Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Fall prep for gardening beds - a post by jambaloney done in late november2017! (ya, we know, we're really behind on posts!)

jambaloney here!!

this fall we had great weather so i was able to get some some stuff done that normally comes a bit late... one chore was prepping the raised beds for next spring...

but first - my last bass (about a month ago) - nothing til spring sweet sandy!

I caught it at high tide in the evening...

it was about 10-12 lbs - NICE!! tasted real good too!

on to prepping the garden beds - i was able to get some grass clippings in the raised beds for spring - this is our onion bed - we planted fall onions in it..

but there is only so much grass - time to bring out the chipper...

here is some alders and pine branches i had dry in the yard for a while...

they make some nice  chips...

here is a bed - i channeled out  one side - note the landscape fabric..

here are my chips...

here is some peat moss

i draped landscape fabric over the side to prevent weeds when the beds are eventually surrounded by rocks... chips in

then peat moss - mix it all in and the clay soil will be far less packed - this is our garlic bed,,,

 planted with fall garlic - hurrah!

here is a shot of where our river enters the ocean - i was getting mussels fo rkymber..

i did want some finer mulch, but all around the house was stuff like this...full of seeds, no good

between here and fourchu there are these tall weeds with big leaves - there were all done for the year and the flowers were gone so i went and got some on a dry day...

they are hollow inside so they went in the mulching part of the chipper and made some great finer mulch

here is the carrot bed

 here it is with fine mulch added ..

 the most neglected bed was the pea bed - the soil was way compact - i had already added peat moss, chips and leaves

 i tossed some fine mulch on as an extra

 in any bed i use a fork to mix it all in really well

and the end result is a bed with a lot more aeration - plus this stuff will slowly decompose over the years - i think we will have great yields next year - all in all i fixed up 6 raised beds that are 4 feet x 12 feet and one smaller bed - this and the comfrey tea should be perfect next year- plus the beds are ready to be planted - in the spring i will cover them to keep weeds down until we need them..

i got skunked the last time i fished - it was a nice morning - i got this cool shot of the sand cliffs!

hope you are all ready for winter - cheers!


  1. Wow J! A 10 pound bass!!! Huzzah. We never catch any more than about 4-5 pounds and that's on a very GOOD late afternoon in the summer!

  2. Looks great Jam! Envy you your beds. I essentially have one and a half at the moment. I need to go to work on the half this spring - I am very sure it is compacted.

  3. It really was a good fall judging by the amount of work you got done!

  4. What a beautiful fish! I can't even imagine how much food is going to come out of those beds - they're better than money in the bank!

  5. Jambaloney and Kymber,
    Now that's a nice looking bass. I'm sure Kymber made one of her delicious meals with your bass. With everything going on and needing to be done we didn't get any fishing done over here.
    Nice garden prep with the chipped wood. Having a chipper on the homestead is a great and necessary tool. We've been cutting trees and this weekend some wood chips work will be required. Great picture of the sand dunes. I'm sorry to here you were skunked....
    Sending hugs and love to you both.

  6. "Wood, when it comes in contact with soil, activates mechanisms in certain bacteria which then consume nitrogen as food so they can decompose the wood."

    That's why you want to balance the green with the brown. Or cheat and throw in a little 10-10-10. Which is what I do.

  7. Are those weeds bamboo? It may take over your yard if it is. You do so much work! Your garden beds look great.

  8. Hey you crazy cats! Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Those tall weeds are Japanese Knotweed. They are very invasive, spread like wildfire and are virtually impossible to eradicate once they start.

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