Saturday, November 4, 2017

the most awesome autumn yet!!!

this october and so far, this november, have been brilliant. temps are a little higher than normal, lots of sun, lots of rain, lots of beach.

lots of good food like bulgogi, rice, 2 kinds of kimchi and a grilled mushroom.

and bass. lots of striped bass!

and sunsets that put you in a trance.

and salads with raw tuna, avocado, kimchi, pickled ginger, green onions, carrots, lettuce and a nasturtium flower.

of course there is always kimchi being made.

we made and canned 40 different broths/stocks (we made beef, chicken and chicken with turkey).

more beautiful days even when cloudy.

and then pizza. we think we are off the pizza. neither of us felt well after eating it.

but striped bass? there is plenty! jambaloney is allowed to catch one a day and one bass gives us easily 3 meals. imagine?

this free striped bass meal came with our own potatoes, tomatoes, brussel sprouts and poor man's capers (which are delicious i must add!!!). the remaining cooked bass became breakfast fishcakes the next morn.

so many free meals and so many beautiful days.

harvests looked like this.

i love zucchini fritters so whenever i have one we make them. notice the tomatoes and also notice the beautiful bird's eye chili peppers that my friend Dani from South Africa sent me.

teriyaki chicken thighs with mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and grapes.

the kicker with that salad is the homemade thick carrot-ginger dressing.

oh and river days.

the sun stayed with us on our whole trip.

it led us straight to a new island that has a bit of a beach.

we, of course, named the island "ours". we name all of the islands we find "ours". these islands we find are amazing - no foot traffic or old paths, no garbage or beer bottles or anything like that. these islands really are "OURS".

we like a homemade sweet and sour chicken every now and again.

but salads are a must in our house. almost everything in this salad came from our greenhouses. in october????

but we've been having such gorgeous days!

and eating lots of different salads.

corn. can you ever get enough corn in the autumn? i could eat it every day for 3 months!

yum. told ya i love zucchini fritters.

the beach.

we know it is a beautiful and serene place but now we call it "the free food place".

that baby was cooked up pronto with some bok choi and grapes.

more beautiful days.

and harvests.

and the alpine strawberries that jamie dug out of the hugelkulture (that thing was full of weeds), he replanted them in pots in the greenhouse.

all of them are flowering and putting out berries. woohoo for us!

korean pancake. stuffed to the gills with green onion, cabbage and carrot. deevine!

the squash harvest.

they went in late and didn't really get a chance to ripen. i am taking no chances being it november and all - so i am going to try and ripen them on window ledges.

a ton of grilled veg on rice. nothing more needs to be said.

fish and chips. made with free-from-the-beach-striped-bass and our own potatoes.

with deep fried shrimp and musshroom. homemade tartar sauce and kimchi. best fish and chips ever!

last saturday night was our halloween dance. my Big Sis C wanted a pic of my buns.

my two young friends S and K wanted to put the glowsticks on my buns. i gave all my girlfriends spider rings to wear. we had a blast and a hoot and a half. a great time was had by all.

my Big Sis C bought a bunch of pumpkins to put on her deck and then told us we could have them. don't mind that at all, i sure don't! tons of roasted pumpkin and pumpkin soup coming up this winter. not to mention all of those delicious pumpkin seeds!

well, i must have bored you all to tears by now! but we have had a wonderful october and november is looking just as good.

we're hoping that you are enjoying autumn 2017 as much as we are!!!! xox


  1. Hi Kymber and Jamie :))
    I LOVE your buns! ;) Cute dress, I thought of sewing myself something like that this year, but I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do, next year! :)

    I love all of your photos, what beautiful harvests and meals and fish! I especially love those fish cakes. I used to eat them all the time, but somehow lost touch with that delicious food...will have to make some more again for myself, they taste good as burgers too! I'm glad you're having a nice autumn! Winter will be here before we know it!

  2. Seriously sometimes I feel like licking the screen whne I see your food!

  3. I am absolutely amazed at the harvests you are still raking in!

  4. Now that you have said how great fall is, your doomed for a cold winter....

  5. get on internet, look for cauliflower pizza crust.
    might be gluten is hurting you. a possibility.
    you will love the cauliflower crust. if cheese ist verboten use egg to bind.

  6. First time I've ever told a woman I love her buns, bwahaha!!!! That food looks amazing and so colorful. And your own fresh fish. Sigh. One day, in the distant (or maybe not so distant) future we hope to have a large pond/lake on the property and maybe we'll have our own fish of some sort (not striped bass of course, ha). Maybe tilapia.

    You guys are so infectious with your joy. Keep it up!

  7. Sweet Kymber,
    You always have amazingly great looking homemade food. I have to second what Sol said about wanting to lick the screen..... Lol!!!!

    Look at that bass OMG....I so want to go fishing. How was Halloween up there?

    Sending hugs and love to you and Jambaloney.

  8. Your meals look so amazing! I love the pictures of the water ans beaches. So pretty..
    I love the buns :)

  9. I guess you two really are having a good Fall up there. You are so fortunate to have empty, clean beaches like you do. I don't think there's many places left like that on the east coast.

    You really did up a Halloween. Rain did too. Canadians must really like Halloween ,they sure have some good parties. Great food, too.

  10. We're just now getting autumn and it hit us with a "BAM!" I hope ours is as lovely as yours. And with as much good stuff to eat! LOL

  11. How beautiful it is up there! And that food! OMG. But my favorite thing of all on this post are those are so adorable... :)

  12. I love your posts. Food, Views, River, Fish Harvest. Rinse, Repeat. The way life should be.