Monday, September 19, 2016

fruit salad!

this is a pic from a few days ago - the past 3 days have been rainy, foggy and misty - no worries tho - the garden is loving it and we are getting a bit of a break from all of the blue and sun.

fruit salad kids - it's a staple in our house during the summer. it's when all of the best fruits are in season and local and we gorge on fruit salad daily.

fruit salad features prominently in our trips to the river. it also features prominently at dinner time.

depending on what fruits are available depends on what we add to our salads.

we love our fruit salads!

so now i will share with you the secrets of a kick-you-in-the-head-fruit-salad. you can thank me later.

no need to make a syrup....just follow these steps.

start with a gorgeous dollop of honey in whatever container you are going to store your fruit salad in. local, unpasteurized honey. and a big dollop. next up - a splash of ACV with the mother. squeeze a quarter of a lemon if it is really juicy, otherwise do a half a lemon. mix that all together with a chopstick or knife. next is salt and pepper. quite a bit of salt and quite a bit of pepper. the salt will bring the juice out of the fruit and the pepper will add some pepperyness!

now we move on to the herbs. several leaves of mint and several leaves of anise (preferably right from your garden). mix those herbs into the sauce that you have created. and now for the kicker - chop up a cayenne pepper very finely, hopefully one that you grew yourself. add that to the sauce.

now we add the fruit - whatever fruit is on-hand and available locally. canteloupe, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, watermelon, mango, peaches, apple - whatever. just use whatever is on hand.

trust me - you'll enjoy the best fruit salad of your life. make sure to add the anise leaves. they taste like licquorice and really add an extra level of yummy to your fruit salad. anise is very easy to grow and produces beautiful flowers that all the different bees love.

go make this fruit salad and have a bite a couple of times a day. serve it over lettuce as a meal or serve it as a side dish. you can't go wrong with this beauty. i promise!


  1. Mmm mmm mmm. You can't go wrong with fruit!

  2. I love fruit salad. Apple with salt on is lovely and strawberries with black pepper I had in a posh restaurant, that was yummy.

    As a side note, I dont think my blogger feed is working so I am catching up on posts when I see them in other peoples side bars not in my own account. I think I will unfriend people and then add them back in. as I havent seen this post or the previous one and I didnt see Kevs new one either? urgh

  3. Oh, YUM! I think I will try that this weekend!

  4. WOW! That looks and sounds amazing. Fruit salad is wonderful and such a great, healthy treat. LOVE your recipe. I've never heard of using salt/pepper, etc. Will definitely try it.

  5. the fruit salads look amazing, I'm going to have to give your method a try and see what it's all about :)

  6. Alas, the only fruit salad I ever get comes out of a can! I saw Tricky Wolf was going to make Kimchi, and I started to leave a comment telling him you make it, but then I saw your comment. If a fella needed help getting that project off the ground, you'd be the one to go to. :-)