Sunday, February 16, 2014

winter winter winter!!

jambaloney here.. miss me? ;-)

i know most of you have been suffering this winter - in truth we haven't had it THAT bad as, being canadian, we are accustomed to severe/cold weather, still, we are getting sick of this (pretty tho' it may be)

so what to do? how about attending an ice fishing derby yesterday - a window of nice weather sandwiched between storms...

after a couple of hours a beer is in order ;-)

kymber and our friend c came for a visit - it wasn't as exciting as they might have thought ;-) here they are, hiding in front of our friend d's ice fishing tent.

here i am using the 5-hook rig that our friend wildflower sent us -  i only caught 4 smelt as the sun went down, but there was only other guy who caught any fish - the rest got SKUNKED! i learned a LOT of valuable info and had a great time - next up - DOZENS OF SMELT FOR KYMBER!!!!!!

back at the ranch this afternoon, wind is a brewing... we had rain this AM and a massive rainstorm friday - most of the snow has melted again and you can see  where work halted dec 6 - been iced in place since - i am NOT very proud of the chaos, but hey, blogging is all about sharing, right?? (greenhouse is mint though ;-)

yep, carnage - that is overturned  furniture on the berm.

and 1/2 finished shelves behind vandura

honestly, i pack better than this but i thought i had all of dec to tidy the yard before spring...

lost the bbq cover friday, no clue how far in the woods it went..

my lumber yard cover is finally ripping apart..

some free stuff from the fire hall buried in snow..

more rubber hose - woot!

today was another episode of what i call "the curse of the plastic porch repair".  after a couple of years, the sun has taken is toll and the plastic gets brittle and the wind does it's thing and rips it, i have been patching piecemeal - this spring a full replacement... EVERY time i go out to fix it, the wind picks up and it starts raining - today was no exception... the instant i walked out with plastic wind went form 20 to 60 km/hr and it started snowing...

today's addition - uuuuuugleee isn't it?

hey a bonus form lobsterrus - they we ditching some old pvc - free for the taking - it will make nice hoop-house support!!!

wind is gusting to 80 now...   brrrr!

winter isn't all bad, i leave you with these pics from the inside of the greenhouse about a month ago when the temp dropped and the condensation made art..


every one is different!

pictures of leaves..

and art deco fractal patterns!

 these look like ferns!!

 these look like moss..

the whole interior was a temporary art gallery

i leave you with a tease of the ongoing work - nasty stuff... back to the crawlspace!!!

cheers all !!!!

btw - kymber has fired up the good eats again, here is her latest and MAN was it divine - i am a lucky man ;-))))


  1. One thing about craw spaces in the winter - no snakes or spiders!

    1. oh gorges - you wait for the full post - no snakes but TONS of spiders - it is a real s***hole but you gotta do what is necessary sometimes!


  2. I feel closer to you both already. I have the same amount of snow !

    1. hey jane!

      i hope yours is disappearing as fast as ours is - not long now!

      all by best!

  3. It's amazing how stuff get's blown around and then just kinda stays there as long as the snow stays isn't it? I have a bunch of aluminum gutters that I been saying I was gonna pick up for weeks and remember when my rain barrel took a half mile walk?

    Winter's almost over hang on!!!

    1. i hear you buddy!

      i had a ladder move 25 feet, snow shovels scatter... in the spring i find stuff i forgot we had!

      it HAS been a tough one - you hang in there too - i'll have some trout for you soon!!!!

  4. Jambaloney,

    Hey there my friend, you did good with smelt fishing. Kymber will be very happy with those 4 fish you caught. Speaking of fishing, we've been out fishing the last two mornings and caught some really nice looking trout. Were thinking about going again in the morning. :-)

    Everything at your place looks just fine. It's winter, now when spring comes around that's when you get busy doing things on the property.

    I so love the greenhouse you made for Sweet Kymber. This ice forming on the windows made for some great looking art work :-)

    I'm happy to hear you enjoyed yourself smelt fishing, stay warm you two!!!
    Spring will be here before you know it.

    Sending love to you both.
    Your Friend,

    1. hey sandy - saw your trout - wow - great fishing!!!!!!!

      you are too kind, our yard looks like a train wreck - i DID clean up the inside of the greenhouse - it was 28 c (82 f) in there today even though it was -5 (23f) outside - not long now and we will be doing early planting inside!!

      the greenhouse withstood winter so we are good to go!

      glad you had a good fishing trip and are doing well - hugs back to you!!!

  5. Jam, Are you as ready for spring as we are in Minnesota?? The photos are great. Big hug to ms k. The place looks good. Be safe under the house.

    1. rob buddy!

      i gave your hug to k - she sent you one back - i know you are even more ready than we are - what a beating you have taken!!! not long now..

      i will be safe, i promise!!! cheers!

  6. Hey, I think I saw a devil face in the green house art! I hope you are blocking up that beam with more than one jack. Looks like that would squash you flat if the jack slipped, and what would become of Kymber then?

    I'm ready for spring. I will never, ever say I wish it was winter again.

    1. hey haryy!!!

      no fear - that was old man winter and he is about to go on vacation!!!

      that jack isn't holding anything up - that is where i will add more support... i have to put about 6-10 extra "posts" under the floor to stabilize - i will be fine - don't you worry!!

      spring is on it's way friend - you and the ferrets hang in there!!!

  7. I didn't know they had ice fishing tents, but sounds like a great idea. I haven't been fishing since I was pregnant with my youngest and she will be 35 this summer. I have never been ice fishing. Something to try one day! I love all your pictures of your home. You have done so much work on it! But it is amazing how much can accumulate during the winter! Come spring there is always so much to do. Hope you don't find your BBQ lid up high in a tree. But don't trip over it on the ground under the snow. Have a good week you two.

    1. hi there tana!

      ice fishing huts are pretty standard for the hardcore - even a slight breeze can make standing still on the ice uncomfortable.. plus all that is required is a lantern and they get pretty warm... the huts here are temporary central canada they put out huts for months:

      snow starting to melt so i will be able to go into recovery mode ;-)

      thank you far your well wishes and take care!!

  8. Pass on the ice fishing, one of us doesn't handle the cold very well and gets sad when I catch all the fish.
    I'm working on a green house for this year. Nothing as big as yours but just something to give myself a month head start (and save kitchen counter space). I wanted something big and awesome but I got knocked down a few notches. I'm often too big for my britches!
    Glad you are both well!

    1. well ice fishing isn't for everyone - it is NOTICEABLY less popular than regular fishing !! ;-)

      best of luck on your greenhouse - if you have ANY questions:

      seriously - send pics, plans whatever and i can share what i learned, deal!


  9. It looks absolutely fantastic! I am sorry it is such a nuisance :( I would love to go ice fishing! Not sure if that is ever possible here....The Dutch are good in ice skating but we haven't seen any ice or snow this winter, they even predict that we save 30% on our gas bill this year. Just enjoy, I do love your pictures and stories

    1. gpw..

      i am not sure what you think looks fantastic... sure isn't the yard ;-))

      you have great ice skating on the canals, but the ice you get isn't all that thick on a reliable basis for ice fishing...

      i used to speed skate back in ottawa on the rideau canal:

      it is a 7.8 km skating rink that is surfaced every winter - here... no such luck!!!

      our heating bill has gone up this year, but we are enjoying - thank you!

      it is a pleasure to hear from you - i wish you the very best!!!!

    2. Yes it is the yard AND the greenhouse. It is all how you look at it... I don't have a yard to start with, so any kind of yard looks fantastic :) and that greenhouse/porche, seriously awesome photo material. I hope you are able to sit there in many seasons and grow some seedlings ( I know I would with that kind of yard:))