Wednesday, December 24, 2014

a very merry Christmas to all of you!

it is the centennial of the Christmas Truce. you can learn more about the Christmas Truce here.

this is how the capital of Canada is celebrating the Christmas Truce.

i think that we all can learn something from the Christmas Truce - don't you?

we will be meeting up with all of our Framboise and Fourchu families over Christmas. we will be well taken care of, loved and appreciated. we hope the same for all of you!

a very Merry Christmas to all of our readers and other blog and internet friends. we wish the very best for all of you in the upcoming year. we are expecting the upcoming year to be fantastic - there are so many projects that we have accomplished, attacked, demolished and are ready for - we have so many new friends, re-established contact with old friends, and then just enjoyed relationships with existing friends (who fight over trout. and i am not referring to either Sweet Sandy or Pioneer Preppy here! i mean it! i am not!)

a very and truly Merry Christmas for all of you.

much love from your friends,
jambaloney and kymber


  1. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,

    Not fighting.....just conveniently sharing the right to brag about who will get the fish.....Bahahahahahahaha!!!!! Right PP??

    2015 will bring in happiness for all of us, along with plenty of projects to tackle. Like catching fish (teasing)!!!!

    Enjoy your Christmas with family from Framboise and Fourchu, stay warm, and be safe. We send hugs and love to both of you, and are proud to not just call you friends but family!

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Blessings.
    Sandy and Bulldog Man

    1. I would have wished you Happy Holidays but I am blocked? Anyway, my best to you and yours this Holiday Season.

  2. All the fishes R Belong to Me :)

    Merry Christmas though :)

  3. Merry Christmas to you both, much love and best wishes to you. We are so grateful to consider you both friends. 1st Man and 2nd Man.

  4. I so enjoy reading about you and your Framboise Manor. Thank you for the lovely Christmas wishes. Merry Christmas to the both of you and may you have a blessed and healthy 2015.

  5. Merry Christmas to you & Jam too!

  6. Hey Merry Christmas to you both, sorry I haven't been here as often as I'd like, but real life has been getting in the way!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  7. A public acknowledgement of my caring for you two guys! Happy, Happy Holidays to you both! from the Mohave Rat and Mrs. Rat!

  8. I hope you two have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. I hope you both have a really good, festive holiday season. Best wishes from all of us here on the mountain.

  10. Have a Blessed Christmas you two!

  11. kymber & jamaboney - Apologies for the delay in commenting on this post - our internet was down for 36 hours (grrrr)

    Thank you for your wishes. I return them to you with so much extra added. I truly, truly hope that your wish can come true this coming year kymber.

    Thank you and jam for your friendship - I am so much richer for knowing you.

  12. Merry Christmas to booth of you. I can't send you a email as my account being hacked and access blocked. I posted an update today. Hugs to you both.

  13. Belated Merry Christmas! You guys have done tons around the manor and it all looks great.

    Much love to you and Jam

  14. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And Happy New Year to you and jambaloney!

  15. Merry (belated Christmas and happy new year! So glad to have found you guys this year!

  16. Happy New Year, Kymber and Jamie! xo

  17. Happy New Year! Thank you for the wonderful pictures.