Monday, November 25, 2013

greenhouse mashup

jambaloney here!

okay so this post is a things-i-did-on-the-greenhouse-before-winter update....

uh, yeah...

my mom and step-dad bought us a compressor, nailer/stapler and framing nailer before we left - in all the business, i never took the time to crack it open - i like to take the time to use new tools correctly - i should have learned this one earlier!!! so in september, i cracked it open -  here is the compressor..

and the nailer/stapler!!!

princess auto special!!!!

i got this out because i wanted to finish the bottom of the roof quickly. as you can see the glass only goes so far and water doesn't run off the roof - a lot of it pools in the greenhouse - no biggie for a month or two, but winter was coming i needed an extension of the ridge small 1x2s did the trick, 18 in all- the brad nailer made quick work of this job..

i screwed a bottom ridge all along the front...

here is a better view..

i used sections of old siding and staples to complete the job..

each gap was extended with siding..

and silicone caulking filled the gaps and cracks as well as covering the staples

here is a good pic that shows how the water will now run right off the roof..

here is a good view as well as showing the completed roof at the back with pressure treated plywood covering the gaps there.. the roof was complete!!!

next - here are tubes of latex i used to seal the windows...

you can see the caulking on the back here, then we painted to seal 'er up good!

i simply used doubled-up plastic at the back...come late spring/summer we will want it all rolled up for venting purposes..

lastly, foam in the big gaps!

the goal was to seal it from drafts as best as i could. here it is on a late november afternoon..

it might be 2 deg c outside, but almost 20 deg c inside

above is a greenhouse in a greenhouse!  ted, this is your seeding tray modified to provide an extra warming area - it will be great for spring hardening off and keep herbs alive in the winter!

we cover it up at night!

special bonus - overwintering peppers in the basement - hopefully a few will survive - we have 15 in the  house doing well!

nice sky!!!

and w's favorite scruttie ;-)))

cheers everybody!!


  1. Hey, maybe you can sunbath in your greenhouse this winter! :-)

    1. hey gorges!

      kymber is way ahead of you - i have started a quick n' dirty "bed" just for that purpose!

      cheers friend!

  2. I got my first pneumatic nailer last summer and now own three different sizes thanks to a steal at an auction. I have come to just love working with them, especially the finish and pin nailer. It is almost like having a third hand when doing finish woodworking!

    1. hi ed!

      aren't they awesome! i don't know if finish and pin is the same as brad, but they must be similar and i agree - what a help!

      hope you are well - cheers!

  3. Please watch kymber around the nail gun. For some unknown reason, I see them mixing like oil and water bahahah. big grin. Looks great.

    1. way ahead of you rob buddy - she and power tools don't mix - lol!

      hope you are settling in - cheers!

  4. I have to agree with Rob. I don't think they would go together but I worry more for Jamby. She already did him in once.

    Great looking greenhouse. I need to start one down here.

    1. see above pp - kymber and the power tools are a no go ;-)

      actually that isn't entirely fair - we have recently purchased a small drill on sale that will enable her to help in the spring... plus the caulking gun will be hers soon as well!

      cheers to you buddy - hope all is well!

    2. oh btw - you could totally build a greenhouse - let me know if you have any questions!

  5. A staple gun!! Lucky you. Nothing like the right tools to get the job done quickly.

    Don't your folks want to adopt us too...? ;)

    1. noting like it dani - this one will fire staples and nails up to 2" long - a godsend!!!!

      i will ask my folks if they want two more ;-)))


  6. Why the concern with Kymber and nail guns? I must have missed something.

    1. Have you seen her?? She is what Jam 100 lbs on a good day??. Evil Grin. Russ we love kymber and love to tease her. bahahah.

    2. yeah 100 lbs - but you guys are off the mark - kymber is strong so no probs there - it is just that she is always FOCUSED on the job at hand - so she has a tendency to bang herself around - only later does she say "hey, where did this bruise come form?" so, power tools are out!!!

      but painting, caulking, lifting, holding, measuring and keeping ME focused are all in - we make a great team!

      cheers russell!

  7. That's some good work you did there. Nice looking building. I like that cat, looks like my son's cat Midori, who lives with me and is a lot of work to take care of.

    1. hey harry my friend!

      thank you very much for your kudos - i hope everything is well with you and you are getting ready for winter.

      frankie/mankley/mankin is a hoot - he is pretty low maintenance overall - but has a tendency to want some company when the sun comes up..

      oh and food, lots of food.

      cheers always!

  8. thanks keads - it is nice to hot a milestone!

    cheers to you!

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