Sunday, February 15, 2015

wow! Google acknowledges our 50th Anniversary of the beautiful maple leaf - woohoo!

check out Google's homepage today and see their acknowledgement of National Flag Day of Canada!

for those interested in history, the Candian Maple Leaf known all around the world replaced the Canadian Red Ensign on the date of February 15, 1965. National Flag Day, as it was previously known, was changed to National Flag Day of Canada in 1996, an initiative brought about by then Prime Minister Jean Chretien (one of my personal faves!)

Prime Minister Chretien took no bull from no one!!! At the first National Flag of Canada celebration, he was accosted by a protester. Chretien grabbed the guy by the throat and threw him to the ground before the RCMP guarding him could even move fast enough!

This grab became known as the Shawinigan Handshake due to the fact that Chretien was from Shawinigan, Quebec. Like i said, Chretien took no bull!

today is not only National Flag day of Canada - it is the 50th anniversary of our beautiful maple leaf flag.

we canadians truly love our maple leaf flag! and many hundreds of thousands of people will be celebrating today. thanks to Google for acknowledging the 50th anniversary of our dear flag!

(if you to Google's homepage the flag waves. i love it!)

and one of my favourite quotes by Chretien:

"On the beach behind us, Canadians gave their lives so the world would be a better place. In death they were not anglophones or francophones, not from the West or the East, not Christians or Jews, not aboriginal people or immigrants. They were Canadians." - Prime Minister, address to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the D-Day InvasionJune 6, 1944, delivered at Juno Beach, near Courseulles, France, June 6, 1994, as quoted by Allan Thompson in The Toronto Star.

Happy 50th National Flag of Canada Day!


  1. A little piece of history I did not know twice over (all my life, the Maple Leaf is the only flag I have known of Canada). And an interesting part about the PM as well. His speech seems to have gotten what it means to be a nation state correct. Happy National Flag Day!

  2. I think I might have went for making flag day in a bit warmer season myself. February seems a might touchy on delivering up good outside celebration weather :)

    Neat story though.

    1. Hey I just thought of something. Are you guys going to be kissing any fish over this leaf holiday?

      If so I want pics!!!!

  3. Hey Gurlie!

    Happy 50th to the Canadian Flag National emblem. Thanks for the history lesson.

  4. I couldn't think of what your flag looked like prior to the maple leaf and thus had to google it. I slapped my head seconds later. We had a similar look prior to 1776!

  5. Thanks for this interesting piece of your history. I think your country's is one of the most beautiful flags out there. Wish our top guy had the same.....oh never mind.

  6. google page is the same as every day. Must have the special maple leaf page up only in Canada

  7. Happy National Flag Day! Thanks for sharing the history lesson, too!

  8. That is so cool, I never knew. Hope you had a great flag day.

  9. I have a flag pole here on the mountain and I really like it. Adds a little color. I already have two flags but I should get a Canadian flag too. Why not. It would remind me of you two.

  10. Sweet Kymber,

    Happy National Flag day of Canada, and the 50th anniversary of your beautiful maple leaf flag! I have a friend who wears a red maple leaf on the back of her neck, it's a tattoo.
    Love to you and Jam,

  11. Saturday, 21 Feb.

    Are you two doing ok up there? Is the snow and ice reaching you in Canada? It's been horrible here but we have been lucky and haven't lost power, so I haven't had to go into generator mode. Thought I would check on you.

  12. haven't seen anything new from you two for a while. Are you frozen to the ground?
    From a saskatchewan follower!

  13. Harry and Denis - thank you for your concern. jam's been commandeering my computer for the last few weeks for some contract work he is doing for a local business here. so that's why we haven't been posting/commenting.

    to all of you - thank you for acknowledging our national flag of canada day - we really appreciate your sentiments! xox

  14. And what a great flag it is too!