Sunday, February 23, 2014

fun weekend with friends!

on thursday we got nailed with rain, hail, sleet, ice, snow - you name it - we got it! but it's pretty tho!

we call this "silver thaw". it's when the rain and snow and everything else in the mix flash-freezes on trees, bushes and everything else.

i love the look of it on the branches and leaves. i must, as i was crazy enough to go outside and take pictures!!!

it did make for a beautiful sunset!

friday evening we went to our friends' c & b's house for supper before chase the ace. b's mom and dad were there too. b had told me that he made the best scalloped potatoes and that i had to try them. he makes some wicked good scalloped potatoes let me tell you! he put 3 heaping scoops on my plate and i ate every last bit!!! we brought some sweet and sour pork with onions and peppers, some rice, some teriyaki chicken and a dessert, the name of which i can't remember, and when i cut and pasted the recipe i didn't include the name. oh well, it seemed to be a big hit. it was a coconutty/white chocolate/dark chocolate/raspberry preserves kind of squares. i couldn't eat them - waaay too sweet!

we also made some meatpies to give to our friends. i'll be putting the recipe up on our recipe blog in the next day or two.


 we all ate till we were stuffed and near dying and then got ready to go to chase the ace. as b's mom and dad were going out the door, i hugged them as usual. b's dad who is a real hoot said that he knows how much i like to dance and asked if i liked to jig (dance) to fiddle music. i said of course i do! i love the fiddle! so he told me to stop in one evening, me and jam, and he will play the fiddle for me! i almost burst out bawling because i love the fiddle and no one told me that he played. i hugged him and kissed him and told him we would definitely stop in one evening.

now get ready for the Zinger!!! i went back into the kitchen and told b that his dad had invited us over and he would play the fiddle for us. b has a particularly cape breton way of saying "whaaaaa?" - then he said "don't be listenin' to him! he can't play the fiddle! he's pulling yer leg!" - oh did we ever laugh over that one. just wait until i see b's dad again - he is gonna get it! bahahahahah!

so we all headed over to chase the ace, raised some more money for our vfd and 2 halls and had a nice time socializing. then our regular crew headed back to c & b's, everyone chatted about our new fire truck that our friend s found for us - apparently it's a really good truck, it's in really good shape, it's got a honda 5000w generator with built-in outlets and is a lot more powerful than the old truck. once i get a pic of it, i will put it up on the blog.

now the extra money that we have raised will keep being added to so that we can get a dedicated MFR vehicle and other necessary equipment. we really need a dedicated MFR vehicle because we have an aging population in our 2 communities and as of right now, our MFR's use their own vehicles to haul around the equipment, which they first have to stop at one of our halls to pick up. we will all be glad when we have a dedicated vehicle.

another piece of equipment that we really want is a used jaws-of-life. even used ones are pretty expensive but if our fundraising efforts continue doing well, we should be able to get one in the next year or two.

well, because we were at c & b's, a party ensued as usual! it's always nice to spend time with friends, let your hair down, get crazy and all of that good stuff! speaking of getting crazy, we were all teasing my besty c when she got a little crazy at our friend's benefit dance the other week. she was sooooo funny! when the dance first started, i, of course, requested her favourite song which is "i gotta feeling" by the black-eyed peas. she and i were up dancing a scream and having a blast. about 15 mins later she's cursing and swearing that they haven't played her song??? i told her they had already played it and that we had danced to it. she wouldn't believe me, or jam or any of our other friends who tried to convince her that we had already danced to it - bahahahah! then she went up and requested it again and told the dj if he didn't play it, people were going to get murdered. a little while later, i sent jam up to request it again. jam went up and told the dj that people were going to be murdered if he didn't play the song again. the dj told jam that he had already been told that - bahahahha!

oh she is a scream that c!!! but even better was when jam had just gone in to the bathroom and had just unzipped and was just about to start his business, when c starts banging on the bathroom door yelling for him to come out and dance with her (they like a lot of the same 70's songs which i do not!). anyway, he zipped up and came out and she dragged him onto the dance floor by the scruff of the neck. i was killing myself laughing, couldn't hardly breathe and i turned to my friend s, huffing and puffing and laughing so hard and i sputtered out to her "c just pulled jam out of the bathroom"! s was laughing too and she said "i know! i saw it!" - we must have laughed for 15 solid minutes over that one!!!

like i say, whenever we go out with our friends - we have a hoot!

anyway, today was a beautiful sunny day.

we did our regular jobs, jam built us a new berkey water filtration thing and sprayed the underside of the truck to remove the salt - they use a lot of salt on the roads here so it is a good idea to get your vehicles undercoated, and if that's not possible, then simply spray the underside with water. i made some delicious salsa and guacomole for our lunch and did a big pot of broth - the house is smelling divine. we normally freeze our broth but we are going to try canning this batch to see if there is a difference in taste or not. we would prefer to can it as we don't like the broth taking up all that space in the freezer. i'll let you know how it goes!

now i'm off to visit some blogs for a bit.


  1. The snow and ice look nice but I'll keep my 70's and sunshine! :-)

  2. Hope jambaloney didn't leave any wet spots on the dance floor. You wouldn't want anyone to fall! ;-)

  3. oh Gurlie.. I am glad you had a such a wonderful time with your friends and the dancing sounds like a real hoot. The snow and ice are absolutly gorgeous. But then again i can say that because it has been in the upper 70s here for the past week. I just keep thinking though about the mess it will be when all this snow melts this spring.

    Hugs for you and Jam!

  4. Good to hear you had such a good time! The recipe for the pies I will surely try:) And err new berkey water filtration things are always good! Remember that my children called the water from the Berkey the 'tasty water'? They still do :)

  5. Winter is the time for great gatherings and fun memories. It's a well known fact memories last longer when there is snow on the ground.

    Let me know how that canning v. freezing thing works for you. We been mostly freezing our tomato juice as well but we are getting tired of it taking up all the space in the freezer.

  6. Haha, sounds like you were keeping the dj busy that night. Your friends sound like a fun bunch!

  7. Good food and fellowship is always a fun time. You had snow the same day we did, the roads are still a little rough yet here.

  8. Sweet Kymber,

    I love how the ice forms on the trees and plants, it looks like crystal. So fragile, as if they could break easily. I like your explanation, it's all diamonds!!!!

    What an amazing sunrise picture, it looks as if it were a scene from heaven.

    Having great friends to enjoy time with, and be able to just let your hair down and be silly are friends worth keeping for life :-)

    Your game Ace, has raised some really nice money to put toward items needed in the local towns. What a great way to help out your community.

    Stay warm, and be safe.
    Sending love to you both.
    Your Friend,