Friday, June 13, 2014

a fishing first!

jambaloney here!

so before much ado and all that stuff, i caught my first striped bass!!!

a buddy who has a cottage down the road had come to visit the other night - he has a fishing tournament in honour of his dad every year. he mentioned a couple of his friends caught some bass on rapalas so i took a heavier rig out with me yesterday morning as well. it was a bit cool and breezy and the trout were in a funk so i paddled to the channel and started casting - i didn't expect much so a 5 lb bass was quite the surprise when he hit hard! it was a weird catch - bass, two white perch and a tiny trout (it swallowed the lure)

i have been upgrading my rigs - when you take some old line off to spool new line, wrap it around a toilet paper roll if it is still good, you can use it to make rigs or tie up stuff around the house...

back to fishing - here is may 31, halfway down the road - if you squint, you can see the manor at the top of the hill

water was nice and calm...

and here is a bag limit that sandy and pioneer p need to share!!!

next trip was june 09 - i took harry along for the ride -  this is the sun at 6 AM

9 days later and everything is much greener...

harry has a coffee mug in his hand for the walk ;-)

reflections were awesome that day..

as above...

so below

quite spectacular!!!

it's like two worlds the same...

okay enough dreamy stuff - more nice trout!

back to work - here is a tip for re-using zip ties, try to stretch them around as much as you can before tying them off then you can clip the end, pull the small tip out and re-use (alternatively, you can wrap it around a few times and then zip, the result is the same) the bottom tie is from last year..

from fencing the huggie culture (hugelkultur)!

as you can see, there is plenty of tie left for another use!

half done - this is our new strawberry bed!!!

1st yellow swallowtail - summer is almost upon us!

we are transplanting tomotoes on the next nice day. last year we used alder sticks as stakes - after a year, they are as brittle as eggshells and useless, so this year i am making metal ones with the sawzall and trash - a lawn chair yielded 9 stakes..

and here is a discarded trampoline...

that was good for 23 more!  the last 4 stakes are 3 plastic edges from greenhouse window panes and a broken broom handle - trashy, but at least they will be usable next year!

tomatoe tires ready to go with tubs of manure-laden soil to top them up - you can see the cages in the background...

here is one beforehand, they needed work - big-ass dandelion and crappy rotting twigs - all fixed!

hope you are all having as productive and fun june as we are - cheers!


  1. Nice bass. One of the best for the table too. Well done.

    1. tnks stephen!

      if you were here i would take you out in a heartbeat!

      cheer my friend!

  2. As usual, great photos of the lake. Always love those reflections....

    1. hey matt!

      the lake is pretty dam awesome to look at - i am lucky and glad to share what i can!

      cheers buddy!

  3. Your the man. Have wonderful weekend.

  4. Used to hit striped bass runs over long sandy/gravel bars on the big rivers down here. They would strike hard on double jigs weighted and bouncing off the bottom. They were great fighters but up this far inland they required the size to be so big it was rare to actually catch a keeper. But I tried :)

    Great pics as usual my man.

    1. hey pioneer p!

      this was just a keeper size - they will go way big, but as with any fish - smaller is tender.. glad you liked the pics - this bass is for you ;-))

  5. Amazing- I never knew there were stripers in that water when I lived there. They must run right up Framboise gut. Awesome catch.

    1. welcome chris!

      yeah - i have seen the ripples of BIG fish from time to time, this was a first catch!

      they do run up the gut, the shad are next - cheers!

    2. You catch shad in there? They called them gaspereau when I was a kid there, we'd scoop them out of the streams with our hands. There were tons of them. The stripers must just gobble them up... good live bait

  6. Aren't bass some of the greatest fish! I love catching them and eating them as well. I'd almost say I like bass better than trout. Then again there's nothing in the world like a five pound bass. You have to get kymber before you click this link. My guess is you probably haven't heard it. But for all of us who love bass fishing... A five pound bass is OFF THE CHARTS!

    1. I totally forgot to tell you how much I love that cloud pic. "As above, so is below"
      Absolutely beautiful!!!

    2. hey sci-fi!

      cool video ;-)

      bass are almost as good as trout - my best bass catch ever was a 4 1/2 and a 5 lb smallmouth on the same night - big fish and major fighters!

      that was 25 years ago - but those are fishing stories for ya!

      glad you loved the cloud pic - all my best!

  7. Nice Striper Jam, wish you many more especially when we come up for a visit! :-)

    I am thinking I need to get some reinforcing mesh like yours. My tomatoes grow 6-7 feet tall and the regular heavy duty tomato cages are only 4 feet. My question is how do you roll it into a cylinder shape? (Don't tell me you lay Kymber down on it and then roll her around in it!) :-o

    1. come on up make - i would be pleased as punch to take you out!!!

      the stuff is 4 x 8 it isn't that hard to roll by hand the iron is fairly soft - lay it on the ground and pretend there is a big log in the middle - be sure to wear gloves and have pliers handy to bend ends over to keep the shape.. they last for years so way worth the money!

      cheers pal!

  8. I mostly fish with rapala lures but then we mostly have bass in our farm ponds. The bass love them!

    Every time I see one of these posts I think our next house must be by a trout stream or at least something with fish. I would aim for fresh fish at least four or five times a week!

    1. i have tons of rapalas - i used the almost exclusively top-water for smallmouths - you are correct the bass love them!!!

      it doesn't suck to be near a fishing place - i say go for it!!!

  9. J, you two sure do live in a beautiful spot. That's a walk I'd be glad to take every morning, I'd be out before sunrise. There's no bears about, are there? >:-0

    1. Just J with no clothes on, I bet he looks like a bear.

    2. harry - come up for a walk anytime - no bears at all - i have only seen deer tracks and ONCE bobcat tracks...

      no bad animals - you would love it!

      i wear clothes in the AM rob ;-))

  10. What a beautiful place ! It's a vacation simply to visit your blog.
    Love to you Jam, and your lovely Kymber,

    1. Hay jane!

      that is a nice sentiment - come for a vacation anytime!


  11. Hey Jam,

    Those are some really great looking fish my friend. I have to tell you, I will let PP slip and get all of the fish this time because I caught my own large mouth bass 17 inches long today.
    The fish seem to love shiny silver crank bait at this lake.

    Recycling chair and trampolines as poles for your garden.....amazing ....just amazing. There is not wasting of materials, they can always be used again.

    I can see Kymber cooking up those fish and making some great meals.

    Sending hugs and love to you and Sweet Kymber.
    Your Friend,

  12. hey there sandy!!

    congrats on your bass - crankbaits are a favorite for largemouths!! glad you are having good luck!!! pp gets the fish - THIS time ;-))

    you are too kind - i am just grabbing junk and re-using it - i can say that after years of gardening some things do jump out now - poles are always useful and i thought the alders would last longer..

    i missed a couple of chairs this spring, no more - they are all poles form here on in ;-)

    the fish WAS delicious!!

    hugs back to you sandy!!!
    your friend,