Saturday, October 18, 2014

a busy october! - a dance, a baby shower, 2 thanksgivings, a potluck supper and then a halloween dance coming up! whew!

wow! this october has been a busy one with events every week!!! but as busy as it's been it's also been awesome, too!

it started with a dance on october 4th which we all enjoyed, danced together, chatted together and laughed together. plus there was a bit of a kerscuffle but we just brushed it off. the following weekend we got together with my sister c and brother g and set up our hall for a baby shower. my sister e is the grandmother, and c and g are the great aunt and uncle. you have all read here before that my sister e has 5 boys that jam and i really adore. well, my sister e's boy who is having the baby, asked jambaloney and i to be the godparents! we are honoured! (anyway, none of the people mentioned are my blood relatives - but if you were able to pick your own relatives, i would have hand-picked each of the afore-mentioned brother and sisters!!!)

so like i mentioned we went down to set up the hall on a friday as the baby shower was on saturday. here is the table of gifts before the shower even started!!!!

 the table was full of gifts by the time everyone arrived and the mom-to-be received a ton of wonderful gifts! we were all very happy for her! between what she got at the baby shower, and all of the stuff that our sister c has been collecting for months - they are well set-up with just about everything!

here is the table of food, again before anyone even arrived! by the time everyone arrived, that table was full of food.

speaking of food - last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving! woohoo! Thanksgiving is mine and jambaloney's favourite holiday! we had our first Thanksgiving, on sunday, at our sister c and brother g's house, here in Framboise. it was awesome as usual, and as usual c cooked for 3 days to put on such a big spread!!! there were 12 of us scarfing down food that day - it was deelish! we also all sat around the living room for a couple of hours chatting and enjoying each other's company.

then on monday, we had our 2nd Thanksgiving with our Fourchu family, at b and c's. it was another huge spread of deeelicious food and excellent company. we left earlier than we usually do as JUGM's auntie came for a visit - grrrrrrrr!

continuing on with food - here's some yummy veg shish-kebabs with rice:

and still speaking of food - this afternoon is our vfd potluck supper. everyone is to bring a main dish and a dessert, and all community members are invited as well. it should be a good turnout, and again - lotsa' food! woohoo! i love events that involve food!

then next weekend is our halloween dance! that's always a hoot! just about everyone dresses up and my bestie c in fourchu has a gabillion costumes that people borrow. her whole house is all decorated with ghosts and goblins and spiders!!! her sister m is apparently even worse than her!!!! i don't know how that is possible!!! one thing about the people around here, is they love decorating for all of the different holidays!

here is a pretty sunset from the other evening. we like to sit out as the sun is going down, sip our tea and plan for the following day - it's lovely. then it's off to the hottub baby!

here is jambaloney's very first ocean-caught striped bass. man, that fish is delicious. we are planning to head down to the beach and try and catch some more.

served up with a tiny tomatoe, fresh off the vine. my tomatoe plants outside are finally done, we picked the last few today, but to have gotten tomatoes right up until mid-october - that's pretty impressive and something we could never do back in the city!!! my greenhouse tomatoes, called cobra, are still going strong, we'll have fresh tomatoes for a while yet. the corn is local and we got a ton of it when it was in season (end august around here). we blanched those babies for 2 minutes when we got them home, and then scraped them off the cob, froze them and can have delicious fresh corn all winter. the corn tastes like it was just picked! deelish!

okay - well i am off to start getting stuff prepared for the potluck. we are bringing rice krispy squares, kind of plain, but i noticed that some people here like the option of having a plain dessert. some of the ladies here make these wickedly-horrible-for-your-waistline desserts like chocolate lasagna, and a variety of tarts and cakes. but man are they delicious! we are also bringing a rotini pasta in tomatoe/hamburger sauce with a ton of cheese. i can't wait to see what everyone else is bringing - these functions are deadly with all of the food available, but sometimes it's nice to just pig-out - bahahahahah!

i hope you all have had a good week and i hope that your weekend is treating you well!


  1. " is a pretty sunset from the other evening. we like to sit out as the sun is going down, sip our tea and plan for the following day"

    Who drinks tea at sunset...? Or does that only happen in Canada? Bwahahahaha

    Lots of lovely happenings, company and food - sounds excellent! Enjoy - both of you.

    1. Dani - people here on the island drink tea ALL.DAY.LONG. it's craziness! they drink tetley with 2% milk, sometimes with sugar, sometimes without - bleck! but it's all of them!!! i like to have some lemon balm or peppermint tea in the morning (fresh from the garden, or dried from the garden) and in the evenings we usually take a cup of sage tea, oregano or borage in the evenings (fresh from the garden or dried from the garden). thanks Dani! much love to you and yours, my SA friend! xoxo

  2. That sunset is beautiful! The bass looks so yummy, I would sure be going back for more!
    Potlucks are the best, everyone brings their best dishes...
    Sounds like life is good! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Halloween and fall festivals are always so much fun. One of mine this year wants to be s hunchback and the other a base ball zombie player. I will go in my daily witches costume with my trusty broomstick by my side. Lol

  4. That is one tasty looking fish and kymber cherr-er I mean Tomato :)

    What are you two dressing up as this year?

  5. Holy smoke... food coma!!! Beautiful sunset and looked like a lovely baby shower! Sounds like a busy month for you. Don't work too hard! ;-)

  6. Sweet Kymber,
    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!
    There is nothing better than having Thanksgiving twice with family, more food woooohooooo!!!!
    Congratulations to you and Jam on becoming God parents!!!
    With the boys, and now the new baby arriving.......they are going to be totally spoiled not just by their parents but by the God parents.

    The fish and the kebabs look really delicious. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.................I can picture smell them right now, bahahahahahhahahaha....... just me being silly :P

    Have fun at your Halloween dance. What are you two getting dressed up as this year?

    Sending love and hugs to you both.

  7. What's up with you Canadians, always brawling and fighting at your dances? You need to start carrying some lead shot in a sock or something, so you flail and pummel evil doers. I remember when J got sucker punched at the last little dust off you folks attended. Ouch!

    I liked your sunset picture. Sunset and Sunrise are the highlights of my day.

    You should go to the halloween party as a nudist. Then you wouldn't have to spend any money on a costume and you'd be real popular! ;-)

  8. Its just too bad you two stay home and don't get out any more. big evil grin.

  9. Well I am so enjoying your blog! Have you ever grown winter squash like Pink Banana? We had fun with two plants here this year, They are huge but store well, freeze well, bake well, dehydrate well and are fun. You don't need a designated are they can ramble anywhere! I am going to visit your recipe page now. I am so glad we cross trails so to speak!

  10. kym - My thoughts and prayers are with you and your fellow countrymen and women at this terrible time.

    God bless you all and keep you safe.

  11. Dani - thank you so much. we are grateful that we left ottawa to come to this remote little island, but to even imagine that all of this could have happened, in our parliament and at our war memorial - it's causing shudders up and down my spine. ISIS/ISIL said they would attack canada...but we are still waiting for news confirming these attacks came from them.

    i am thankful that our Sergeant at Arms (Vickers) was such a well-trained man. many people think that his position is just a glory position, but it is not. and i am so happy to read about all of the people who dropped everything and ran to help the cpl who was attending his duty at our war memorial. apparently the police and medics had to fight ordinary people who were trying everything they could to try and save that cpl.

    it is a sad day in canada.

    thank you Dani.