Saturday, February 24, 2018

still playing catch-up!

yes. i know. we have been really lax in keeping the blog updated for most of the winter. this winter has been incredibly kind (knocks on head because we still have to make it through march!) as it has been pretty mild, except for a few cold snaps, we only lost power 3 times and got it back each time within 24hours (thank you Nova Scotia Power!).

we have barely had any snow - mostly dustings that melt the next day. this is probably the most snow we've had this year.

jambaloney only had to clear the driveway 3 times this year and the tractor has been a big help with that. most days looked like this:

we've had some amazing sunsets.

there's Fin, our newest stray.

we've had lots of sunny days and lots of grey days.

sometimes really grey days.

we would have missed our 17th anniversary on january 19 if our big Sis C and big Bro G hadn't called to remind us. we feel that every good day we have is an anniversary! here's a blurry pic of us about 10 yrs ago.

we've been doing the normal jobs and chores and eating really well. grilled asparagus, grilled pineapple, grilled shrimp and grilled scallops (my fave)!!!

loaded miso soup for breakfast is one of our faves.

grilled vegetables with rice.

a new find and we made it up! curried coconut noodles, shredded brussel sprouts, shredded carrot, peas, mushrooms and chicken.

nothing beats a caesar salad with shrimp, real bacon and homemade croutons!

kymber, why are you showing us a container of peppercorns?

those aren't peppercorns! i learned a new trick . those are papaya seeds that we dried and saved. when papaya season comes around again, i will be drying a ton of those things for preps. when ground up they taste very much like peppercorns.

back to more food - ginger beef stirfry with rice.

and then the man comes home from shopping in our nearest little town and the fish guy was there - woohoo! he got me fresh-caught scallops and fresh-caught mussels. with some potatoe bread drizzled with evoo and balsamic vinegar. what a treat!

had more scallops the next day with our own fried potatoes and eggs over easy - deelish!

and then because i am a purist - just a plain old bowl of steamed mussels - i like my mussels plain! jambaloney doesn't even eat them so they were all for me! yummeh!

we've been getting a lot of fresh, green asparagus. here's some cream of asparagus soup using coconut milk and home-canned veg broth - we both moaned eating this baby!

today is a beautiful day.

we've done several jobs around the house, had several hottub dips and even went out front and took our shirts off to let the sun on us for 10 mins. it was cold - but it was worth it!

we're sorry we haven't been leaving comments on your blogs but we are reading them. the prob is, is that when jambaloney is at the computer he works on his contract. and i am responsible for petting cats, feeding cats, finding cats, etc. and a bunch of other stuff like replanting some of our houseplants and getting seeds ready for planting soon - woohoo!

spring is just around the corner (knocks on head because we still have to get through march!) - but it really feels like it is just around the corner!

lastly, our blogging friends Leigh and Dan from 5 acres and a dream are in a bit of a situation. Dan hurt 2 of his fingers and their medical expenses are through the roof! if you could stop by their blog and give Dan some encouragement, that would be appreciated! Leigh has a GoFundMe page set up on their blog, so if you can give a little, that would also be appreciated too! but mostly, keep them in your prayers and hope for a quick recovery for Dan.

sending lots of love to you all!


  1. I would like a gigantic bowl of your asparagus soup, please.

    Thank you.

    1. Kelly - you are always welcome to come and have a big bowl of asparagus soup! always! just don't touch the scallops or the mussels - bahahaah! xox

  2. Ah, the food pictures. How I have missed them. Super glad to here everything is okay.

    1. TB -i am just catching up on my blogroll but i have read your last several posts and really enjoyed them. i'll leave a better comment on your blog! xox

  3. I did not know that about papaya. It doesnt grow here :( I hope the weather continues to be nice to you. We are being lashed by the wind again. I need special pegs for my washing line it would seem like this is the norm around here. Beaming you love. Sol x

    1. Sol - i don't know where i got the trick from but i dried a few papaya seeds, then ran them through the grinder and out came some very fresh tasting spice - kind of like pepper, but not quite. but if it was all that was available - i'd be happy. i am going to try them in a few different dishes.

      ya, you are in a very windy place so you better get some spare pegs, as well - baahahah!

      beaming love right back at you! xox

  4. My wife and I fight (gently) over any bowl of steamed mussels.

    1. it must be because you are such a gentleman that you only gently fight for the mussels - i'd wrestle a grizzly bear for mussels - i love them. i'll be hitting up your blog soon to see what all you been up to! xox

  5. Glad to see that you two lovebirds are still thriving up North. I'm not sure which I love more - pix of your beautiful home or your beautiful food!

    1. ya, we actually are thriving - we have a really nice routine and that helps a lot. ya we love our land - nothing but trees and a big mountain range (well, it's not mountainous like Harry and Rain live!). but we like it all the same!

      i'll be hitting your blog soon to see what shenanigans you have been up to lately! xoxox

  6. Kymber,
    Short on snow but never short on good food!
    It's always hard to keep up with blogs when there's so much going on at home.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.

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