over us and headed out to the ocean. sometimes it is sunny and hot and within 3 seconds, a storm blows over. they are awesome to watch. sometimes the sky will just burst and it will rain for 3 minutes and then the storm leaves and it's sunny and hot again. the weather here is just amazing like that.

here is some lettuce flowers. i am letting go to seed for seed-saving purposes. they are so pretty. who knew that lettuce could be so pretty?

check out the potatoes - they are thriving for sure. i love potatoes!

up close with a potatoe flower.

check it out! my first tomatoe flower - woohoo! i have named all of my tomatoe plants "Little Helga's". i am naming all of the flowers "Littler Helga's". anybody got a good idea for a name for the actual tomatoes?

check out these marinating pork chops - yummeh!

and a few leftover shrimp - toss them on the barbie too!

and voila! grilled delicious pork chops, shrimps, and grilled apples and nectarines - deelish!

after supper we went and sat in our rocking chairs out front. we had full bellies, we had had a full day and the sky was full of wonder.

i'll be around a lot this weekend hitting up all of your blogs and whatnot. i don't like it when jambaloney is away from home. i am going to miss him something fierce and not have a clue what to do with myself with him being gone. i know that i am a grown adult woman but that man is my life. i hope he has a nice trip. he is meeting up with some old friends tonight and i know that he will enjoy that. he will also get to see his Mom, Step-Dad, and Dad, as well as some other family. i hope he gets enough sleep and eats properly. i miss him so much and he only just drove down the driveway.



  1. kymber, i'm sorry for the unexpected change in plans and i'm your stressing. hopefully you will be able to find things to keep you busy and make the time fly by. Big hugs!!

    1. agirl - thank you so much for that. the plans all kind of changed and we have spent the last 2 days just getting him ready to be able to leave. my heart broke this morning sending him off because i was prepared for next friday - but not today. ack. thanks again hon!

  2. I love that you and Jam love each other so much and are so connected. Hopefully his time with family will go by quickly and he will be back to your magnificent island again very soon. Meanwhile, we are all here. Stephanie's house closes later today, and although I will be helping to clean and ready for painting there, I will definitely be checking the computer. Love to you both.

    1. ahh Jane, thanks so much. oh wow - Stephanie's closing is today - how exciting is that? i remember our closing day on our first house and it was soooo exciting! wish her all of our best eh? i wish i was there - i could come and help you both clean and paint. right now i am wandering from one cat to the other. jeesh eh? yep, i hate it when he is gone. thank you so much for your friendship, Jane - it means the world! xoxox

  3. Sweet Kymber,

    I so know how you feel about Jambaloney going and being alone waiting for his return. Bulldog Man travels with his job. Right after Bulldog Man and I married (this was a while ago), the company he worked for at that time, had him traveling and working in all different states. So out of our first three years of marriage, I was able to see my husband maybe 2 complete months when you put all the days off to together. It's hard, especially when your in love and enjoy each others company. You're soul mates, you know what each person is thinking, you can finish one anothers sentences. I would rather be with my husband than going out doing things with others. My husband, is my best friend. I hope the days go by fast while your away from one another. Hey, consider the time that he's away as time to plan wonderful things to do together when he returns :-)

    Ahhh.....pretty pictures of the beautiful skies of O'Canada (I just love them). You do have all kinds of wild flowers just popping up in different places there. Do the wild roses put off a rosey smell in the area?

    How sweet, you have a tomato flower! Soon you'll have more, so many more you won't be able to keep up with them, lol.....
    on my Roma tomato plants, I have approximately 200 - 300 flowers, 50 tomatoes on the verge of turning red and little baby tomatoes you can barely see. I see plenty of canning in my future and yours :-)

    It looks like your going to have alot of potatoes this season. What are your plans for your potatoe harvest when it comes in?

    Time to get ready for physical therapy, I will catch you later.
    Your Friend, Sandy

    P.S. XOXOXOXOXOXO being sent your way, Jam will be home before you know it!

  4. oh Sandy - thank you so much for your sweet comment...i feel that you really know how i feel! and i feel your wonderful friendship through a computer screen - thank you for sharing your story about you and BulldogMan!

    i am already planning to throw him on the kitchen floor as soon as he comes home and laying on top of him and kissing him until we fall asleep!!! and then i am planning to not let him out of my sight for another whole year when he will have to go back to the meeting.

    i am so glad that you love the skies. my friend Helga loves sharing the sky pics with everyone - she is really sweet like that. you two would get along famously!!!

    oh i am so glad that your Romas are on the verge - you will have much canning to do my friend - but it is so much fun eh?

    in regards to our potatoes, last year we didn't harvest them all until mid-December. but this year we are getting some hay bales and packing the hay all around the potatoes so that we can just go out and dig up what we need. i think our winters are temperate enough so we are going to try. last year we got about 120lbs - this year we think we will get about 160lbs - plus 15 lbs for seeds. we love potatoes!!!!

    good luck with your physical therapy and please update us all on your blog on how it is going. i know that with your determination, this therapy will definitely help you!

    thanks so much for stopping in Sandy...your friendship keeps a smile on my face. lots of love back you to you, hon! xoxoxox

  5. haha, yeah one thing I hate ( as does A*) is when the other is not home or is away..being remote is great as long as you have someone there to keep you entertained!

    he'll be back before you know it!

    1. thanks egb buddy! you and A* do know what it's like. i can't wait for him to get home and he just left Hali - bahahahahah! thanks buddy!

  6. kymber,
    I feel for you. My DH and I are so connected that I can't wait for him to get home from work every night. He is the only one in this life that I know I can always count on. Sometimes time spent apart brings you even closer together. I'll be thinking of you :)

    Love the pics. Your weather sounds finicky like ours. We have 5 minute weather, too. Just wait 5 min. and it changes. I, too, just got my first tomato flower! and my first pepper flower! We have 30 potato plants in the ground and are hoping to have a better crop than last year. We have 5 or more volunteer plants that popped up around our garden from potatoes we unintentionally left in the ground. Yeah! More potatoes to eat, can up, dry, and store. Gotta love those taters.

    Good luck with your time alone this week. Do you have some friends you can wine and dine with, go for coffee or a movie? Hugs.

    1. oh Rose - you know what i am going through! thank you for thinking of me. and yes - we both seem to have 5 minute weather - bahahahahah! congrats on your first tomatoe flower - so exciting eh? i think we have 42 potatoe plants in the ground - hey you have just given me something to do - i will go and count to be sure. oh i love taters!!! most of my friends work on the lobster and crab boats and they work 6 days a week. i had a few friends who took the day off - but that was for next week. i had to call them all and tell them to book back on work - shame. it's ok. i don't mind being here alone. i just wish my baby was with me. thanks so much sweet Rose!

  7. Awwwwww Hang in there buddy. If you need to hear a friendly voice this weekend gimme a holler and we can laugh at each others accents! heheheheee
    I've been lurking around the blogosphere this past month or so. Its just about all the time I have right now with the garden here in full swing. Your potato's look wonderful! How many tomato's did ya'll plant? I'm neck deep in canning right now but will be around the homestead all weekend if you want to chat.
    Love to you and Jamie!

    1. oh Sci - thanks so much for that - and you know what? i will call you. i love your crazy accent - bahahahahah! and ya - you have been busy with all of the produce that you have bringing in - that's so awesome tho! i planted 54 tomatoe plants, otherwise known as "Little Helga's" - baahahahahah! i am hoping for a bumper crop. oh and i am hoping for as many beans as you got. thanks for the offer hon, and i will definitely take you up on it. thanks buddy. i really mean it!

  8. Hey hon- - I want the phone to ring already ! You're going to make it through the weekend, because you're going to keep busy with your garden,the cats, taking pics, talking with Jambaloney, blogging , emailing friends, reading my story, and calling me every hour on the hour !

    You know I love all the pictures, but I especially love the newly cut down path with the wildflowers on the sides. You'll be singing froggie- frog- frog all day Monday at the top of your lungs. You'll see - it'll come fast ! Use this time to chill and reflect back to the time you met him and how lucky you two love birds are ! Oh and plan a splendid homecoming, which I know you'll do anyways. Just ask me - I'll fill you time. I have many ideas all of which include me . Bahahahhah !

    No worries sweet sister - the beauty around you will help ease the I'm missing him factor. And your phone calls to me every hour should do it then ! If I could drive there today - I would , but I'd get there in five days and that's driving full speed all the way. By the time I got there - you'd still be on top of him on the kitchen floor ! Bahahahah !!

    I love you to pieces and always will ! We'll talk soon! xoxoxoxooxo

    1. hey hon - you told me to call at 1 so am waiting until then...only 5 mins left to go. but that is only 9 your time - i hope that i don't wake you! i am sooooo loving your story but you already know that!

      i can call every hour??? woohoo for me! i love you hon! i wish you could drive here but you are right - it would be august by the time you got here and that would be a sheer waste of time - bahahahahaha!

      oh i can't wait to call you, my dearest and sweetest. gonna go do it 5! love you hon. xoxoxoxo

  9. You know Kymber ....they make medicine for hairballs like that..ackkkackkkackkk... =)

    Seriously though I know time away isn't easy. I spend wayyy too much time on my own with the Grey Knight working from 5 am to 7 pm 5 days a week. Honestly how I get thru it is going to sound corny, but I find myself projects to do that would please him or make him happy. Right now I am in the midst of painting the inside of his M109A so that he can get to fabricating the inside of it for camping/bugging out. He loves tinkering with that thing. Of course I'm not doing anything of much today since I had a bout of food poisoning last night. Stomach still feels like I was kicked repeatedly.

    Why not get out and visit with neighbors or such? Go fishing and fill the freezer with fish for him? Plan a special meal for when he gets back? Start knitting me a sweater for these wooden branch buttons on my desk? (Just saying)

    This too will pass...sorta like my stomach illness =)

    1. thanks for the hairball tip, dear gurl - bahahahahah! i know that you are alone during the week and i just don't know how you do it. jam and i are together every day, every single hour of the day and him being gone just kills me!!! oh i can't wait to see how the M109 turns out - what a great place to store preps!!! oh crap - food poisoning?!??!? you poor girl! get some ginger tea!

      my neighbours all work 6 days a week on the lobster and crab boats - otherwise i would be calling them to come and visit and whatnot. but ya - i will get started on a sweater for you - bahahahahahah! thanks hon....and please get better. and make yourself some ginger tea. lots of love always...xoxoxox

  10. Our potatos are up already. I did better this year. Still need to work at gettting the second tier growth to come in, almost all my growth is at the bottom level.

    1. Russell buddy - it's all in the hilling. don't let the plants get more than 4-5 inches above the tire that they are in before putting another tire and more dirt on them. good luck with you taters buddy - i loves me taters!!!

  11. It's funny how used to we become of having someone around all the time. I think back to my bachelor days and how it never bothered me in the slightest. Now, whenever I have the house to myself for a week, it feels more like a tomb than a house. On the plus side, I get more done because I can't sit there and listen to the walls creak.

    1. Ed - you are just like me - i lived alone from the age of 15 to about 34 and it never bothered me. now i am going crazy!!! i have a lot of stuff that i want to get done but i did absolutely nothing today. i sure hope tomorrow is better. thanks buddy!

  12. I accidentally grew 2 lbs of potatoes! Yes, TWO lbs. Oh, well, it was four accidental meals.

    I think we have some, just a few, skies to equal yours. But, none like the spectacular ones. However, I am not much motivated to take pictures of them often. You have vast open spaces where I am hemmed in by telephone and electric poles. I never even notice them until I try to take a sky picture. It's funny how a person gets accustomed to ugly.

    I miss having someone to miss!

    1. PP - accidentally growing anything is a good thing - good on ya! i am so sorry that you got ugly all around you and i am glad that you get to enjoy our skies from the pics here. and ya - having someone to miss is a good thing. i just wish i didn't miss him as much as i am. he just sent me an email tho, he is out with old friends and having a really good time - i am so glad for him.

    2. Compared to most city dwellers, it is beautiful, especially in my yard. Everywhere I look it is green here and in town. The neighborhood is well-cared for and the town is clean and a little jewel of 15K people. However, I think we are all too comfortable with ugly telephone lines. I thought that after the tornado, the town was going to all underground lines. They actually just added taller wooden poles to replace the ones knocked down, and added some curvy steel poles to hold traffic lights instead of having them swaying over the streets.

      When I was young, married and missing my husband, there was not the easy access to email. Lucky you. Yes, I am glad for him, too. Resentful partners take the joy out of good, clean fun with old friends.

  13. What else would you call your tomatoes but HELGA'S TOES!! Get it? HELGATOES!

    Joe used to be gone 24 hours every other day on the fire department. I got used to having every-other evening to myself. But now? We've become each other's shadow and without my shadow, I'm lost!

    Just walking through the house, or outside, feels so.....ALONE. If it's ever PERMANENT? I don't think I shall move, or bathe, or eat, or breathe. What would be the point?

    1. bahahahahahahaha! oh bahahahahahahahahah! of course i will call them Helgastoes - you my dear are brilliant. thanks so much for that!!!! and i hear you about being shadow is gone and i feel lost!!!! and yes, normally when we water all of our veggies - we do it together. and doing it alone sucks. and normally we make all of our food together...i miss him so much that i didn't even eat today....i'm starving but i just don't want to eat. maybe i'll eat after he calls. thanks so much gurl!

    2. Oh my God ! Helgatoes - really !?!? Now lotta joy I should say that's brilliant - well it is really , but holy doodle what a name for tomatoes ! Oh the poor things ! Bahahaha !!!

      Don't use it Kymber - Jambaloney will think you've lost it and never eat one ! Oh bahahahaha !! Here hon - try a fresh Helgatoe - oh right !

      Over and out Kymbertoes! Bahahaha ! xoxoxoxo

  14. kymber,
    You're invited to going camping with us tonight. You will have your own bed in our comfy camp trailer. It's about half hour or so from our house. On the menu this evening is salmon on the barbie, potatoes, fresh veggies, cheese, chips, and ice cream bars for dessert. Your choice of drinks. Overnight is expected an extensive thunderstorm with ground strikes. Yikes! At 2 a.m. last night we had lightning and the most boomiest, thunderous, CRAAACK above our house.

    Breakfast is farm fresh eggs, hashbrowns, BACON, and strawberries. Don't know if we will stay for lunch but brought fixin's anyway. Egg salad... go figure.

    There's a small stream and lots of tall fir trees. Squirrels, and walking trails. We are test driving our camp trailer for our big outing next weekend at the coast. Gotta get the bugs out and make lists of what we forgot.Hope you can make it.

    Thinking of you.


    1. ah Rose - you are so awesome - thank you so much for the invite! i really do appreciate it! oh and supper sounds so deelish and i am starving from not eating all day. breakfast sounds devine and i will have dippy eggs - bahahahahahah! and tons of bacon!!! thank you so much for thinking of me - it means alot my friend. you were appropriately named! thank you.

  15. I have never, ever seen a lettuce flower! Neat!